October 6, 2020

My Top 10 from Beautycounter

It cracks me up sometimes that I have a big world with Beautycounter, cos I spend most of my days wearing zero makeup and in dirty clothes playing with kids or chickens. But my world with them came from knowing, if I’m going to put something on my skin I want it to be good for me but also good for the other people involved in the process, and a company that cares about the planet. And honestly the ease of having all those values and commitments in one place with really high quality products is just easy, and I’ll take an easy win when I can. Truth: That’s a lot of what sold me. 

It’s not the be all and end all, no one thing is right?! But in each one thing we take steps forward and I love Beautycounter for being that! As their fall and holiday collection is now live, I’ve got a list of the things I’d look for this season.



And I’m here to help with any questions you have,  in return I do get a percentage of the sales which also lets me be your customer service and help out! I try to pay that commission forward to you often so just ask me about how to maximise your spending cos I really care about budget!

1. Peel // C serum + Peel Set

aka My post partum + sleepless night skin rescuer. The overnight resurfacing peel would be my single top pick for skincare from anywhere. It’s a leave on overnight AHA/BHA peel that brightens my skin like nothing else. It uses botanical acids to peel but also to sooth so it’s hugely effective but not harsh. For the holiday collection they also launched it in a half size with a half size C serum which is a 10% stable forms of Vitamin C with turmeric and camu camu to brighten sun or age spots or other unevenness.

Shop the Peel HERE and the Peel + C Serum Set HERE.

2. Sunset Palette

Recycled paper palette, talc free, ethically sourced mica, and all the powders you need for your face in one place with a mirror you can remove and keep when you’re done. It’s soft gentle colour I’m loving. And 10% of the profits go to the Kailash Satyarthi Children’s Foundation which I’m all about. Kailash Satyarthi is a children’s rights activist and the foundation exists to eradicate child labour and exploitation – a common issue in the mica industry which is an ingredient it a lot of makeup products. LOVE.

Shop the sunset palette HERE.

3. Lipsticks

I don’t wear makeup every day but when I do I pretty much always wear lipstick. Sometimes bold, sometimes subtle but I’m a lipstick lover. Lipsticks – and most colour cosmetics – are likely to be contaminated with heavy metals so my biggest reason for loving these ones is the stringent testing and screening of every batch for heavy metal levels. They then hold back any batch that doesn’t meet the strictest international regulations and publish all the data online so it’s not hidden but you can see the actual numbers if you want to. There’s also a gloss bundle in the holiday line up if gloss is more you. The same standard on ingredients as well as well sourced Ecocert vanilla from a women owned vanilla coop.

Shop lipsticks HERE

Shop Gloss HERE


4. Jellies from the Holiday Collection

The reason I love these is they’re a lower cost item that feels fun for a younger generation. It’s an easy switch to make them not feel like they’re missing out in the quest for clean. Stevia sweetened and formulated without the things that are always left out – parabens, artificial fragrance, phthalates etc.

Sometimes we just tell our kids there are things they don’t get cos of how we shop and I’m ok with that – other times we work hard to find ways so they don’t feel like a life of valuing the story of what we bring into our home makes them miss out. And that’s what jellies are for me. They break down to $7.80 each even though they’re larger than the glosses so you can keep one, divide them up for stocking stuffers or have them as gifts to or from younger generation. That said, everyone obught them last year from young to old so I think these will be a fall sell out.

Shop Jellies HERE

5. Hand Creams from holiday

One day I’ll take care of my hands and be a hand cream person, maybe. But like the jellies I like how these allow gifting with clean ingredients and good sourcing in a way that doesn’t break the bank or feel ‘crunchy’ for those who don’t want that.

I’d buy the set and break them up, add them tied to a box of compostable bag tea, or a bar of chocolate or a small plant and you’ve got three teacher-ish kind of gifts, or gifts to have on hand to stop you buying something less good when you need something in a pinch.

Get the hand cream set of 3 HERE



6. Flawless in Five Makeup Bundle

This is where a lot of people start. It’s manageable and not overwhelming which is a large part of why I landed with Beuatycounter.  It’s a customisable 20% discounted bundle of 6 makeup items to get you started. You choose between a non nano zinc tinted SPF moisturiser or one of 18 shades of foundation in glass, then mascara, brow gel or pencil, blush, gloss and concealer.  If you’re new add in a couple of freebies I can make sure you get and you’re off to a great start with ingredients in your makeup.

Shop Flawless in Five HERE.


7. Countertime Collection (in full or or a la carte)

Retinol free with a bakuchiol alternative, packaged in US/Mexico sourced glass, and just wonderful for dry or maturing skin

I never used skincare till I hit 30. Like, I sometimes washed my face with handsoap and never moisturised. Anyone else? Post 30 I both felt my skin change but also knew I wanted to invest in taking care of it. From before 30 our protective lipid barrier on our skin starts to deteriorate and needs love! I use the whole line – in reality I son’t use it religiously morning and night so the different pieces last me 6 months-a year. If I had to pick 2 things from it I’d say the lipid defines oil cleanser which really does last a year, protects that lipid barrier as it cleanses but is also a boss makeup remover. And also the eye cream is the piece I use most religiously. It’s really changed the colour under my eyes and it’s got a safer retinol alternative (you can’t use retinol while pregnant/breastfeeding and it also gives photosensititivyt) that increases cell turnover as well as Persian Silk Tree extract which showed in independent studies and also in my own eyes… reduced darkness and puffiness. I love it.

See the eye cream HERE.

See all of the Countertime line HERE

8. Cleansing balm

It’s my multitasker and the one thing I use and love for the kids. It goes on eczema breakouts, really dry skin, sunburn, irritation, and all through the winter on cold and wind chapped cheeks. It lasts forEVER and I still have half of the jar from this time last year so it’s a great use all over the place investment.

See all the details HERE

9. Charcoal Bar

Finishing with another all seasons pick of mine!  It’s just my low waste, low budget (for clean, you know, it’s different!) go to for combo skin. It’s what I use before makeup or at the end of the day when I’m not using makeup. It lasts close to year for $26 so 50c a week. Tip: don’t over-wet it, and set it to dry on a few stones to make it last longer.

Grab it HERE! 


10. Powder and cream blushes

When I do wear makeup, these are the first and often only item I reach for after good skincare. either the powder bronzer (in dune) which has lasted me 18 months and is still going even if technically I should maybe have replaced it… or the easy wearing cream blush in caramel that’s great for shape and colour in a no makeup look.


And I’m here to help!

This is a large part of my world, so I’m here to help via a DM or email if you need. Every day I voice memo or text back and forth with people to help them figure out what is or isn’t right for them or how to get the best things for them with their budget. If you want to look over the holiday collection for gifts I can also hop on a zoom call for 10 minutes or do an instagram video chat for you to have more of a look at things!  I’m here to help you make this SIMPLE, because that’s what I needed!


“What do you use for ________?” (US version)

Being a consultant with Beautycounter – my experience

FINALLY, a makeup mag I’m proud to share. My initial switch away from “regular” makeup. 



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