October 29, 2022

Beautycounter’s 2022 Fall + Holiday Collection: Reviewed!

Each year my favourite B corp beauty brand Beautycounter releases a line of fun fall and holiday sets I love to test out! They’re all made with people and planet at the heart of their formulation, to help people gift better, which I’m all about. Once I’ve opened and played with them all, each year I love giving my honest (and picky!) assessment of them all to help you shop! 

This year I’m donating $1 from every holiday set sold through my links to No Kid Hungry from my commission. They’re an organisation I’ve partnered with in this space a lot over the years and I’m happy to be doing it again. All the links are affiliate links, which gives me a bit more room to help you out and to give to charity, so ask if you need anything at all! 

The sustainability wins:

The sustainability aspect gets better every year and it’s always the most exciting part to me! They’ve used PCR recycled plastic in the cream blush, mini deos, cream shadows, sugar scrub, and mascara too (while making sure that doesn’t lead to leach into the products – important!) We also see a refillable blush that can be refilled with any colour from the range when you’re done, more items in US sourced glass, metal tubing for hand creams, and all the outer packaging is recycled too.

Sustainability is about people too! Every potential ingredient is screened for sourcing impact on people, planet and health but a few to highlight: The vanilla in the BEAUTIFUL new red is all sourced from a women owned ecocert organic vanilla coop. The mica that gives the shimmer in the cream blush, eye shadow and everywhere else is all from mica with full traceability, from mines using no forced or child labour that’s often part of the mica supply chain.

And THAT is why I love shopping these pieces. 


Never Shopped Beautycounter before? Use the code CLEANFORALL20 at checkout for 20% off!

Gloss & Glow Duo – my most used so far!

This is the set that’s been in my makeup bag from day 1. It’s a beautiful glowy pink in the refillable blush compact (refill with any shade). Gentle, glowy, pretty and easy to apply. Then a lip jelly is always in my bag, it’s a hydrating stevia sweetened clean carmex. This one has a tad bit of colour, but just a hint.

My top top fave for your makeup bag!

Going Places Makeup Kit – the perfect intro/teen/travel kit.

The mascara is my  daily go to, the beautiful gold beige eye shadow is easy to use but makes a look, and the gloss finishes it off with ECOCERT responsibly sourced vanilla… the perfect little starter kit. Or a well priced gift for a jet setting makeup lover, or yourself! Perfect for an intro to makeup or the simple makeup lover. It’s a gorgeous neutral shade that’s not too much but shows up, I think this will be one of the first to sell out.

Perfect simple makeup minis here!

FINALLY! Essentials Eye Palette

Powders are BACK! These eye shadow shades are even better than last year and I’m using all of them (there’s always one we skip over, right? But not in this one!) Again, versatile for light day makeup but it can easily go to a dark more glam look. This will be the only powder eye makeup palette for a while so grab it while it’s here if you want that! This is one to add to your own makeup bag for sure! 

Perfect powder palette (finally back!)

Best in Clean Heroes

This is the same price as last year but with an extra product! Its the highest price point BUT one of the best for value, it’s a lot of product! All the favourites in about half sizes: C serum, overnight peel, tripeptide radiance serum, a great moisturizer, mascara AND a lipgloss.  I think lots of you will love this set for travel and gifting. 

All the best selling minis in a box, HERE

Clean & Polished Minis – top pick for easy glowy skin!

The cleanser set last year was a bit odd but this is one to grab. It’s all about the little blue bottle which is the booster to make any cleanser an exfoliating one. Genius. It’ll last forEVER. Like maybe a year. You need about a lentil sized about, add in your cleanser and I’m not kidding you’ll instantly feel the smoothness in your skin. If you want glowy skin I’d 100% say this is worth it just for the exfoliator. 

Smooth skin for less time and money (plus travel mini cleansers!)

*Coming 1/11* 8 days of Jellies

An advent calendar of jellies?! So fun! These are just always a win. A crowd favourite.  Honestly, I prefer them to glosses as a slightly more hydrating option. They have less pigment but I wear lipstick when I want that and one of these is always on me. Usually when there’s 8 of something I’d split them up for smaller gifts but this one is all about the packaging! So maybe it’s a fun teen gift?! 

Countdown with stevia sweetened lips!

Good Scents Hand Cream Trio – finALLY no plastic!

I’m finally in love with them. High end feeling metal tubes, subtle natural scents, and great hydration. Honestly a great gift for anyone who loves a hand cream. Mum, sister, teacher, friend. You can’t go wrong with these and I’ll be gifting them! 

Add to your cart HERE!

Mask Multi-Masker Set

This is a beautiful one to give as an easy gift but maybe less to buy for yourself? It’s a combo set with two great masks but I’m not 100% sold on the combo. Unless you know someone who adores masks and you want an easy gift set! It’s a full size charcoal mask but a mini (15ml vs full 75ml size) of the AHA mask. The charcoal will last a year and it’s about 3 months supply of the AHA. 

A beautiful set for gifting ,HERE

At the Red-y Lip Duo – for a holiday + everyday red!

This red lip looks good on everyone. It’s a cooler tone red people have been asking for and it does honestly look good on everyone. It comes with a full size clear gloss you can use separately or together to amp up the red. 

The perfect red and a gloss HERE

Bright Side Duo – the sellout crowd fave

Two of Beautycounter’s best sellers in glass half size, together. The overnight peel and 10% C serum, a day and night pair for skin brightness. This is people tend to snag for themselves to try both, or for travel sizes. But it would obviously make a FAB gift too! It’s about 4 months supply of both used 2 x a week. 

Always the first to sell out

Goodbye, Dry Body Duo – my “pass” pick

The only people who should buy this are those of you that already love it. The product is great, a really effective scrub, and a luxuriously thick body butter. BUT. For the price of it, the packaging doesn’t match perfectly and I don’t want anyone to buy it as a gift and feel it doesn’t live up to the usual BC standard. They’re using up packaging which I’m 110% about but it gives an off look for a high end gift. In my opinion.

Great on the inside, lacking on the outside

Mini Clean Deo Trio – a surprising must have!

If you use the clean deo, you need to grab these! I wouldn’t have said that before trying them but I’ve been stashing one in bags and pockets on the go and I love them for that. Don’t buy them to use up and blow through, but as a year’s supply of on the go and emergency deo! They’ll fit in a tiny clutch for a night out, in a pocket for a hike or in a desk drawer for the day you forget. Emergency deo without buying 3 full size extras. 

Perfect pocket deos

Good Scents Hand Cream Trio

YES. These are definitely the best hand creams yet from BC. Last year they moved to recycled plastic and this year they’re in much more high end feeling metal tubes. Along with all the care on ingredients so we’re rubbing in safe ingredients, and smelling safe scents every day, not ones harmful to health. Maybe I’m old but I now always have a hand cream on me. And it’s either one of these, or the Evolve Bakuchiol one which I also LOVE.

My go to hand creams

Hyaluronic Lip Balm Trio – great just too expensive

As a lip balm these are great. Hyaluronic acid is something we make naturally in our bodies that help with plumping, hydration and fine lines. The colours are nice, I really liked the brown one actually and the subtle tone it gave my lips. The shape is a very thin oval which some people love for fitting in pockets but I found it a little awkward for application vs a round. And the price for me at $44 is a tad too high. Somehow $14.95 for one high end lip balm feels better so maybe I’d divide these up if I was giving them but I think they’re just not what I’d choose. Having already got them, I’m loving them, but value does play in so, that’s my take!

Pricey but nice, plumping lip balm trio

Renew You Body Duo – not sure who this is for

This is an interesting new one but I’m not sure who I’d get it for. It’s a love or hate really don’t need it one. It’s an extra strong overnight peel for the body, and a tightening boost serum. I’ve been using the firming serum to try it out and I don’t see anything yet but the consumer study results were pretty good: 94% said skin looked visibly tighter and elasticity felt improved, 91% said skin looked more youthful, 84% said the appearance of cellulite and crepey skin looks reduced. So if you have areas you need help loving, maybe this is one to try? The bottles are HUGE which is always nice when we’re spending too! 

Body peel and tighter skin serum

Beyond Bright Minis

This would be an amazing gift to check off someone who loves skincare, or would like some extra self care. It’s a beautiful trio of C serum, Vitamin C oil, and the new AHA toner that I’m using cos it’s clinically results on helping appearance of pores. It’s in one of the beautiful sturdy gift boxes making it perfect to gift, or to buy for yourself for travel minis or to try all three! 

Minis for bright skin

Mini Beyond Gloss Vault – for $12/gloss mini gifts

I like these just for the ease of breaking up and gifting as individuals for things like teacher gifts. One box, split up, add gift cards or bars of chocolate. Done. It is equally a great set if you want to gift 4 glosses or if you’re a gloss fanatic! 

Break apart of keep together – HERE




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