Husband and Wife. We are Jared and Kezia Neusch, a husband and wife team on a journey.  As of November 2015 we have a little guy, Clayton Oak, on the journey with us. We love to eat, to discover new food and to congregate with friends and family around good food.  We also want to love our bodies as we love what we eat so we’re on a journey to do both, to enjoy good quality food and to eat in a way that takes care of our bodies.  I, Kezia, tend to be the cook and Jared is my honest and faithful quality control and taste tester.

Home for us is a wonderful small town called Redding in beautiful Northern California, where we are running a small food business, going to school, working, and raising our favourite little man. We also love to travel, and are often either in Austin, or London – the two places we grew up, and any place we can make time for in-between as well!

Keeping it simple.  Keeping it simple is our biggest rule.  Our second rule is… not having rules. We have ways that we love to eat, and when you love what you do there’s no need to restrict yourself to that.  I think food should bring freedom and joy rather than restraint and fear, so this is about love, for ourselves and for good food.  It’s also why it’s a journey.  We’re not setting ideals that we don’t enjoy, we’re finding what works for us now and maybe tomorrow we’ll take another step in the direction we want to go.  Or maybe not.  The only thing we’ll ever sustain and do well is being ourselves.  So that’s the goal, to day by day be the best version of us.

And that’s why this is a diary.  If it was a finished product it would be a novel, and if everything in it was correct it would be an instruction manual, but instead it’s a happy journey of where we are today and we want to share that with the world, or at least record it for ourselves, and that’s why it’s a diary.  Welcome to our journey!

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  • The Whole Food Diary and
  • The Whole Food Baby for Clayton’s eating journey, we’re going the baby led weaning route – you can read about that in a blog HERE. 
  • It’s totally un foodie and a lot of Mummy life, but if you’re interested in our lives outside of food you can follow the other sides here: Jared and Kezia



  • For behind the scenes and day to day life – farmers market, to kitchen how to’s, to a bit of home life, we’re wholefooddiary on snapchat

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