March 19, 2021

A (safer, cleaner, more mindful) Bathroom Tour

The bathroom was the first place I started asking questions. Around the same time I went vegetarian, and committed to only eat Fairtrade chocolate – I was just touching on the impact of the products, foods, and items we bring into our home.

As I stock my bathroom, and let anything into my home I’m asking what it’s impact is on 3 things: Personal health, people, and planet. Caring for those three is so important but it will also always be a journey of many steps. 



We’re not all able to shop local and local doesn’t always have what we need. So there are some great sites I use for a collection of different thinks that I’ve linked below. I’ve included Amazon in a few places but it’s never my top choice, the others I’ve linked to are the places I tend to choose! Some of these are affiliates which mean you pay no more but I get a little commission from any sale so it means a lot when you shop through them! 

  • PACKAGE FREE SHOP: In the US you can get pretty much everything you need at Package Free Shop and it’s THE most amazing resource, they ship worldwide if you want that too and you can get $10 off at THIS link.
  • BEAUTYCOUNTER: For a lot of skincare products we use Beautycounter (US/CAN shipping)  for their careful and well sourced formulations and being a B Corp, and you can get 10% off your first order with the code CHANGEBEAUTY10.
  • CONTENT BEAUTY: In the UK I adore are Content Beauty for a really well curated online store of more healthy, ethical options beyond the bathroom and beauty. Find it HERE
  • ETHICAL SUPERSTORE is my amazon with a conscience in the UK. Its fantastic from food to gifts, to household stuff! Find it HERE for the UK. 


Dr Bronners Castile Soap

Castile soap is a multi purpose soap we use for so many things from body wash, to shampoo, to dish soap and if I could have one thing in my bathroom it would be that. I put it in the bottles below for hand soap and dish soap and we keep the (recycled) plastic bottle in the shower. It seems pricey, but it lasts months and months and actually works out really cheaply.

Find it HERE via Ethical Superstore  in the UK
Find it HERE via Content Beauty in the UK and Europe
Find it HERE in the US 

Bottles + pumps

You can get these locally at health food stores and bulk stores but here are a links for US and UK. I use them for Dr Bronners, and dilute it about 1:4 for hand soap on bathroom sinks.

Find them in the US HERE
Find them in the UK HERE

Guest bath hand wash + moisturizer

In the most pointless move of 2020, I added this to my bathroom for “guests”. I do love it though, and I’ve never been a moisturise after washing person but I’ve needed it these last few months. 

Find it in the US + Canada HERE


We use Dr Bronners in the shower and then two cleansers for face wash. A Beautycounter charcoal bar which is great for oiler skin and I love it pre makeup (I have more combo-dry skin) and a Beautycounter Countertime Oil Cleanser is great for maturing drier skin which I use at night to remove makeup. Here in England I love THIS one from Evolve Beauty (along with everything else they sell!)

Find the Countertime Cleansing Oil in US/Canada HERE 
Find the Charcoal Cleansing Bar in US/Canada HERE
Find the Foaming Daily Detox Facial Wash in the UK HERE

Gua sha tool

I love the practice of gua sha as I cleanse my face and how it relaxes and smooths my face! There are so many places to buy a Gua Sha tool, but I wanted to buy from somewhere Asian owned and there are two options below, Gua Sha being an Asian practice.

Shop Suman HERE (UK based with European and international shippping)
Shop Lanshin HERE (US based with international shipping)

Both sites have instagram accounts with hours of videos on how to use the tool and it comes highly recommended by me!


A more eco friendly toothbrush is a great early move people can make for a more positive impact choice. We started with Hydrophil Wooden Toothbrushes and love them, but dentists every time will recommend an electric one and I’ve heard so many people try to balance that. This is the best lower impact toothbrush I’ve found and Jared and I both use it, from Georganics.

It’s not available outside of the UK but find it HERE in the UK. In other areas, I suggest looking for a recycling scheme, or more eco friendly options for the recplaceable parts of your electric toothbrush. 

There are so many toothpaste options out there, I prefer a tablet as being the lowest packaging, but Jared and the kids prefer a real paste.

In terms of brands, Nelson Naturals, Dr Bronners , Georganics, and Hydrophil (all available US/UK/beyond) are our go to brands. Lots of bulk shops will also have tablets available in bulk so you can look there too.

Find the Georganics range with tablets, floss and mouthwash HERE in the UK via Content beauty  and in the US HERE via Package Free Store

Find the Hydrophil range HERE via ethical superstore we love their toothbrushes and toothPASTE. 



Our hair care is simple but it’s been a journey! Jared uses Dr Bronners (find it HERE), and I’ve gone through a journey of many shampoo bars.  I do highly recommend trying out bars even though I haven’t used one the last year for shampoo. I currently love Avalon Organics (find it HERE), which isn’t a bar but comes in recycled plastic so no virgin plastic is used which I love.  Some less good bars need an apple cider vinegar rinse after, and I’ve used those for years and they’re probably the most frugal option, but no one bar works for everyone. I would start with Ethique as an internationally available brand that works for most people.


This is where I do love a bar! The Green Guardian Bar from Ethique is my go to and I love it! The bars can seem pricey but they last a long time and actually work out as a great option. 

Find Ethique worldwide HERE



This is a really easy place to lower waste, and to keep things healthier for our bodies too. shave creams and those little strips on the razors contain all kind of things I don’t want on my skin to love my body well, so a simple safety razor is a GREAT option for most people. And no, I never cut myself with it! It’s easy!

Find this one here at Wearth London  in the UK and at Package Free Shop HERE in the US and internationally.

Shaving Cream

Shaving can be great exfoliation but can also stress the skin, leaving
more sensitive skin exposed and a good shave cream is important to care for skin, to watch what’s absorbed into our skin, and to save it stress.

Find the one we use at Beautycounter HERE for the US and Canada. 


Just like clothes, thinking about how and where towels are made is as important to me. Whether it’s organic cotton, bamboo, finding second hand, I want choices with a lower and better impact.

In the US we had all our towels and sheets from SOL Organics a company we love!

My UK choice has been Panda, which you can find HERE at Wearth London  one of my fave curated shops online for home and gifting, or HERE via Ethical Superstore my Amazon alternative for the UK!


This could be a whole post on it’s own! For the lowest waste, people opt either for washable cloth, or a bidet (Tushy HERE is what I’d recommend!) but that’s not for everyone so, probably a lower impact TP is the way to go for most people. In the US and UK, we’ve used and loved Whole Gives a Crap. A certified B Corp bringing change across the world, not just a better product for us which I always love finding in a company. Made with recycled materials and actually SOFT NOT SCRATCHY!

Find them here in the US/UK and AUS! 


The first switch I made. What we put on our skin is so important for our health but den can be a tough one!  You need to find what works for you but these are the three that truly work for us even on sweaty days, summer days, and at the gym.


is Jared’s top choice or any and honesty I love it too. It’s a whipped texture that goes on so well and it’s oily. I never thought he’d opt out of a stick or spray but this one is so good. Find it in the UK HERE. 

Holly’s Keeping it Real

I’ve tried so many over the years but Hollys keeping It Real is one I

love and come back to and she ships pretty far and wide. The only down side is it can feel oily in the heat and too hard if you then keep it in the fridge – but it’s very effective and I love it.

Beautycounter  Clean Deo

EWG verified + Leaping Bunny Certified, this refillable one is a great option if you want a traditional stick but with great ingredients that are good for sensitive skin too.  There are three scents and I like the rose best (although I think the coconut is the most popular overall!)

Find it in the US/Canada HERE



For the lowest waste and smallest ingredient list, you can (I have friends who do) make lube from flax seeds. But this is my not home made, vegan, gentle, water based alternative.

In the UK: Find it HERE via content beauty
In the US and internationally: Find it HERE


Spray Cleaner

And then there’s cleaning! I use baking soda and a DIY vinegar spray
 for a lot of my cleaning along with Dr Bronners too. But the last year I’ve been using Spruce from a newer female founded brand, as an even lower footprint option that cleans really well. You buy the bottle once and then very well priced refills in compostable sachets that you add and top up with water.  I use it with rags made from older cut up towels and T shirts.

Find Spruce internationally HERE 

Toilet Brush

On toilet brushes, I just opt for one that’s not plastic! There are lots out there, and I love this biodegradable one HERE from Ethical Superstore and then make sure to dry them after use (sandwich them under the toilet seat) and replace them as often as needed – disposing of parts correctly according to the material. 

THIS is a great UK option and I’d go for look at the one from Package Free Shop outside of the UK or find something local to you! 

If there’s anything I missed… let me know! But that’s what I could think of from my bathroom. Of course there are lots more options for each of those areas but these are the things we choose and use. 





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