November 17, 2019

Better Christmas Gift Guide 2019 (UK edition)


At the top of my list and on my own personal Christmas list, this mum run small business is one I’ve loved and followed and shopped for a long time. Go and follow on the gram and really genuinely shop the site for something for everyone. The “mothering like a boss” pouch is a favourite of mine too buy mum friends, and the strong girls club T shirts and onesies are go too for little ones! This embroidered one I’ll be fighting you to on the waitlist when they launch 😉 Find it all HERE on


Did you know most wrapping paper actually can’t be recycled or comes wrapped in plastic or isn’t that sustainably sourced? Either use or reuse something you already have or find a great new alternative like these from Wrapped By Alice via Plastic Freedom. They have gift boxes too, string, and plastic free tape. Amazing.


Everlane is an old favorite that made the switch to more ethical, transparent shopping practical and easy for us, it’s now one of our favorite places to gift from. Last year they came out with “Renew” lines using recycled materials: YES. We both live in our Renew coats all winter and they come highly recommended by us. Shop my Renew jacket and everything else HERE. **If you miss the duty free sale there will be duty on these so it’s up to you if that’s worth it if you’re ordering outside of the US**


This minimal ethical ring has been handmade to order in Suffolk using recycled Sterling Silver.


Plamtbased dyes and plastic free packaging, this made in the UK alternative to the normal and a bit easier than making your own when you don’t want to!


One of my favorite ethical English brands with the most stunning pieces. They are more of an investment but gorgeous, well made, and worth it. I have this exact jumper and so sadly lost it in the move but I highly recommend it and browsing the whole site. Find it HERE and take a look at their ethical gift guide and homewares section for some other stunning ideas like these ethically made lambskin and rubber soled slippers.


We LOVE ours! I have stone, Jared has the dark grey and you need to SIZE UP a full size. They’re what I wore round tens of miles of New York and os many places. They’re the dream. As a brand the goal is zero waste shoe production and they’re doing amazingly, ethically made, stylish, and really soft and comfortable. The Neuschs live in them and highly recommend. Get them HERE.(and they ship from Everlane so order with anything else from there to minimize shipping – it’s always free on 2+ items) **If you miss the duty free sale there will be duty on these so it’s up to you if that’s worth it if you’re ordering outside of the US**


I’ve followed Beth’s journey creating Plastic Freedom from her home over the last few years and I think what she’s doing is completely incredible. She stocks all of the best things and amazing essentials like toothbrushes, Marleys Monsters Wipes, Safety razors, and so many things we love and then other incredible finds like plastic free tape and biodegradable glitter. She’s put together some really great gift boxes from the site which come in a reusable recyclable plastic free tube and I think they’re perfect. this is the kids one, and the handbag essentials box but check the rest out and so many other giftable things on the site HERE. 



Endless sparkling water at home? Hello. It’s the thing I miss most that we left in California! This baby saves dollars and waste, even when you buy sparkling water in glass it’s using fuel to tsranport something that comes out of a tap right in my house so this is a saving on every level! We love the sparkle version with glass bottle so your water doesn’t sit in plastic at all. Win win. Find it HERE on Amazon or shop


 I’m a few years into the shampoo bar journey and I’m not going back. Ethique is the best (also priciest but still not bad) of all the ones I’ve tried. I’ve always needed conditioner but somehow I don’t even need it with ethique. These sampler boxes would make a great gift to give or receive if you’re wanting to try. Find them at or holland and barrett stores


I never thought I’d go in for a backpack but honestly, they’re so practical with kids to keep my hands free and I’m now in love. This (but in brown) was a recent addition to my collection and I love that this one feels durable with kids – just took it to pottery painting with toddlers – but I’d still take it out without kids too. And it’s vegetable tanned, ethically made and everything I wanted from a B Corporation too. Take a look on their site at their work in Ethiopia and the work that’s actually coming because of this company, it’s truly a cut above. LOVE. Find it on their site HERE.  (shipping and duty is about 45GBP so it’s more pricey but also a fantastic beyond ethically made investment, and you can get 20% off your order by signing up for their emails which counters it a bit.)


For 25 quid this felt like a stellar Christmas gift or thank you for hosting gift option. Take this with you if you’re traveling or gift it to a port and stilton lover. We’re adding a few Abel and Cole Organic goodies for Christmas gifts this year, super super easy and a B Corp with sustainable organic values. Find it HERE. 


I’m kind of in love with this  corp company, sustainable packaged boxed set. A G+T is just a good idea, and gifting them is a great one too! Again from Abel and Cole so it can come right to your front door and you can double up with some other gifting too. Highly recommend. Find this set HERE. 


“where did you get your starter?” = an instagram FAQ. The only online brand I had recommend to me was a US based one but this is a great full set with a traditional proofing basket too. Or if you have your own starter – consider gifting a loaf, a recipe, and some starter! If you just want the bowl to go with your own starter combine it with the traditional sourdough proofing bowl for a bigger gift. 


Ok they’re pricy. I know. But not compared with buying multiple pairs instead. Jared hought his 6 yeras ago, he’s turned them in for free repears and LOVES them. They’re #allthethings with organic cotton, free repairs for LIFE, ethical production and high quality. Love. If you don’t have a repair store near you, they have a free repair pack they send you. That’s what you’re paying for with the higher price and we’re all about it. Find them HERE or at the Central London store which is a really fun visit!


It’s the OG of lower footprint companies and it’s been the source of many this year Jared got the Arbor Grande backpack for school. We both love it – lots of space for traveling with books and gear but a great look. Check out the Wornwear for revamped used clothing to double up on loving the earth. And the kids jackets with that little Patagonia patch can become a handmedown heirloom items. Clayton got one for his second Christmas and now Roey has it and it’s still in perfect condition. I love it.


Chillys x Emma Bridgewater. The perfect English classic, meets sustainable living. I don’t suggest collecting a stash of reusable  water bottles just because you find pretty ones cos that’s not sustainable either but they also make great gifts and do really help people go without plastic bottles or cups. Chillys also have great high grade stainless steel coffee cups as our favroutie Miir ones aren’t available in the UK. Find them HERE or at a local store and shop local – they’re widely stocked.


This is more of an ‘if you’re buying/gifting/receiving a phone this season. And then I have two phone cases for the two sides of me that don’t often clash but… Safesleeve are radiation reducing cases. Pela are compostable no waste ones. I’m not going to say i’ve deeply researched the science on radiation so I’ll make no claims, but sometimes I run with something anyway (like NOT using a microwave) because I think it’s better just to do it which will cause no harm, that to spend a lot of time researching. So we both have our phones in safe sleeve cases. But then Pela are a B corp making compostable cases that are slimline, and a liquid screen protector that doesn’t’ send plastic to landfill. Currently I actually have the Pela one on my (second hand) phone. Pelas can be hard to get in the UK but the one to the right from Natjure is a similar alternative. Get the safe sleeve HERE.


Confession:  I stubbornly didn’t want to include anything we discovered at the Amazon event but this book has been INCREDIBLE. We went to an amazon Christmas event and this was something they thrust in our hands. Clayt has learned words like “colossal” along with so many others, it’s brilliantly illustrated and great for a range of ages, and there are even QR codes in the back leading to short videos explaining words that are so fun. Find it here on or through a bookshop site.


 If you want a way to easily talk to children about plastic in a non judgmental way that’s at their level I think this is a great option! It’s the perfect level for I’d say 4-6 and easy to read with practical ideas that make it an easy family conversation. Find it HERE. 


I’m a massive fan of facial oils and By Sarah London is a British company I’ve watched for a long time. Organic, cold pressed ingredients, vegan and cruelty free, and packaged in recycled paper and ’tissue paper’ made from crushed grapes saved from landfill, love love love. They have a range of prices from 12 pounds for this small facial oil so it’s great from stocking stuffers to larger gifts too. Find the range HERE. 


If I had to shop from only one store both sides of the Atlantic, it wouldn’t be Amazon. Lauren Singer’s Package Free Shop is seriously the place I could literally get all my gifts in one order. I make no commission which doesn’t change my raving but seriously there is no comparison on fantastic low waste, well priced, quality and thoughtful gifts than that place. New York based but international shipping. Look at the Soy Candles, cute silicon baby bibs (we have one!), plantable kids pencils, Pela cases, gorgeous vegan lip balms and facial oils, totes, there really is something for everyone. And it’s perfect for stocking stuffers like stainless steel straws, bamboo bandaids, recycled crayons and little lower prices things like that! Find all the goods HERE. 

Ok, I hope that provides some help and inspiration, I’m also happy to take a moment to be your own personal shopper in the ethical goods department – shoot me a DM with who you’re shopping for and any requirements and I’ll give you a quick suggestion!


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