August 24, 2018

10 ways we keep our home de-toxed!

People talk lots about detoxing bodies, maybe by juice cleanses, water cleanses, or stopping watching TV for a week or going on a social media cleanse. In general we all mean ridding our selves of things that are literally toxic to life.  That toxicity ranges on a spectrum of knowing you have something harmful in your system you need to detox from, to a more emotional detox… and they’re all valuable and have their places! Personally I’m not much of a detoxer.  We don’t really do juice cleanses, sugar detoxes, TV detoxes or anything like that (not against them, just don’t!) but we do try to keep ourselves in a continual state of being as de-toxed as we can.
One of the main ways we do that is by keeping our home as de-toxed, or non toxic as we can. I talk more about this in a post I link to in point #5 but just in living a normal life we come into contact with a lot that is toxic. From food, air, clothing, other people, places we go… we just aren’t in control. That could spiral me into panic about keeping me and my family safe but I choose not to go there. I look at what I do have control over, what I can do well, and then I give everything to that.
In short this means that keeping our home a non toxic, clean, healthy place is massively important to me. I want to set us up as best I can in our home and the environment we have the most control over so that we’re best set up to manage whatever toxicity comes our way through living life. And then I don’t sweat what we can’t control. Cos if we’re gonna go here… that stress and worry is literally also having a toxic affect on our systems too. Peace is everything!
In that same vein, I’ve chosen on my blog not to give too many statistics or facts that could cause fear, I more want to share what we do, why we do it and then let people do their own research. If you want more information go away and look for it – there are lots of scary facts and statistics you won’t find here. But I think it’s equally worthwhile just to put your energy into finding the healthy route without digging deep into the stats of why the less good route is the less good route, if that makes sense! It depends on your personality.
But here are the top 10 things we do to keep our home in a state of being detoxed, so that our bodies are living in the best environment possible, and likewise staying as de-toxed as possible. I hope they help!


This was one of the things we detoxed first in our home! We cook everything from scratch so our kitchen and our pots and pans are in constant use. It’s becoming more common knowlegdge that non stick teflon cookware is not the best for health, but if you don’t know, it gives off gases that really are toxic. If you can start to eliminate them it’s actually a cost effective first step. You know my love of cast iron skillets… just get THIS really affordable one to start out, it’s the only one you need and I lived on it for a while. I’ve now added a few more but we’re still simple. And yes I have 2 stainless steel pots too which I use.


Yep, it’s not just an eco thing. Plastics leach chemicals, so we don’t store our food in them. Simple as that. No plastic water bottles, no plastic packaging, no plastic bags for to go food. You can find our essential alternatives in THIS post.


I think some of the best places to create a non toxic home are with the things you do the most. We eat multiple times a day, and food is completely absorbed into our bodies so that’s a place I really want to build my body up and not introduce more stuff that needs to be detoxed! It’s why we choose to shop pretty much 100% organically (see how to do it on a budget here in our mini book ‘How to Eat Good Food For Less’!)


Have you ever looked at a water report for your area to see what’s in it?! Yep, you can do that! We’ve tried a few but I wanted a really good one that was actually going to give us good water, which takes more than a standard counter top pouring filter. We chose to go with the Big Berkey, it’s an investment but I had an Amazon gift card and splurged! We got the 1-2 person one for a lower price and it works great for us. If I know we need extra water the next day I’ll fill a big jug/jar the night before and refill it to filter through overnight.


This is our newest addition because I’d never looked into air aside from point number … below. But I talk more in THIS post about why we chose our Austin Air purifier to our home.


Most of us have heard ‘our skin is our biggest organ’ but it wasn’t until I was pregnant with my first child and knew that what I put on my skin was getting in his blood that I really sat up and changed up my products! We’re now very simple people in what we use, and I swear by cosmetics database. I don’t put anything on my skin that’s rated below a 2 on their 0-9 scale. It’s a SUPER helpful free resource, there’s even a scan app on your phone so you can walk into the store and scan! I have a basic post HERE but some of the info has changed, it’s still worth an introductory read though if you want inspiration!


This is one massive reason we chose IKEA for the new airbnb* furniture we needed, the phased out all furniture with chemical FR and don’t use them any more on their products. Being flame retardant might sound like a great thing, but the chemicals are nasty! Some natural materials are naturally flame retardant so there are safe ways to go, but I just don’t want those chemicals wafting around my home! In our home we also have a few used second hand pieces so any gases have had time to diffuse off a bit more, and we bought couches off the previous home owners that didn’t have any retardant on them too. When we can’t afford the pricer items we just make sure we buy used so they’ve had time to air out the gases and not have such high concentrations. I have a list of future purchases I’d like to make! (Like REALLY pricey but amazing beds!) (Note these chemical flame retardants are also found in children pajamas so we always buy ones without like THESE ones which we also like to give to all our kid friends as birthday gifts!!)
*I’ll talk more about this! We’re renovating a studio to turn into an airbnb rental and space for family and friends to come! 


Currently Jared and I use an old used mattress for the above reason – but as kids spend so much more time in their cribs, and the mattresses are more affordable we went with the best of the best from the beginning. These are the comparatively affordable ones we chose.

ORGANIC CLOTHES (and bedding!)

Did you know most cotton is GMO and sprayed with a whole host of chemicals.. that we then wear and sleep in?! Eek. We’re not 100% on organic clothing but our sheets are, and I’m slightly torn by wanting to buy as few new clothes as possible, but when I’m buying new – and definitely when I’m buying for newborns, organic cotton is a go to. We love pact organic for basics and simple things, beautmont organics, colored organics, … nudie jeans (the ones we repaired in London if you saw that story) there are lots of great ones out there! Obviously because we’re in clothes or bedding basically 24/7 this is important!


I’m separating this out from food because lots of people don’t think about it and so many of us indulge multiple times a day! Did you know coffee is one of the most sprayed crops?! And then if you drink decaf it usually goes through really nasty chemical treatments too, and that’s a no no… especially if my cheeky toddler is going to sip the last few bits. every. time. We opt for an organic coffee every day, and when we drink decaf we make sure it’s a clean Swiss Water Process decaf that doesn’t use nasty chemicals. The one we get is from Northbound Coffee Roasters, who also use compostable packaging for a win win! If you’re not drinking organic coffee, you NEED to make the switch!


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