June 16, 2021

Choosing The Beautycounter Products For Your Skin Type

Don’t get overwhelmed!

Firstly, if you want the true concierge easy option, it’s what I’m here for! Just send me an email (kezianeusch@gmail.com) or a DM @whole.beauty or @thewholefooddiary and tell me you want help!  I’ll guide you through the process with no need to buy at the end but you’ll get some information that will help you with your skin on budget and right for your lifestyle! If you’re more of a reader though and want to read more – here you go!

Choosing the right skincare items for your skin type, budget, and lifestyle can be overwhelming and impossible without some help! (I know cos that was me!) But what we put on our skin is so important from a health point of view, and also in how those choices affect other people in production and the environment.  Combine all that together and … I was overwhelmed!

I love that now, 3 years and a lot of learning later, I get to use what I’ve learned working with Beautycounter as a consultant to help you. To simplify it for you both in choosing the best things for you and in reducing spending. I get to help give you back some time and money to use on something else more productive than diving into skincare feeling overwhelmed!

Below is an overview cheat sheet of the skincare lines from Beautycounter made for different skin types but honestly I’m 1000 customers deep in to helping people and I’ve found most people do best for budget and skin with a mix and match and that’s where you can just use me!

Use me to keep it simple!

If you want to just tell me your budget, skin concerns and a bit about your skin and not try to navigate the options below, I’m here for that. 100% and I do it every week for people. Send me an email kezianeusch@gmail.com or a DM @whole.beauty or @thewholefooddiary and tell me you want help – I’ll keep it simple and guide you through your skintype and budget, or point you away from Beautycounter where that’s best too.

But here’s the cheat sheet to do it yourself!

This is the paragraph where I tell you this post does include affiliate links! You pay no more but I make a small commission which lets me help you more – with Beautycounter that means I’m fully there to be your customer service and help you at every stage of the process and I love doing that! It also means I choose to put my commission back into you in a few ways through the year starting with Band of Beauty memberships (see the end!) because we’re all in this together – and I want to help!


Beautycounter has 3 main skincare lines and lots of skincare extras to add in too for different skin situations and types. They all offer a discount if you buy them as a whole line but you can buy them a la carte and mix and match which is what most people do. You can still get the savings by adding the code CLEANFORALL20 on your first order or adding band of beauty and getting 10% back in credit on every order.


BEST FOR: If your skin is maturing, or my more dry and you want actively anti aging skin care! It’s what I use and love personally. It’s packaged in US/Mexico sourced glass for maximum sustainability which I love.

It has Bakuchiol (a safer alternative retinol alternative that’s considered pregnancy + breastfeeding safe), Swiss alpine rose, and Persian silk tree extract to help skin cell turnover and give retinol like results while being gentle on the skin and giving really good hydration and protection for ageing skin.

LESS GOOD FOR: You can work the line for most skin types – ask me for help!  The oil and the soft cream are all I’d suggest for sensitive maturing skin, and for oilier skin I’d add in the serum, eye cream and soft cream for anti ageing power with too much hydration. For combo sensitive skin (most people who shop with me! Add the charcoal bar as an alternative cleanser.)

Find it HERE


BEST FOR: Acne prone oily skin for curbing breakouts and mattifying skin. It has wintergreen, rosebay willow, witch hazel and Pro Vitamin B5 to help mattify skin, purify pores, and reduce the appearance of redness while keeping skin in balance.The cleanser alone works really well for oilier skin or mild breakouts without the rest of the line in skin that’s just a bit on the oily side. Packaged in plastic bottles to keep the cost lower than glass, making it as accessible possible.

LESS GOOD FOR: dry or sensitive skin. If you have acne prone and dry skin I’d recommend the countertime line oil cleanser and soft cream or balancing oil.

Find it HERE


BEST FOR: Most skin types that want gentle long lasting hydration. It’s not actively anti-aging in terms of ingredients but hydrating skin helps with ageing and this is a hydrating line for most skin types that will help with ageing too by caring for skin. It has hyaluronic acid, squalane, plum oil, and phytic acid. A mix of plastic and glass packaging for maximum sustianablitiy with the most accessible pricing.

LESS GOOD FOR: It can be 50:50 for acne prone skin so I’d recommend the charcoal bar and balancing oil in place of countermatch if you want the benefits but not the countermatch line.

Find it HERE



80% of you answer yes to hormonal breakouts! The winning combo I’ve found in addition to the right cleanser/moisturizer combo is the charcoal mask and the overnight peel. They both last a year so it’s a cost effective solution too. If you’re ordering other things you can get both of them free by adding the Band of Beauty membership which I always pay back the cost of out of affiliate commission.


Countermatch Cleanser and Moisturizer are my go to start for sensitive oily and dry skin depending on what else is going on. Whatever your’e choosing I’d start slow with sensitive skin looking at just a cleansing and moisturiser to start with.


The charcoal bar is the go to for combo skin!  It balances without drying skin and it’s also really cost effective! You can add it to the countermatch or countertime lines as an alternative cleanser that tweaks the lines for combo skin. The charcoal mask is also a great addition for balancing excess oil.


Not a skin type but something a lot of people say they want help with.  My top go to’s would be:

  • Overnight peel is the top one for this! It’s what I turned to first when my skin was dull and I just couldn’t make it look happy and alive! It’s an AHA/BHA peel made from fruit acids that exfoliates and peels very gently but crazily effectively!
  • The Vitamin C serum either alone of in combo with the peel a few times a week (or more) is brilliant for dark spots.
  • Countertime is what I’d look at for skin care as it actively helps with skin cell turnover which helps with evening tone.


There’s a lot to think about with eczema and obviously l I’m not a health professional for the other aspects of helping eczema! But in skincare I’ve found that doing as little as possible and adding the cleansing balm as an overnight ask be a really effective solution that’s helped both my kids on faces and hands. For a cleanser I’d look at the Countermarch Foaming Cleanser or the Charcoal Bar. 


Lots of skin types can take some figuring out and you get to return anything which I love cos it makes it possible.  Acne prone skin can be one of those skin types so stick with it and use me!

  • Oily acne prone: Countercontrol, overnight peel and mask
  • Dry acne prone: Countertime Oil and Soft Cream (or more of the line too) and the peel
  • Sensitive acne prone: Charcoal Bar and Balancing Oil look at adding the mask and peel, or just the peel if you’re more dry
  • Combo acne prone: charcoal bar, soft cream or balancing oil, charcoal mask, on the spot acne treatment

4 ways to spend LESS:

This is something I’m 100% here for! I watch all the deals that come and I love running numbers and finding ways to help you save – cos I really care about that. Lots of people send me their carts ahead of shopping to make sure they’re getting the best deal and I love that! But here are 4 ways to spend less:

  • Use the code CLEANFORALL20 on your first order for 20% off most things
  • Add their Band of Beauty membership (think Amazon prime or Nordstrom rewards with no string attached) and send me your receipt to get the $29 cost back from me personally. That gives you some free shipping, the little set to the right FREE, and 10% back on every purchase which brings the cost down year round.
  • Ask me for help by email (kezianeusch@gmail.com) or DM – I’ll tell you if there’s an upcoming promo or way to save!
  • Return anything that doesn’t work for you – this is such a big one. So many people get left with extra shampoo, food products, clothing, makeup as they try to make good switches and it’s expensive. With Beautycounter you get 60 days to return anything opened or unopened, if it’s not working for you.




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