September 12, 2022

Evolve Organic Beauty: Winter Showcase Review

All links in this post are affiliate links because I ask for those with any brand I love! When you shop through them I make a small commission which lets me take the time to do this, and honestly share the brands I love. 

When I find a brand going above and brining change beyond the norm, I fall in love hard. I want everyone to know cos those ones are few and far between and need celebrating. The small Herefordshire based small brand Evolve Beauty is one of them, and my top choice for UK skincare (although they ship worldwide. The founder Laura – who I had the privilege of talking with last week – has a deep value for using business for good. For creating safe products and taking care of people and the environment in the process. They invited me to a showcase with their new Autumn launches so I’m reviewing it for you! I’ve got my favourite bits I saw there below.

Their New Releases

The event centred around their newly released New Bio-Retinol Night Cream. Bio-Retinol (or Bakuchiol) is a retinol alternative that gives similar results but doesn’t have the safety concerns of retinol. The cream has a gentle essential oil based fragrance blend that they told me is clinically proven to help with sleep. Not my reason for using a night cream – but a nice extra. I’ve been using it at night for the last week and liking it. It’s very smooth and creamy, not heavy at all but really hydrating, so you could wear it in the day too under makeup if you have combo/dry skin. I’ve been using it in the day and loving the level of hydration, the natural scent, and the actives I know are in it. It’s 100% one I’ll buy again for myself and gift too. Find it HERE.

Coming soon:Timeless Renewal Hand Cream

They were also showcasing a new hand cream and cuticle oil launching October 5th that has that Bio-Retinol as well. I’ve never seen that in a hand cream but hands are the first place to show aging so I love the idea. The most exciting thing about it for me though is the sugarcane derived tubing to avoid plastic and have a much lower footprint.

While other people were testing it all out saying “its so pretty” (which it is, for sure) I got to have a great chat with the founder about the things I personally LOVE: regenerative agriculture and using regenerative practices outside of the food space, B corporations, understanding fragrance, buying carbon offsets vs actually lowering emissions… she’s wonderful. She told me the sugar cane for this tube is farmed in a way that it’s likely sequestering more carbon than it’s producing (like the beef we choose to eat) making it truly carbon positive, not just neutral by paying for offsets. They’re calculating carbon emissions for each individual product to ensure they’re pushing boundaries and are top in the industry. You can read more about it all in their Sustainability Report if you like reading those like I do!

Some of the other things I loved!

1. I’ve gifted Evolve’s Facial in a Box before and it’s back as a holiday set this year. It’s SUCH a good one at a great price in sustainable packaging (glass and recycled plastic). It’s so fun getting all the pieces in a box and I love all these products. You can find the facial in a box HERE and it will re-release later in the year with their holiday line. Highly recommend.

Facial in a Box

2. I was really excited for this next set – it’s one I’d buy for myself cos I love all the things in it, it would be a great place to start out if you already have cleanser and moisturizer covered (otherwise that’s where I’d always start with a skincare routine.). I’d equally gift too when it launches cos they’re great “extras” someone can integrate alongside a routine. If you know my love of the Beautycounter Peel and Mask it’s because of the chemically exfoliating AHAs and that’s what’s in this toner to brighten skin, help with pore size and other things. Then the Booster Oil is one of my top things from them – a stable vitamin C and bakuchiol booster oil you can add to other products, you can find it alone HERE before the set launches.

3.They had a full lineup of their products so I tired their Climate Veil SPF Moisturizer, one I’ve wanted to try for a while, after a quick facial the facialist applied it and Id say it’s well worth a try if you’re looking for a safer on. I also love the one from PHB Ethical Beauty which is my go to for makeup here in the UK and I’ve tried that one more than the 3 hours I wore this Evolve one.

4. The Gold Mask Bauble! One of the things I love about their holiday collection is the price range with really affordable items like the Baubles (that will rerelease in October! ) They mean you can gift smaller priced items that still have the same values and ethics which can be hard to do. This is my top one above – the gold bio-retinol mask for about £12. They’re going to all our teachers with a bar of chocolate! Bonus: no wrapping needed.


5. The Masking Trio (see the one from holiday 2021) This is a great self care indulgence with something for every day  and I love it for being such a giftable one in holiday season or for mothers days and birthdays. The masks are fantastic and they’ll be back this year in a pretty recycled paper box. The amazing gold Bio-Retinol mask, a purifying and calming Glow mask and their glycolic acid “Miracle Mask” to smooth and exfoliate.

6. Hyaluronic Acid is another skin ingredient I LOVE – it’s found in our skin naturally and holds up to 1000 it’s weight in water so can help really well with fine lines and skin hydration. This set of a serum and a cooling eye roller is a great addition to a self care line up. It’s maybe more of a niche gift, but a fab gift for the right person?! It will launch in October and I’ll remind you in my weekly emails!

I also got the treat of a facial while I was there where they used the Cleansing melt – a gentle balm kind of cleanser, the gently exfoliating face polish, the night cream, hyaluronic acid serum and their gua sha tool. Aside from the holiday pieces, Evolve also have a full range of daily skincare items for all skin types!  See them all and take their (really helpful) skincare quiz HERE.




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