October 27, 2022

Evolve Organic Beauty Holiday Collection: Reviewed!

I honestly think these are some of the best gifts out there in clean and eco beauty!

The small Evolve Beauty brand came out top for me when I dived into everything in the UK for skincare. And massive plus on holiday shopping – they come at some REALLY great price points (like my favourite £12 mask bauble I gift everyone). Which means they’re ones I go to over and over to gift personally. I’ll show you which are my faves!

As a brand, they’re certifying as a B Corp, but are above and beyond all a B corp represents… which is why I’m in love with them, obviously! They’re quietly and consistently pushing themselves forward to reduce the carbon footprint (not just offset it), source better, package better, and find the places they don’t yet know about where they could be improving. But any remaining carbon emissions from operations, distribution and packaging is offset so you can enjoy carbon neutral gifting!

But on to holiday gifts…

My fave for gifting: Golden Glow Bauble

The. Best. Little. Gift.

This is a gifting go to for me. £13, a gold bio-retinol hydrating mask in a fun little bauble. This isn’t a drying mask but a hydrating, luxurious one that’s yep, gold in colour. And it’s got the bakuchiol/bio-retinol that I love for a mature skin loving boost. Honestly just such a great teacher gift, friend gift, stocking stuffer, add to other things gift. Top recommendation!

The best mask in a Bauble HERE (£13)


Timeless Renewal Hand Cream

This hand cream is EVERYTHING and in brilliant, sugar cane COMPOSTABLE packaging.

It has bakuchiol in it which I love for my face and I’ve never seen in a hand cream. It’s similar to retinol but without the same risks (and considered safe during pregnancy/breastfeeding too) so it helps with renewing skin and signs of aging alongside great hydration. It goes everywhere with me.

Timeless Renewal Hand Cream HERE

The Pink Dream Duo

This would be a beautiful self care gift: A cleansing oil and a pink quartz gua sha stone for facial massage.

I adore gua sha massage (when I make time for it!) for helping circulation, lymphatic drainage and relaxation. The cleanser is great for taking off makeup as the day’s dirt but also for massage.

The Pink Dream Duo (£32)


Hydration Heroes Hyaluronic Acid Duo

Their award winning and much loved hyaluronic acid serum with a cooling eye roller again with hyaluronic acid.

HA is a great skincare ingredient (I love!), that we make naturally in our own bodies and applied on the skin it draws water into the area to plump and help with fine lines. The serum helps hydrate skin from within and the roller helps de puff eyes. It’s also just really soothing! A fab gift.

Hydration Heroes HERE (£35)


My fave for self gifting: The Glow Boosters

My top pick! The best trio to get for yourself, or for anyone who loves a great self care moment!

I LOVE the gentle chemical exfoliation of AHA/BHAs and that’s the lefthand bottle in a toner for after cleansing. Then the dropper in the middle is a bio-retinol and Vitamin C booster which is one of my favourites from Evolve I’ve used for ages – You can add it to any other moisturizer for the boost of actives… and on the right, the gold mask.

The Glow boosters HERE (£40)


The Super Treats Mask Trio

3 little masks in great packaging perfect for gifting! You could split them up and add to a plant or bar of chocolate for teacher gifts – but the packaging is so nice given as a trio!

You get an AHA exfoliating mask (like this Beautycounter at home spa one I love), the hydrating gold bio-retinol one, and a clarifying one with salicylic acid to help with breakout moments.

And like everything they’re packaged well and made with organic, safer ingredients.

Add the “Super Treats” little mask trio to cart HERE (£30)


12 Days of Christmas

I have a whole review of better advent calendars HERE and this is hands down the best beauty one out there in my opinion. It’s the only one with real care for ingredient safety and extreme care for the planet in creation. Plus lots of effective actives in the products. This would make a brilliant gift before or for Christmas for a clean beauty lover. All my faves from Evolve are in there!!

12 Days of Christmas HERE for a brilliant £76


The Feel Good Facial – perfect for mum, MIL, or sister!

I’ve gifted this one and LOVE it. You get everything you need, and the instructions for a facial routine (but it’s not just a one time amount.)

It’s a cleansing melt cleanser, a mask scrub, hyaluronic serum and eye roller, and daily facial renew cream.

Find the Feel Good Facial HERE £55


Smooth + Sooth Duo

Give this alone or pair it with something else like a book, bottle, or plant for a perfect gift! It’s a gentle exfoliating Rose Quartz Facial Polish (it’s great) and daily facial renew cream – a beautiful daily moisturizer for normal to dry skin.

Smooth and Sooth Duo HERE (£20)

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