December 16, 2016

First Foods

When did you start solid foods?
  • We started offering Clayton food at 6 months, he was already really interested in it, and he could sit up by himself.

What meal did you start with?

  • I started with breakfast cos Jared wanted to be there to see before work! Also it gave the whole day to see any potential reactions before going to bed at night.

Did you stop feeding breastmilk?

  • No, to start with (until a year) I only fed solids when he had a full stomach from milk. So that meant feeding around 30 minutes after a milk feed.  That was I knew his primary nutrition was coming from milk, and the food was a tasting experience and it didn’t matter what he did or didn’t eat.
How did you choose where and when to start?
  • After lots of reading we decided to go the Baby Led Weaning approach with whole foods rather than rice cereal, you can read more about that in a post HERE.
Were you scared about choking?
  • Yes until I did some research and learned how choking works, and how it’s different from gagging – you can read my post about that HERE.
Why did you not wait three days between new foods?
  • I’m not a doctor so you’ll need to do your own research but from everything I read, starting at 6 months it’s fine to introduce more than one new food at once, and I just paid attention when it was a potential allergen (wheat, dairy, soy, nuts etc) and then only introduced one at that meal.


Week 1

Initially we only offered a meal at breakfast time, starting with low allergenic, easy to handle foods.
  • Day 1: Sweet potato (baked dry)
  • Day 2: Sweet potato
  • Day 3: Sweet potato and egg yolk (whisked and cooked as a pancake, in raw coconut oil)
  • Day 4: Egg yolks
  • Day 5: Egg yolks and strawberries**
  • Day 6: Egg yolks and strawberries and avocado
  • Day 7: Banana ‘ice cream’! (100% frozen organic bananas, blended)
** (my plan had been low allergenic foods for a few weeks but we were traveling! Strawberries are a more common allergen, although there is no problem with feeding them, just watch, and just don’t introduce more than one allergen at once so you can test them out)

Week 2

  • Day 1: Egg yolks and baked zucchini sticks with skin
  • Day 2: Had boiled egg yolks and steamed broccoli
  • Day 3: Avocado, and zucchini/broccoli fritters (just egg yolks and veggies but a new texture and easy to hold)
  • Day 4: Fritters, and sweet potato
  • Day 5: Strawberries
  • Day 6: Avocado and sweet potato wedges
  • Day 7: Banana, and baked zucchini sticks

Week 3

(This week I started offering a lunch meal as well as breakfast as he was seeming hungry, we quickly added a dinner meal in too)
  • Day 1: Banana, and baked zucchini sticks
  • Day 2: Had boiled egg yolks and steamed broccoli
  • Day 3: Strawberries
  • Day 4: Steamed green beans (whole) and sweet potato wedges
  • Day 5: banana pancakes
  • Day 6: Zoodles and whole banana
  • Day 7: Banana/avocado ‘ice cream’

Week 4

  • Day 1: Steamed carrots
  • Day 2: Steamed carrots, mushy peas, and whole banana
  • Day 3: Steamed carrots, mushy peas with basil, and peach slices
  • Day 4: Blackberries and banana pancakes
  • Day 5: Sweet potato wedges and zucchini/pea fritter
  • Day 6: Sweet potato wedges and zucchini/pea fritter and fresh plums
  • Day 7: Avocado slices and peach slices


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