October 18, 2021

Beautycounter Fall + Holiday Review (and 20% off first purchase code)

I’ve now opened and played with every set from this collection and overall, I’m really happy but here is a full review of what I’d buy and what I’m confused by! All the links are affiliate links, which gives me a bit more room to help you out like buying it in the first place to fully review it all – But do also ask for any help you need, I’m here for it!

Sustainability wins! 

In the past there have been some ‘hard pass’ sets for me like travel minis in plastic. This year I think the bundles and the sustainability aspect are SO much better. They’ve used recycled plastic tubes in the hand creams, foot cream, cream shadows and mascara too (while making sure that doesn’t lead to leaching into the products – important!) We also see refillable and glass items, and all the outer packaging recycled newspaper and sugarcane paper. There are no plastic box inserts like we’ve seen before. It’s always been a well formulated, B corp certified collection with great ethics and sourcing but this year the environmental element has gone way up – you know I love that! Read the full review below and I’ll add new sets in as they drop.

2021 Shipping issues:

As with many companies, some stock has been stuck getting into the states. Beautycounter actually does most of their formulation and creation in the US, but some ingredients and packaging come from outside and so that can hold up stock. Some things are therefore showing as out of stock but so far nothing has actually sold out – it’s all coming back as it is ready to go. Moral of the story – shop early if you can!

Never Shopped Beautycounter before?

You can save 20% on these sets and get free shipping over $50 with the code CLEANFORALL20 HERE, so don’t shop till then! And remember, if you’re spending over $100 add the Band of Beauty membership which gets you some free extras and I always pay it back out of my commission as a way to bring down the prices for you year round, or just for the one off if that’s all you’re doing (See more about why I do this HERE.) 


A mini mascara, stevia sweetened lip jelly and icy highlighting cream eye shadow. Perfect for an intro to makeup or the simple makeup lover. It’s not too shimmery + glitzy for every day, and the jelly is really hydrating so it replaces a lip balm. Individually the pieces are $27, $14.50 and $24 so it’s SUCH good value at $39! I think this will be one of the first to sell out.

Find it here!

A mini lip gloss with ecocert vanilla from a woman owned coop, and 4 great powder eye shadows  free from talc and screened for heavy metals. The eye shadow shades are versatile for light day makeup to a dark more glam look and the gloss has warm shine but no strong colour. This will be the only powder eye makeup palette for a while so grab it while it’s here if you want that! For what it is I think it’s maybe a more pricy gift – one to get for your own makeup needs if it’s what you want perhaps!

Find it here!

This is SUCH a good one! Mini sizes (with 1-2 months supply) The overnight peel, C serum, and Countertime tripeptide serum – all good for most skin types and 3 of my fave all rounders especially for dull or maturing skin. These always sell out fast and I think it will be one of the first to go.

Find it HERE

This is a higher price point BUT for a lot of product! All the favourites in about half sizes. C serum, overnight peel, tripeptide radiance serum, a great countermatch moisturizer, and a lipgloss.  I think lots of you will love this set for travel and gifting. Keep it together for a gift or yourself OR break it apart for smaller really great gifts at a lower price point!

Find it HERE

I’m not sure who wants a selection of cleansers really!? They’re for multiple skin types so maybe if you’re stocking a bathroom or running an airbnb? Some people said stocking stuffers but I think there are other better stocking stuffers from the line personally! That said I’m seeing people buy it – so if it’s your jam – I want to know, tell me why!

Find it HERE

Honestly, I prefer Beautycounter’s Jellies as a slightly more hydrating gloss option but these look more high end so I’d use these for splitting up and gifting with maybe a bar of chocolate or as a stocking stuffer where they become $12 each. Maybe for a younger audience or very versatile fun gifts where you wouldn’t want skincare! They have a responsibly sourced organic vanilla scent – and they’re more similar shades than they look in this photo hence I vote for splitting and gifting one by one!

Find it HERE

These are smaller than last years so just be warned on that! BUT, the colour and packaging is sooo much nicer and more classy with PCR recycled plastic in the tubes, finally! The box has a nice display window when you open it making it a fab gift with all three or you can break them down for smaller gifts.

Add to your cart HERE!

The charcoal mask is a crowd favourite for all skin types, and this set works out as paying $10 for the 3-in-1 tool and the gift box. I’m not sure on the value of that but you can decide if that’s worthwhile! It’s a great universal self care gift if you need to knock that off for someone! The tool gives clean application, and then there’s a massage side, and an exfoliating removal side. The brush is silicon not plastic for lower environmental impact.

Get it HERE

This is my night time routine twice a week! It’s a more cost effective way to get or gift this fab duo, with a fun gift feeling cupro mask. The cupro avoids silk for a vegan option. The peel is a gentle and effective AHA/BHA peel I ADORE and the tetra-peptide night cream is a wonderful one for drier more mature skin. A great gift for a friend, new mom, mother or mother in law!

Get your set HERE

My feet need this! The AHA’s we love from the peel are here for our feet! An exfoliating balm to use after some good physical exfoliation in the shower. A great self care gift that isn’t about the face and pointing to someone’s skin, which I think makes it a bit more universal and less “personal” in a good way!

Get the Solemates set HERE

This sells out every time it’s in stock, and it’s a deluxe mini travel size perfect for gifting. I’ve seen people split it between siblings to gift to a mother or asking for it for themselves. It’s all TSA sized but no plastic bottles – all glass that can be refilled and it’s perfect for 4-6 weeks use. There’s also a slightly smaller and lower prices ($135) option in plastic which lots of people opt for to remove breakage as an option during travel. You can find that one HERE. 

Get the Deluxe Countertime Minis HERE

Everyone is loving these! Three spa vibe bath oils with gentle scents, for bath self care. They’re going to do about 3 baths each so that’s 9 uses for a $49 spend. To me that feels high for myself as I’m always a shower person but I know lots of people are loving them as gifts for someone where you make don’t want face centred skin care. 

Find the Bath Oil Trio HERE

This year these are in an oval shape and a good size like a smaller version of the Clean Deo if you have it! There’s a slightly tinted “Pinch” shade in a warm rosey pink, and a clear “Nada” lip balm in the set. At $35 for 2 lip balms they’re a more pricey lip balm at $17 dollars each, and personally I’d choose to put my spending into other options – but if you’re a lip balm lover or shopping for one – this would be a quality gift!

Find the lip balms HERE

I was so happy to see plastic free refillable travel sizes this year!  And the set in a travel bag is a nice catch all gift for some of those harder to buy for people. It has: Hydrating Body Lotion in Bright Grapefruit, Body Wash in Citrus Mimosa, Daily Shampoo in Bright Grapefruit and Daily Conditioner in Bright Grapefruit in TSA friendly 2oz sizes.


Sub $20 gifts!

Lots of the sets can be split up really well for lower priced gifts to knock out teachers, coaches, book club friends and maybe to keep a gift in your car or bag for the moment you didn’t know you needed a gift!  Breaking down the Must Have Minis, the Hand Creams, or the Lip Glosses all make great $15-$20 gifts with the addition of chocolate and/or a $5 gift card for coffee. The perfect easy gift for so many gifting needs! 


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