October 12, 2018

A Cosmetic Detox: Three Years On…

**If you just want to see what’s in my detoxed makeup bag, hit the link HERE or scroll to the bottom but the full post explains our journey and why we landed here!**


When I was pregnant with Clayton I looked at my chemical filled shampoo in the shower one day and realized that some of the chemicals from it were probably getting in his blood. Eek. I threw it away, went to our health food store and changed things up.

The road to non toxic living is a long one, the world isn’t geared towards making it easy yet, and for me the only way to conquer it is in small, manageable steps!  The original post I wrote is HERE where I talk about my trip to Target and how I changed my makeup bag in 30 minutes without breaking the bank. It was perfect for me then and I did it for 3 years. This is part 2 and there might be a part 3 where I change it all again but welcome to the journey of my life 😉



Mascara:  I’ve tried multiple mascaras and can’t find a non toxic one that actually works well. (…I don’t like Physicians Formula aside from having a great brush, W3ll People gave me panda eyes, I tried a L’Oreal one that was actually pretty good on ingredients but just didn’t come off for anything.)

Foundation, blush, powder: Aside from mascara, I’ve not been unhappy with my makeup in how it performs. My Maybelline powder, foundation, and e.l.f. blush were working fine for me. They all (I thought, cue *eye roll*) rated well on EWG.org – my godsend helper of a website for rating cosmetics.

Lipstick: I’ve just been using up old lipsticks without even looking up ingredients, I like using things up, you know me!


  1. Better brands. I’ve been feeling aware that while going for big brands not geared towards non toxic ingredients but that happened to have a good product was a GREAT first step, I now wanted to go a step cleaner. I wanted to use makeup from companies who actually had values for clean ingredients and sustainability too so that there was more transparency from them, and then certainty on my end about what I was getting. And, after seeing my blush situation below… so that ingredients don’t change for the (way) worse on me!
  2. More sustainability. I don’t buy many things in plastic any more, but my makeup still was which I wanted to try and see if I could change too. (An easy step on this: one of the best ways to cut down on the toxic and waste side of makeup is just to wear. it. less! See if you can cut down on products or number of days you wear it. That takes no research and no shopping – which I love!)
  3. I also wanted a mascara that actually worked. Please.
  4. And lipstick.


You guys came up with some great suggestions when I asked on Instagram stories – thank you. Some of the most suggested companies were 100% Pure, BeautyCounter, and Elate Cosmetics. Not being a massive makeup person, I still didn’t want to order tons of options from different companies and send stuff back or have things not work which influenced my starting choices.(spoiler alert: the just one company thing isn’t happening for me.)  I probably have to get over that.

I started with mascara, foundation and lipstick. From those three companies above, mascaras sell for $26, $29 (*or $22) and $28 respectively so the price is similar. All of those numbers are more than I’m used to, but I’m happy investing a little but more into my pursuit of non toxic everything at this point. I’d heard the largest number of positive reports from BeautyCounter which made me want to start there for ease but I’ve been saying no to their products for 2 years.  Mostly my ‘no’ had been due to price, but also due to packaging, and because honestly I was put off by BeautyCounter being a direct sales company.


Someone suggested I actually read the BeautyCounter sustainability report, which I didn’t know they had. I’m a geek who loves those things! I read it and was impressed just enough to look deeper. The cons: They’re not zero waste, they do use plastic, and their products are not all 100% non toxic. What I found though was that they are doing some very good things for sustainability beyond just packaging – something I hadn’t even thought about, and they say they’re taking big strides next year which makes me really happy given the size of the company and the impact that will have. Their choices are intentional and not ignorant, and across the board they are hands down a way better option than mainstream skincare. They have a list of 1500 ingredients that are legal to use that they say they will never use for safety, and they monitor ingredients very carefully. That’s amazing. Finally – which I didn’t realize – they are doing some incredible things changing the laws surrounding the (very unregulated) cosmetics industry which is MUCH NEEDED. I love that it then makes a change for everyone, not just the people on this journey like me, or who can afford to think about it. Not everyone knows or has the ability to go on this quest for clean, non toxic makeup, so making changes that affect everyone is massive, and is the kind of place I want to put my money. That said, they’re not perfect, but regardless of my budget there’s not one company that 100% fulfills all my values – sometimes this journey isn’t black and white. Unless you just don’t wear makeup, but I like it somedays!

Anyway, this was enough to get me to try their products. Honestly, I told Jared, “I’m just going to buy BeautyCounter for me but not tell them” (them = you ha) because I didn’t want anyone to feel I was trying this makeup for the purpose of pushing it on anyone else. I’m very passionate about non toxic living but there are multiple ways to do that. I’m not here to tell you you need BeautyCounter and that it’s the only way. It’s not. I will forever love cheap coconut oil, and apple cider vinegar, I buy Plaine haircare products in reusable metal containers, and I will probably never buy a makeup remover from anyone (including Beautycounter!). But I heard a lot of good reviews, and I liked knowing everything on their site was ‘better’ and their values were admirable and trustworthy! I also care about being honest, and open about what we choose to use in our home and our journey so the truth is, it’s what I ordered for my own skin! And I like that you’re not forced to buy though a “consultant”, if you want you can buy just through the website or at a pop up shop like they’re opening in New York.

Full disclosure: I have signed up as a consultant so that I can get the 25% discount (!) that that offers but I’m being very honest about my journey. My goal is not to suddenly use my blog to build a BeautyCounter business don’t worry – my goal is just to tell you about what I do personally and provide options from cast iron skillets to gluten free cakes to mascara. If you shop through the links I’ve provided I do get a cut, but you don’t pay any more. I see it in the same way as I when shamelessly tell everyone to buy those non toxic cast iron skillets instead of yucky non stick! Because I care about showing people ways to live this life!  I get a small cut from Amazon then too, the same way.

Anyway, I wanted to spell it all out cos I do want t use some of their makeup products, it has fab ingredients, I like their goals for sustainability withoin a large company, and their mission beyond their products is incredible but I know it can (and did for me) raise some questions so as usual I just want to open up! As ever, if you have any questions, just ask me!


I wanted to just get everything from one place. In reality that’s not going to happen. I’d love the transparency and advocacy of BeautyCounter with the ingredients of Pure 100%, with the packaging of Elate… at the price of Target. Or maybe a $1000 budget to try everything that’s out there?! LOL. Wouldn’t we all?! But this is my routine!

Facial Serum: Not makeup but something I love using at night and in the morning pre makeup: I’m using and loving one from WholeMaker – She used clean and real, mostly organic ingredients and packages in glass and paper. Serum $20 (Amanda is giving you 15% off with the code KEZIA15 too!)

Lips: I’ve used Dr Bronners forever but I love the one from the same WholeMaker company on Easy – a great grass fed lip tallow in paper, I also LOVE her Matcha stick packaged in a paper roll.  Matcha stick $12

Foundation: Beautycounter Tint Skin Hydrating Foundation – It’s thinner than the Maybelline one I was using before, which I like cos it still had great coverage but it doesn’t give the same literal 24 hour layer that Maybelline does – which has pros and cons! $42

Mascara: Currently the biggest change cos I haven’t had good one in honestly years. I’m using the Lengthening Mascara again from Beautycounter, it rates brilliantly on EWG and I’m not going back ay time soon. It doesn’t smudge, it comes off easily at the end of the day and it’s what I’ve wanted forever. This part of my makeup mag won’t be changing soon. $29 (or a 15/25% discount as a member or consultant as on all these prices which is what I did.)

Powder and Blush: I wrongly thought the ones I had were good Target (Maybelline and e.l.f.) finds that rated well, I went in to look as I wrote this and I was SO wrong and I think the formulas may have changed since I started buying them so I’m still mid process on this one. I’m looking into the Beautycounter options for blush just to keep everything in the same place (the beauty counter powders are packaged in card which I love but I’m digging a bit deeper into the ingredients) but I think I’m going to go with Elate for blush and powder cos I love their refill model where they just replace the powder and I researched every ingredient (you’re welcome) and they’re great. So Elate is the way I’m leaning but I’ll keep you posted! $16 for the powder without container – and they do small samples for $4 which I’m going to order to try out – love that!

Lipstick: I got one of the Beautycounter ones along with my mascara and blush, and then they sent me another free one too so I’ve tried their bright “Colour Intense” bold girls’ night out red which I love, and a more subtle everyday Sheer color in Luminous Neutral Pink which I’m liking for just every day wear. I secretly love lipstick. I’m more of a neutral clothes person so bolder lips make an outfit for me! … when I’m not in sweats like right now.

So that’s my long update and current status!

It’s an ever evolving journey, and trust me, I wasn’t aware or ready for it 5 years ago, and was only ready for much smaller steps three years ago. The small steps do count. Start by wearing it less, switching out one product, or just switching a moisturizer to simple coconut or avocado oil, keep it really simple and simplify it. It’s not about fancy products, they just sometimes help but mostly I’m a minimalist with a very simple bathroom and makeup bag! But what I have, I like clean and made with good, real ingredients like my food!

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