We don’t have rules and we don’t cheat.  Don’t get me wrong, if we had rules we would totally cheat! Rules and cheat meals work well for some people and I think if you are going to live by strict rules then it’s a great idea to shake it up and let go every once in a while.  I like freedom and I like to do things because I want to, not because I’m told to!  So we choose to live a little more fluidly.  We’ve each been on our own journeys and now we’re on one together, so…

So where have we landed?  We are moving towards being all organic.  I’d say we’re 95% there but there are some things I still do get non organic.  Certain fruits and veggies like bananas and avocados.  Organic is something we have a huge value for.  We want to eat food that is as natural and unaltered and processed as we can.  We’re pretty sure that that’s how our bodies like it.   The 5% that isn’t organic is only there because of where our budget is now.   I make sacrifices in some places so we can gain in others, and I’m ok with that.  One day we’ll be 100%.  Organic meat is important to us.  Having worked in the meat and dairy industry I want to know exactly what we’re getting.  As much as we can we go local as well as organic, our eggs come from a local lady and our beef from a small local ranch where everything is grass raised and finished.  When I can I love to shop at the farmer’s market, from a friend’s farm stand or from a local store that gets most of it’s produce from local growers.   One day I would love to eat more seasonally too, I have a friend who does this and she inspires me.  Neither of us are intolerant to gluten so we do eat it.  A lot of people are going gluten free and it does affect a lot of people but we do eat gluten.  What we don’t eat is hugely processed wheat.  I actually think that’s the culprit more than gluten.  God made gluten, it’s a protein in wheat, what He didn’t make was the wheat that we are now eating, and the kind of processed, added to, refined bread that we eat so much of.   So we don’t really eat wheat but I make all our own bread with whole organic spelt flour.  Any other grains we eat we eat the ‘brown’ version, or the unrefined whole version.  Typically though, that’s only rice, quinoa and oats.   Dairy is always organic and we don’t eat much of it.  I don’t like milk or cream but Jared does so I’ll buy milk occasionally to have with granola or to make sauces, we usually drink coffee black but sometimes I’ll use milk and make him a latte.  Mostly I use coconut oil where I would use butter but sometimes I use good organic grass-fed-cow butter.   Cheese is one thing that Jared loves that I’m not going to make him give up.  I don’t miss cheese at all so I don’t really eat it but he loves it.  I’m trying to find alternatives so it’s not in every meal, but we do still use a good amount, and he loves it and I don’t judge him 🙂 Sugar is a big conversation at the moment, in the world rather than in our house, I’m not going to delve into all my thoughts but I haven’t eaten refined sugar (other than that dark chocolate) for a long time and now I make my own chocolate without it.  We never have sugar in the house and when I do sweeten something I reach for raw local honey, dates or bananas.  I don’t go for any of the other popular sweeteners out there not that I’m against them but I like simple and to me those three are the simplest, more natural, least refined.  We do drink coffee, and we love it.  We don’t drink it every day, it’s something that we enjoy when we want, but don’t need.  When we get decaf we get organic swiss water processed decaf, that seems the cleanest to me.  Chocolate is one of my loves.  Fortunately for me, I love chocolate dark and unsweetened.  100% dark chocolate is my favourite treat and naturally that comes with no sugar and no dairy – those are the two problems with chocolate in my opinion.  We don’t buy chocolate but I do make chocolate things which I prefer as I have no problem with cocoa and then I can sweeten or not with an ingredient I choose.   Water is the only other thing we drink besides coffee, we don’t drink fruit juice, soda or anything else, we don’t want to so it’s not hard it’s just preference.  Jared hydrates well, I am working on it 🙂 In general we try to have a diet with a lot of plants in it, we don’t eat a ton of fruit but we pack in the veggies!  There are other things I could include but I’ll stop there – I just wanted to give a  general idea of how we eat as there’s no simple word, we’re not paleo, we’re not vegetarian, we’re not raw, we’re not anything that you can easily label in a word.  We like good honest, local, organic, simple, delicious food!! 

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