February 25, 2019

Beautycounter: The ‘insider’ scoop.

In everything I do online, I try to give the whole picture, to not make it an “influencer” (seriously, I hate that word!) vs “follower” situation! But I’m aware that I get opportunities because I have a certain number of people following our journey so I like to always lift the lid as much as I can! This one actually have nothing to do with the number of followers I have a really, anyone can do it, but I wanted to give the same behind the scenes perspective I try to give on all of life. So here it is, Beautycounter: The inside scoop.

I’ve been using Beautycounter makeup for 5 months and a using it as a ‘consultant’ for a little less than that. As soon as I started using it, I became what they call a consultant so that I could do swipe ups as I shared my journey. If any company is going to give my a cut for doing what I already do in sharing my life, I’m going to take it! It means I can give more free content, free recipes, have more time to write things to help people on this journey etc and I love that!

Why I ‘started’?

I didn’t ever intend to use the business side of Beautycounter. I just needed new makeup. I LOVE to research, but I was getting overwhelmed with options and just needed a place I could order online, that had great customer service so I could return stuff (I didn’t want to keep ordering wrong colors/shades and not be able to return and be out of pocket.), and had really clean ingredients with 1500 chemicals that are legal in US cosmetics banned within Beautycounter across the board, and where I could get everything easily in one place. I love looking into every single product but I had to be realistic for a moment, and knowing there was a company where anything I put in my cart was a better, cleaner choice without those 1500 nasties felt realistic to me. The only thing I didn’t like about Beautycounter was the packaging – I tried making blush out of beet powder and arrowroot to be fully zero waste (it FAR from worked, lol) but then I actually dug in and read their sustainability report and was impressed. They are a certified B Corp, use only FSC certified paper containers for their eyeshadow/blush compacts and are making changes all the time, with more changes away from plastic on the radar. Yay.

Why I signed on as a consultant.

Honestly the first reason? I get 25% off all my purchases. You know I’m a very intentional budgeter so give me that option and I’ll take it. But also in this online world, a lot of my income comes from affiliate links so if I use a product anyway and a company will pay me for linking where I always would have linked… I’ll take that. (Read a full account of how I make money online here.)

Why I stayed on as a consultant.

I didn’t know if I would. I only use and shout loud about companies I really love and believe in and I need time for that. 6 months I love the products I’ve used, and everyone who’s told me they’ve shopped has loved them too. As a company I’ve only come to love them more and I’ve LOVED getting to offer a great solution to toxic makeup. I’ve loved getting to introduce people to a company that covered everything, was easy to use, didn’t feel like a massive jump from the drug store big brand makeup we all used to use.

I also dug more into the advocacy side of the company, because I really believe in that. This makeup (as with all non toxic makeup) comes at a higher price point and yet I want to see everyone able to clean up their skincare/personal game. It does NOT feel right that it’s only available to people who can pay. I feel the same way about food which is why I go after helping people with budget options, and with their budgets. I LOVE that Beautycounter is working to see laws change that would literally affect every person buying in the America, whether they’re aware of the toxic issues and ingredients or not. That’s something I want to put my money and purchases behind. It’s something I feel really strongly about. I also LOVE that because I’m effectively working for the company, I have the option to gift product to people, to buy and give samples so people can try things they wouldn’t be able to, and to help get good products into more people’s hands.

I didn’t expect to feel passionate, don’t mind me. From skillets, to clothes to skincare, I’m just an all in or all out person!!

The details.

It costs $98 to sign up as a consultant. For that you get my fave resurfacing peel, a tote, some things to help you share the products, a lipstick, and then 25% off everything you buy in the future… so you kind of get it back in product/perks. 

Requirements: There are a certain amount of sales you have to generate in 6 months to stay a consultant, (which is $1200 s0 could be all you if you buy a lot and some people just use if for themselves and that’s fine) but if you don’t generate that much, nothing bad happens. You just aren’t a consultant anymore you become a member, where you just get 10% product credit on every purchase you make. So kind of a 10% discount. You don’t carry any product which I loved, I didn’t want to do that – I just wanted to share online, and talk about the things I use and love. Every purchase, as lots of you have done, just happens though the website, I’m not involved. I just talk about the things I love and share them like I do everything else. You can do in person pop ups, which I actually think would be really fun – baked treats, and clean makeup for a night… hello yes… but I’ve not done that yet and don’t know if I ever will. You don’t have to. I don’t have to only use BC products, I still use my cheap as chips non toxic bar soap for shampoo and tell other people to as well. I use an Elate brand concealer cos I love it, and I was gifted and Aether Beauty eyeshadow palette that I use all the time and love, and I adore my Wholemaker products for moisturizing my skin. I won’t change those things! And I don’t have to love all of their products, I’m honest that I don’t use them all and I’ll talk about the ones I don’t and why. Transparency and honesty is #1 to me so you can never ask anything else of me if I’m working with you as a company!

Flexibility: This is one of the things I loved seeing – I don’t want to be pushy, I just wanted to use affiliate links, and I don’t want to be pushed. I wanted to wait to see how the company felt as I got more into it but I’ve only discovered more and more great motives, kind people, and a company I believe in. There’s not set way to be a consultant, you can make it work for you with what feels natural to you, which is how this should be. If you’re super social then host pop ups, if you’re a social media person like me, just share your life like any other product. If you’re a makeup artist, post looks. I love that.

And in terms of working, there’s all the flex in the world. For me ‘working’ just looks like… well you’ve seen it. Sharing what I naturally do with my skin. But you can do it how you want. Which I know for other consultants is amazing to choose how much they make, and how to work it with their life.

Perks: Then I get 25% off everything, and I make 25% on every sale though me (but no-one pays extra for shopping through my links, it’s like the company paying the cost of having a store front, except they don’t – I’m the advertising!). Does that make me a bit awkward sometimes? Yes. I wish no money ever came into anything at all ha. That’s just me being honest. But it’s also a gift to get to share this solution to more toxic personal care products, and have it help people out, and also cover my cost of putting together content! I also love that it let’s me pass on deals, gift product, and get it into more people’s hands.

Any other questions?!

If there’s anything you thought I would answer and didn’t just drop me an instagram DM – that’s the best way to make sure you get an answer from me right now! I’m happy to answer anything, I’m an open book on this so just ask away!  And if you want to shop and know my fave products (BC and other), my whole skin routine is HERE so you can read and shop, or just the Beautycounter website you can see that HERE or shop at their store in New York.




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