December 20, 2016

Ebooks for Aleppo

It’s something small, but we wanted to do something. Periodically through the year we put The Whole Doughnut and DRINK on sale but this Christmas as I reflect on our planet, I couldn’t help but do something different. So instead of putting the books on sale, this year when you buy The Whole Doughnut, or DRINK before Christmas Day we’re donating 100% of the purchase price to the World Food Program to support their efforts in bringing food to people in need in Aleppo, Syria and refugees in the surrounding countries. Through them, $15 provides a one month supply of food to a hungry Syrian child. So that means that if you had been wanting to buy The Whole Doughnut, right now it will fund about two weeks of food for a child!



Photo: WFP/Hani Al-Homsh
You’ll have seen in the past that I don’t usually comment on world events. I take the view that you don’t follow me for news, or commentary, or to see a hashtag about a tragedy – you follow me for food, so that’s what I’ll give you and I’ll trust you get the rest elsewhere.  But sometimes I ponder our use of this little app and for a moment when I look around the world I can wonder the significance of my breakfast pancakes… you know?! But I do believe too, that there can be significance in the tiny things; I dream that for some people, maybe we can inspire a healthier way of life that might mean they get more years on the planet to do the good they do, so we keep doing our part. I’ve learned enough in life so far not to underestimate or judge the significance of what I or anyone does in living out their heart.
But, all that said, in the last few weeks I’ve been so struck by the events around the world, and living in my warm home in small town America it can be easy to distance ourselves from the realities of the world. At this time of year that we’re celebrating, others are facing horrors that pain me to think about.  So here’s a little piece we can bring. If you already have the book, let someone know who might want it, forward the link, or buy them a copy and send on your receipt download link to them.  Or if you just want to give a donation to what the World Food Program is doing, click HERE. Thank you for joining in, and giving!



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