August 21, 2013

Raw pie crust bars


These bars came about because a friend of mine would ask me for raw cheesecakes with a thicker and thicker crust until I realised he didn’t want the filling at all, so we just made the crust! I modified it a bit to make a better bar and it’s kind of like cookie dough.

On instagram I promised to post the recipe tonight and then realised that as usual I didn’t concentrate as I was making it and didn’t have a recipe to write down… oops.   So after everyone was asleep I took the food processor and a few mason jars and snuck into the garage to make another batch without waking people, and this time I took notes 🙂 I’m sure though that the amounts don’t matter too much and you could play around with it.  They are also really good with some raisins or chocolate chips added whole at the end.

You’ll need:

1 cup cashew pieces

1 1/4 cups oats (GF if you need)

1/2 cups small dates

3 tbs coconut oil

1 tsp vanilla

1/2 tsp cinnamon

1/4 salt

First boil a kettle and let the dates sit in a small bowl of boiling water so they soften nicely.  Then throw the cashews and oats in the food processor with the salt and cinnamon and blend until they become like flour, I’d say about 30 seconds.  When they are well ground, add in the dates one by one until they are incorporated.  Now add in the vanilla and the coconut oil and blend again.  The mixture will start to become stickier but it shouldn’t come together in a ball.  Open the processor and you should be able to squish the crumbs together and have them stick in a little piece.  (Don’t panic… if it does all come together in a ball, add some more ground oat/cashew mixture and blend some more… If it’s not at all holding together, add in a few more dates.)    Then take the mixture and pull it together with your hand and place it on a piece of baking paper.  Roll it our with a rolling pin to about half and inch thick.  I cut mine into squares but you could use a cookie cutter if you want and get any shapes you fancy!

Place them in the freezer while you make the chocolate.

For the chocolate you’ll need:

3 tablespoons gently melted coconut oil

1 tablespoon raw honey

4-5 tablespoons cocoa

Pinch pink salt

Mix the honey into the coconut oil, and if you heated it to melt it, let it cool until its only just warm.  Then mix in the cocoa and salt.  Add enough cocoa so that it slightly begins to thicken to a texture a little thicker than coconut oil, usually about 4-5 tablespoons.

Remove your bars from the freezer and dip them in, then place on parchment paper and return to the fridge or freezer to store!

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