February 5, 2020



(For weeks 1 and 2 and and intro see THIS post)

Well it took me all the way to week 3 or 4 to realize that given the exchange rate I’d allocated WAY more to our grocery budget than we had previously in dollars. Admittedly Roey eats a lot more now than she did when we last set our budget but still. We’ll probably pull the £450 down to £400 going forward because we’re on track to spend only 400 without much juggling (for us.) We even added paleo doughnuts and a good few extra mouths to feed this week without making room for them in the budget so I know we have more money than I’m used to! So looking at the budget overall, I think spending a little less here will be better for our lives!

I forgot to order a veg box this week, which actually worked out to be a good thing. It made us look creatively at what we had, create meals to truly use it all up and be efficient with our money. I also pulled a few meals worth of chili out of the freezer which we just added rice and cornbread too to fill in two meals we didn’t need to buy.


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