In response to a lot of questions after our @Whole.Beauty Instagram Pop Up last months I’m giving all the FAQs on what being a Beautycounter consultant can look like as well as sharing a few start up deals I put together to help you out if it’s something you want to do. And I’m really really here to talk through if and how it could work for you. I don’t want people to do it thinking it’s something it’s not, or to go in unequipped. So I can tell you what I think it could look like for you and how you can ace it for YOUR life and skills, just message me!

So the really short story:

  • You get everything at a 25% discount! 
  • You also get 15% off “Clean Slate” partner items like Cote nail polish, Rahua Hair Products and Be Well Supplements.
  • You make 25%+ on any sale you drive. 
  • You sign up for $98 which gets you a Resurfacing peel, and Lip intense, a tote bag, makeup bag and some other things to get you started! You then get paid your commission regardless of how little you sell, one lipstick… you get 25%. 
  • The only requirement for maintaining consultant status is that you sell or buy $1200 every 6 months. That number doesn’t happen by mistake, but with a little diligence it’s very possible. (To help you gauge: The average Beautycounter order is $125 so you’re looking at 1-2 orders per month to make that number work. And I’m here to help!)

Who is it for?

Because of that flexibility it really can work for anyone who wants to puts in some work! And I love that, there’s no set way to run your business. You can spend an hour a week, or build up to 40. How much you put in will determine how much you get out obviously but there’s no right or wrong way. It can be a small side hustle where just a few friends buy through you, or you can work with an existing on line audience and put in more hours a week, you can do local pop ups in your home whatever you want! You just need to care about sharing clean beauty, care about other people making great choices, care about helping on that journey and care about learning more yourself! It means we can really build it for you and your life. I’m here to help you make it work for you! We can strategize how to give what you have and how to serve the people you want to help well! Everyone brings something different to this and you get to use who you are to build your business. You do have to have something to bring though, yes you make 25%, but it’s for working 😉 You become a level of customer service, you become the one providing samples, you become the one educating about clean beauty and answering questions for people. That part can be SUPER rewarding and fun but you have to decide what you’re going to bring! It could be that you love hosting so you make coffee and let people come try products once a quarter. Or maybe you have an online presence and you want to use that to teach people a bit more about cleaning up their personal care products. But you need to bring something – and I can help yo work out what that is! 

For the numbers people: What day to join?

Any day is perfect. But technically by my calculations, if you’re a numbers person and you’re going to really hit the ground running though, the 8th is your day.  Beautycounter has fun rewards if you sell $1250 of product in your first ‘month’ – you’ll get $100 product credit to spend and $50 cash as a well done for starting strong! If you start any time after the 8th you don’t just get the current calendar month, you get the whole of the next month to hit that $1250 as well as the current month. So joining on the 8th gives you the maximum number of days to earn that bonus!  I’m here to break down all the numbers always but in short – start any time. The $1250 isn’t the most feasible thing for everyone – but if you think you are going to work hard and hit it, wait for the 8th! 

My June Promos 

June is a really fun month to be joining Beautycounter because next month they are releasing something new in July – I can’t post it publicly so head back to the email for those details! But in June we get to preorder it! I’m definitely buying the whole line, I’m really excited about it! Oh and we’ll likely get that at even more than a 25% discount too cos that’s usually what happens at a launch. So I wanted to put together the ultimate bundle that I think will serve you best with starting up and launching combined with the launch. So I’m suggesting what I think is the perfect start up bundle but then a second at a lower price cos everyone has a different level to invest so I wanted a range for you! Head back to the email to see the graphics and details for those tow helping hand startup bundles!