November 21, 2017




Confession: I’ve ordered myself multiple things off this list in the process of writing it. Oops. This can be a season that’s all about more things and I love that all over the place people are finding ways to be more intentional and not gift unneeded things. My goal in this list is to give you ideas, to show you companies that provide well sourced, ethical choices, but also to give ideas of high quality items that our family knows and loves so that you can give things people will really love with confidence. I’ve included seven sections but really there’s a lot of overlap so look through the whole thing for inspiration! I’ve also tried to round up all the coupon codes I can find to save you a bit on some purchases!  And as I give you a long list of gifting options, I can’t not make a moment to say… consider not gifting! I’m not talking being scrooge and opting out of a family exchange, but there are so many fun ways to not gift! Things like secret santa so that everyone gets/buys one gift instead of multiple. Or consider within families going to a group experience and forgoing gifts. Or between spouses set a zero dollar gift budget so the gift has to be something repurposed, or created, or thoughtfully inspired! Or just decided only gets for the kids in families or maybe donating a gift instead of keeping it! As a child we used to fill shoe boxes to send to orphanages in Romania and it was one of the happiest bits of the holidays! I also come from a hugely gift giving family and I personally adore giving gifts, so I’m finding ways to do it sustainably, intentionally and without hurting people or the planet. It can be done and here are my tricks!



Everlane: One week a year they do international shipping and its on now through till Saturday after Thanksgiving (November 25th). It’s our to go for ethical clothing with a bit of everything, all classics, well styled and well made.

Fashionable: Sign for their newsletter HERE to get $10 off your first order over $40. We love their new very affordable ethical denim line, and their gorgeous well sourced and ethically made jewelry, but their leather line is also stunning!

Coyuchi: Get $30 off your first order by signing up for the newsletter. I have a full towel from here for our rental! They’re great for organic and fair-trade linens but currently also have some infinity scarves I’m in love with.

Amazon: My #1 Christmas hack is to sign up for a Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial. Set your calendar when it expires and cancel but get 95% of your Christmas shopping with free shipping. (It actually makes an incredible gift to give a year of Amazon Prime if you want something you don’t have to ship, or something that isn’t ‘stuff’ – Give the Gift of Amazon Prime HERE)

Boody and Boody Baby: 20% off with the code thewholefooddiary20. Amazing organic bamboo basics, leggings, bodysuits, socks and more that come in recyclable packaging and are all dyed with natural dyes.

PACT: Get 20% off you’re first order of any size by signing up HERE. Organic and fairly traded basics and a few really gorgeous pieces (see their sleep romper!) Sidenote: It’s one of the best priced/only places I could fine ethical made fair-trade organic cotton kids undies. They’re probably not on your Christmas shopping list but if you’re buying them – this is where you want to get them from!

Thrive Market: It’s kind of Wholefoods meets Amazon, home delivery of all the upmarket healthy, non toxic, eco living goods you can imagine at slashed prices. Membership is $65/year BUT they do a free month. So you know what to do, sign up get the free month – use it for the holidays (for food shopping and for gifting – especially speciality foods and non toxic beauty stuff) and then cancel. I don’t use it every day but I LOVE it for deals and one off orders!! Plus the coupon: Sign up HERE for 25% off your first order AND free shipping, which if you’re just doing one order for all your holiday goods and gifting… is pretty killer!

Wild Minimalist: One of my favourites for eco friendly, zero waste picks for kitchen  bathroom, life and home – but all with a classic feel so they’ll work for the zero waste aspirer but also just a stylish minimalist who loves well designed things for their home.  Code BLACKBEAR will give 15% off all orders and free (cont US) shipping for black Friday.


  1. Alter Eco  Fair Trade Organic dark blackout bar – Cos you can’t have a stocking without chocolate.  We always go fairtrade and usually organic so this (and the rest of their line) is one of our faves – with a flavour for everyone and truffles as well. All the ingredients are real food with no soy lecithin, no dairy, no gluten, no grains, and sweetened with raw cane sugar although it’s minimal in the 85% bar! (If you or the people you’re filling stocking for are like me and like the fully no sugar 100% dark try THIS one which is available on Amazon here but half the price at Trader Joes and trust me it’s really easy eating for a 100%!!) 
  2. Dr. Bronners lip balm set – A year of fairtrade, organic, non toxic lip balms! 4 different flavours. ($4.50),
  3. Ravioli cutters – A cute little gift and the perfect way to take your homemadepasta game to the next level! ($8)
  4. Nut milk bag – a must for any healthy, paleo, dairy free or vegan kitchen! The simple route to your own homemade nut milk! For a bigger gift, put it in a mason jar with a cup of almonds and cashews to make it a cute DIY nut milk kit.
  5. Biodegradable plant based iPhone case from Pela I’ve had one of thse on my phone for the last two years and despite being clumsy, and having a toddler to throw around my phone it’s the only two years I haven’t smashed multiple screens! Aside from being seemingly toddler proof, it’s also biodegradable and compostable when you move on to a new phone. It’s made from a great shock absorbing flaxbased bioplastic if your’e wondering, but unlike ‘real’ plastic, it won’t live for eternity! The rose color is on Amazon HERE for $12 and other colors are $35. 
  6. Cord Taco from FashionAble ($9) (sign up HERE to get $10 off your order!) Cos if you’re anything like me, there is always a knot in your earbuds. Always. 
  7. Card Holder from Nisolo ($14) (Sign up HERE first to get $25 off your first big order!)
  8. Bamboo toilet paper – (3/$18) Make bathroom trips soft and eco friendly, cos why not?! If you (or your giftee!) are not ready for the full Tushy Bidet upgrade ($69) then take a step with bamboo TP! And sign HERE for $10 off, then sign up to their newsletter for $5 off. Tip: If you’re filling a few stockings – split the rolls and put one in each for happy butts all around!
  9. Local Organic coffee, if you have a good one already then you know what you love and go with that! If you need a stellar recommendation, our favourite is any light roast from Northbound Roasters, they rotate what they roast all the time so you can get different beans but anything that’s a light roast is fab (unless your buying something for someone who’s usually a Starbucks lover, in which case the dark roasts will be their upgrade!)
  10. Tea Tree Tooth Picks – For the dad in your life. We purchased these last year… for our Dad. They’re perfect. Natural oils, sustainably harvested wood, and a case made from recycled plastic. We love them! And maybe it’s gimmicky (but sometimes Christmas allows for that…) upgrade the gift with a titanium key chain attachment to hold them, and eco it up even more by switching the picks out entirely for anti allergenic, non toxic, infinitely reusable titanium ones!
  11. Holiday socks from PACT – cos what’s a stocking without socks?! (they’re $25 before discount – get 20% off your first order by signing up HERE first, they have no minimum order!)
  12. Organic Cotton Pullover Lounge Bralette from PACT ($24 before discount – get 20% off your first order by signing up HERE first.)
  13. Bamboo toothbrush by Mable ($8) – Santa always gives a few ‘useful’ gifts, and this one is eco friendly and non toxic, and the best designed of the wooden toothbrush family. Pair it with a tube of non toxic, eco friendly David’s toothpaste ($8) (one of the best natural ones in my opinion!) to upscale the gift! 
  14. Wooden cutlery set – An eco friendly zero waste alternative to grabbing plastic ones on the go, just keep these in your bag or car! (Give the full ‘zero waste take out’ package by pairing these with our fave stainless steel tins to take food home in!)


  1. New cable knits by Everlane – (find them in the ‘New Arrivals’  ection!) I don’t know if there’s a clothing item that speaks of happy holidays more than snuggly cable knits – they also have hats and gloves for a lower prices and equally perfect gift! Sweater: $130, Hats: $45, Gloves: $35.
  2. Roma Boots: – Made from natural rubber and fully vegan and eco friendly I’ve fallen in love with my pair (I have the short matt black!) It’s a buy one give one idea which have got some bad wrap recently but if you look into this one – cos it’s what I do, ya know! – I actually love what they’re doing. And the boots are gorgeous! Short, long, plain, laced, matt, glossy. Perfect for taking out the compost but also for wearing out! You’ll love them. Find them on Amazon HERE
  3. Coyuchi infinity scarf – A gorgeous luxury certifiedfairtrade, organic cotton infinity scarf. $75 but sign up to their newsletter for $30 off your first order.
  4. Denim from Everlane – One of our go to stores for well priced ethical basics and stylish pieces, they introduced a denim line this year which is a game changer. (along with the cashmere, also new this year! A very reasonable $68 a pop, with a ton of different styles, cuts, and colours.
    3. Simple hoodie from PACT – Make Christmas Day a little more snuggly with an ethically made, organic cotton hoodie. 
    4.  Elegant organic sleep romper from PACT.
    5. X ring from FashionAble (to get $10 off you’re order over $40 click HERE scroll down and sign up to their newsletter) and then check out the whole FashionAble site for gifts made ethically, responsibly and by women who have overcome homelessness, addiction and poverty..\
    6. Ethically made, gold hammered circle earrings. I own these and LOVE them! Find them HERE on live (see above for discount!)
    7. Leather Tote from Nisolo  (Sign up HERE first to get $25 off your first big order!) 9. Outdoor Voices High waist workout/yoga leggings.  If you follow any yogi, activewear loving, workout junkies on insta I can almost guarantee you’ve seen these. I love that a brand doing good and creating ethically is becoming mainstream! 
    10. Organic Cotton Body Suit from Boody – I have this and it’s perfect for nursing, layering, active-life-with-low-jeans-where-you-don’t want-to-show-your-cheeks, and a stylish outfit option in its own right. LOVE!


  1. Cast Iron skillet – a gift that will never die. In terns of value ($16!) it’s one of the best gifts you can give. Lodge American made cast iron,preseasoned to make them easier to work with, and they really do last a lifetime. Help your friends and family to better food, no more non stick chemicals on their stoves, and this is also how I’ve never been iron deficient through almost 2 decades of being vegetarian/vegan!
  2. Ceramic french press – A stylish twist on the usual glass and black plastic french press that’s a timeless piece for any kitchen, and comes in a range of colors. It also insulates coffee for longer than the glass version, for glorious morning long coffee pots. Or look at a Bamboo french press for a more cost effective option that’s still more stylish than the original!
  3. Stainless Steel Ice Cube Tray from Wild Minimalist – We filter ourown water so we don’t use the ice from the freezer and I’m going to say if you do… look into it and think again unless you’re on a great well! But, this is the alternative for us. I didn’t want to use plastic ones or even silicon – I wanted the tray that is truly clean and will live forever. Also Wild Minimalist is a FAB store for all things zero waste and fun! Check out their whole store HERE! (I don’t have a coupon code but I now they’re doing something for Black Friday so check back!)
  4. Kitchen Aid – If you really really want to win this Christmas, this is your ticket! No kitchen is complete without a stunning kitchenaid stand mixer. I own two and I know people who own and love them who don’t even cook, they just make a kitchen look good (okay I don’t recommend this as a gift for a non cook.) But really, they’re multi-functional and can now include a pasta maker attachment, an ice cream churner and so many more gadgets. For a small kitchen, the new Artisan Mini is incredible, and even as a big cooker, I actually prefer it to the larger models even though it fits less. 
  5. Mini Bullet – I did NOT ever want to love this gadget. It seemed so unnecessary to me given I have a blender… and then for the month I spend with my parents each year I use it daily and love love love it. For single servings of nut milk, smoothies, whipping up pancakes, sauces, dressings, frothy coffees… it’s a luxury, but a highly used one! Perfect for someone with a small kitchen, or who doesn’t cook much but likes to whip of healthy quick bites, smoothies, etc! 
  6. Pasta maker – These are SO MUCH FUN! I thought pasta was complicated to make, but it turns out it really isn’t. And this really well priced roller gives you even sheets, spaghetti, and tagliatelle.  You can find our pasta recipe HERE or there are tons more around on the web. 
  7. Unpaper towels – An easy, classy eco hack for  our kitchen! I’m a genuine lover of disposable paper towel, and honestly ziplocks and all things disposable, but they just aren’t a good sustainable choice so we’ve done away with them and opt for alternatives like this, which really are a lot classier and more cost effective long time. (and if you’re wondering what my ziplock alternative is – it’s THIS
  8. Marble cutting board A timeless, classy and multifunctional piece for any kitchen, and I’m going to say  must for any foodie who likes to snap their food! Use it for display, as a cheeseboard, breadboard, centerpiece or dessert tray.  
  9. Cuisinart Food processor If I could only add one luxury item/appliance to a kitchen it would be this. From homemade pesto, to smoothies, dressings, sauces, banana ice cream, raw desserts, it’s the single most useable tool you can gift someone (or, request for yourself!)
  10. Weck Jars – the lesser known, and more stylish cousin of the humble mason jar. I actually way prefer these. They still seal completely but I prefer the’mouths’ on them for pouring, and I prefer the look on the table and on my counter tops! I also love that they have a far wider variation in size for storing in bulk in my cupboards. Plus I probably wouldn’t gift mason jars unless they were filled with something stellar but these I would happily gift, and receive! And then somehow they don’t break the bank either, 6 x 12.5oz jars/ $26.
  11. Mini Cast Iron Cocottes You know I’m a lover of cast iron, mostly for it’s non toxic properties, and functionality but also for the timelessness and style it brings to the table… like these! Perfect for individual food prep, dinner party serving, and reheating leftovers. And the come in a range of colors so you can match them to your giftee’s kitchen. Find them HERE at Williams Sonoma.
  12. Kombucha starter kit – $60 I love this kit because it’s actually everything you need from tea to bottling.  There are other kits that will need you to purchase other pieces but you won’t need anything else with this one. For a smaller gift, look at getting just an organic scoby. ($9)


  1. Everlane Mini Striped Grey Tee (find it in the Women’s choose-what-you-pay aka sale section!) – Everlane is great ethical one stop shop for basics for men and women but they do also have some really well made adorable pieces for kids. It was having kids that made me start to research ethics in clothing – I didn’t want another child to suffer for mine to wear what I purchased, so I love Everyone for their ethical practices and transparency! Right now they have a lot on sale (or ‘choose what you pay’ as they call it) so grab some of their goodies for stellar prices.
  2. Gloves by Everlane Mini – Clayton got these for Christmas last year and they’ll fit for a few years which is always my goal in kids clothing! No fingers to worry about getting into just snuggly, ethically made, stylish mittens. (again, find the in the Women’s choose-what-you-pay section!)
  3. Bright and colourful, kid sized stainless steel water bottle from Klean Kanteen.  spill proof cap, no glass for safety but no plastics so it’s adding nothing to their little systems!
  4. Upcycled Levi’s jackets from Beru Kids. ‘Girl Power’, ‘Sorry in advance’ and other slogans on the back of up cycled Levi’s jackets. The whole company is focused on ethically sourced kids clothing but for me reuse is the icing on the cake not adding extra ‘stuff’ to the world!
  5. Mini Mocks from There are lots of moccasins around so yes there are 
  6. absolutely cheaper options – but as always my search is for the non toxic, and ethically created version of everything! So here you go. There’s a huge selection at along with so many stunning wooden toys and accessories for the eco concious, and just style loving parent and child.
  7. Earth paint – Every child needs paint. But no child needs paint that isn’t truly safe, biodegreadable and non toxic! 
  8. Organic fairtrade polar bear (and whale) Because finding clean, organic and ethically made soft toys was THE hardest part of my parent researching – along with underwear! So the few I’ve found are precious to us and this is definitely the most cost effective option that’s still really cute.  Cos let’s be real, some ethically made organic stuff just isn’t the look I want in my home. Sorry. 
  9. Basics from Boody Baby – It was having a child that made me start to think more about sustainability. I couldn’t reconcile the idea of my choices for him creating a problem that his generation would have to solve. Enter, organic bamboo. A fast growing and very sustainable clothing ingredient made into great pieces, ethically, by the guys at Boody. I love their baby basics (baby girl already has a few of these onesies waiting for her!)
  10. Stainless steel individual ice pop mold  from Package Free Shop. These are SO hard to find. I’ve searched for… a large number of hours and this is a single but that makes it affordable too so I’ll say it’s a win. And check out all of the zero waste goodies that Package Free Shop has – I LOVE them.


  1. Berkey water filter The water filter we have and love, I’m pretty sure it’s the ultimate.  The filters are cleanable and you can customize them depending on what you want removed but it removes everything! This link is for the ‘travel’ size ($150) but it holds 1.5 gallons so it can easily work for a house of 1-3 people if you refill it often enough and it’s a way to make it more cost effective. 
  2. Bees wax candles I actually pretty much gave up using candles because of all the yucky things that are in them! But at Christmas you need some little twinkly candlelights so these are my go to. 100% beeswax and cotton wick. Pack of 8/$26.99 – so give as one gift or split them up for gift baskets or sticking stuffers.
  3. Eco lunch box I got this last Christmas and it genuinely made my day! I use it ALL the time. It’s my go to for travel food, packed lunches, office lunches, restaurant leftovers and even for getting takeout (yes, I have them make food in my own container if the standard one isn’t biodegradable/recyclable!) Stainless steel also makes it a great non toxic food option so it’s a win all around. $26 for the small, or $33 for the larger rectangular one – that’s the one I have.
  4. Stainless steel tumbler – If you have to-go drink junkies in your family or gifting circle… THIS is their gift. To go cups are usually made of things that aren’t the best to drink from and aren’t a win for the environment. This is a big cup with stainless steel straws so it’s pretty indestructible, eco friendly and non toxic. If you want the coffee equivalent option check out the ‘For Him’ section, and the Keep Cup just below this.  (Simple, all stainless and slightly smaller version also available from Wild Minimalist HERE depending on where you want to shop) 
  5. Bees wrap – You have to be gifting to an eco friendly product lover to win with this but if you are, it will WIN. Plastic wrap is so hard to replace and when I was gifted this it made my day. It wraps around a bowl, cup, or food item to seal it completely with the wax softening with the warmth from your hands so mould into the shape you need. One of my fave eco living products out here. 
  6. Keep cup – Another of my all time favourites to use, and a staple gift in my repertoire too but they’re just so great. Loved by the eco conscious coffee drinkers, and just the style loving ones too. 
  7. Tushy bidet Click HERE for $10 off! As with some of these eco living gifts, you need to be giving to an eco living lover. But then if you are, again this is a winner. For the more hard core zero wasters out there but it’s a phenomenal product for reducing waste, and a good price too! 
  8. Organic Soy Wax Caramel Popcorn Candle! Yummy smelling non toxic candles from The Good Stink.  Non GMO ingredients, organic wax, biodegreable ingredients, packaged in glass – these are the whole enchilada! ‘Normal candles’ let off so many nasties into the air but these are the non toxic, healthy, and eco friendly option.  Without costing an arm and a leg! Small: $12, Large $19 get them HERE.
  9. My favorite zero waste inspiring book, Zero Waste Home by Bea Johnson ($10) This girl is the real deal (she uses any paper that enters home to make new sheets of paper, yep.) I’ve read it cover to cover and taken so much from it. It’s the perfect gift for anyone already interested in their footprint on the earth, or who’s already doing a bit to inspire and teach them to truly live a zero waste lifestyle! It’s an easy and practical read, not judge or weird just inspiring. Highly recommend!

For the ultimate eco option choose a non material gift like an experience subscription, or membership or a repurposed or upcycled gift, some of our favourites are:

  1. Amazon Audible! Monthly tokens to buy ebooks – as a mum, I adore this service to listen on the go, my husband loves it for driving time. Visit the Audible gifting site HERE. (Note: If you want to try it yourself, you can do a free trial: Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks – if you’re traveling for the holidays sign up to get some listening material for the journey!! It’s what I did when I was first pregnant to ‘read’ parenting books while I worked!) 
  2. Thrive Market – Costco meets Wholefoods… but better, all the healthy living essentials at a mega reduced cost.  It saves us a lot of money. (Note: This is also a GREAT way to shop for the holidays, you can get a sign up HERE to get 25% off your first order and free shipping, or hack the system and just do a 30 day free trial, and use it for the holidays and holiday shopping!)


  1. Cocokind Matcha Stick Honestly everything in this range would make a stellar gift! Organic, fairtrade and completely non toxic skin care, packaged in glass to avoid plastic and all in a very affordable price range. A company run by an incredible woman with products that really do work… you can’t go wrong but if you want the winning product I’d choose this one! Use it for under eye circles or general skin loving!
  2. NKD SKN bronzing cream I searched for hours for a tanning productthat was both clean, and affordable, and effective and this is it!  Less than $15 (depending on the product, and it tans slowly with applications so you won’t get streaks! )
  3. Non toxic nail polish from Aquarella – Definitely the ultimate in non toxic, water based, vegan nail polish.  You can apply it without the person next to you smelling it! (It does take a different remover to get it off so if you want a better than normal but still smelling and removable with acetone one, look at Ten Over Ten.)
  4. Konjac Facial sponge with Activated Charcoal. It’s a wonder sponge for your face, keeping everything natural but exfoliating, cleansing, stimulating blood flow… and then you can compost it when you’re done with it. Click the picture to read more about it – it really is a winning product gift someone!   
  5. Cocokind Facial Repair Serum Forget the expensive serums for a luxury Christmas gift, choose this all natural and highly affordable product (less than $10) that my skin ADORES! Perfect for young and aging skin, gentle, organic, and just wonderful!
  6. Salt lamp – Ok so yes, the research and opinion on these are mixed, but at least it’s a pretty low light for beside your bed, or doing yoga but at best they’re touted to improve sleep (the ultimate beauty ingredient, and is there a better gift?!), reduce EMF radiation, clean the air and so much more.  $18-$24.99.
  7. Honest Hazel Eye Masks These would make great stocking stuffers too – they come as 3/$12 and are a soothing, hydrating mask for your eyes.  Put together a pamper package, pair with another beauty product or give on their own!
  8. Lip colour from W3ll People it’s a more lip balm style colour but lasts more like lipstick.  It’s my non toxic li[ go to, and one stick lasts me a year with lots of applications!  One coat for a gentle every day look and a few coats for a bolder lip!
  9. Gold Clover Pastured Beef Tallow – All of our skin adores this stuff. From stretched baby bump skin to dry hands, cradle cap to rashes, we lather up and it has phenomenal healing properties.  We also love this mother run, small business! Find the Pumpkin Spice Tallow HERE along with a host of other essential oil scents and they’ve just released their holiday blends including a shimmer with glitter which you can find HERE. Hello.


  1.  Swell coffee cup – It’s a thing of beauty. Jared uses his every day, it keeps coffee hot for 24 hours, and fits ice cubes if you want to keep drinks cold.  There are tons of sizes and colours to choose from but the teak is stunning, right?! Swell is a great eco/social minded company to the core. Shop all their products on Amazon HERE.
  2. Nisolo Shoes Also suggest leather hightop sneaker
  3. Everlane Backpack – The Everlane men’s bag game is strong! From slick city neutrals to colorful canvas.
  1. Everlane cashmere – as I said above, I’m pretty sure Santa’s grotto is filled with this new Everlane Cashmere line. And really the men we love, in cashmere, are just even more perfect.  
  2. Organic Denim by Nudies Just THE ultimate ultimate in ethical, eco denim.  Made with raw denim, they last an extremely long time, and Nudies offer free repairs (yes!) and recycling. Through and through a great company. $180+ but they last. For a lower pricebracket that still checks the eco box, check out Levi’s Water<Less Denim. Jared owns and loves both. (sign up to the Levi’s newsletter for 20% off)
  3. Leather laptop sleeve by Nisolo – All the Nisolo leather is stunning, classic and a guaranteed gift win but this is a show stopper that’s more affordable at $48. If you do splash out on a pricier gift, get $25 off your first order when it’s $100 more by clicking HERE.
  4. Nudies recycled denim cap
  5. Rugged Balm Grass fed, beef tallow moisturizer from Gold Clover in a heavenly rugged outdoorsy forest scent. “Pine needle, juniper berry, bergamot, and cinnamon leaf oils work to clear breakouts with antiseptic and anti-inflammatory actions. (Which also make it a great aftershave for men!) Antioxidants protect skin and circulation-boosting benefits leave skin with a healthy, youthful glow.”
  6. 11.Zero waste beard oil from Package Free Shop 
  7. Dry Farm Wines – The ultimate gift for the healthy concious wine love in your life. But isn’t wine just fermented grape juice? Sadly that is far from the truth. But Dry Farm Wines are the perfect solution – you can read all about ‘normal’ wines and then what these guys guarentee and as a lover of a glass of good red, it makes me really happy to be able to just trust their wine. It’s free from sugar, paleo friendly, much lower in sulfates, all organic, and rigorously selected. $159/6 bottles monthly or every other month. (Note: For a one time subscription sign up for bimonthly and then you have 60 days to cancel the service to just get a one off!)
  8. A coffee subscription! (Or for a one off gift, try the Coffee Brewers’ Kit) This is how we get our coffee and Northbound is hands down the best priced (good tasting) organic coffee we can find, so if it’s a gift for you or a loved one, you’ll win with these guys. (3 months of 2 bags/month is only $82!)




MORE: There are so many more brands doing good that I could mention here but I wanted to pull together a gift guide that was actually readable! If there’s something you don’t see on here and you have a question on what to gift for a certain person or category leave me a comment on my last instagram post (that’s the place it’s easiest for me to make sure I see!) If you want to read more about the ethical clothing part I have a blog post on WHY I started HERE, and on our favorite brands HERE


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