June 17, 2021

Why + How I’ve paid back hundreds of Band of Beauty Memberships!

Beautycounter is a brand I found 4 years ago in my desperate search for skincare and makeup that balanced all my values (a unicorn!) I wanted safer ingredients and testing for things like heavy metals where it matters but also care for the environment, and if you know me you know ethics in sourcing and production REALLY matter to me. I looked at SO many brands and the CA based B corp Beautycounter was the one that most fit the bill for me. Plus a 60 day return promise made it possible to try things without worrying I’d be stuck with them! Beautycounter’s band of beauty is a GREAT no strings extra that makes everything more affordable, if you’re shopping – you want it.

If you’re here cos you followed a link for FREE Glow Primer you’re in the right place – this is how I get it to you for free when you place an order! Just read on! The links here are affiliate links – and the commission I make is how I get you the products for free 🙂

Firstly, what is a “Band of Beauty membership”?

Good question! Band of Beauty is the customer reward program for Beautycounter, a CA based skincare and makeup brand I’ve worked with as an affiliate/consultant for the last 4 years.  Think Amazon Prime or Nordstrom Rewards… you get 10% credit back, some free shipping, and some freebies. And with no strings attached, like Prime there’s no need to shop ever again after buying it, just benefits if and when you do.

What does Band of Beauty cost?

Exactly, whenever anyone says ‘you get a free product’, or ‘free breakfast’ at a hotel I think … free or included? Cos those are different. That’s where I personally decided to make it fully free for people. Beautycounter charges $19 for the membership  which is great considering what you get, BUT I decided to start paying it back for people out of the affiliate commission I make to help out.. which means it’s FREE FOR YOU!

How do you do that?

Whenever anything is free or there are added extras I like to know exactly how it works and why – that’s part of transparency to me. So as this is (in part) me offering this one, here’s how it works! 

The short how to on saving:

  1. You place an order over $50 HERE and then add Band of Beauty HERE to your cart. Use the code CLEANFORALL20 for 20% off on your first order too – we want all the savings!
  2. Make sure you see shipping move to “free” if it’s over $75 of product and a free gift of a Priming Serum jump in your cart. 
  3. Send me your order details HERE and on the same form choose between a PayPal Cashback from me or me sending you a product. 9/10 people choose cash but some people like an extra mystery gift! 
  4. Receive your order, the free product with it, the $19 back from me, free shipping and 10% back in credit (or 20% during this promo!). And the perks for the rest of the year, with no auto renewal.

What do you the get when you shop Beautycounter and add Band of Beauty?

You get perks for a year with no strings, plus this brilliant Glow Priming Serum. You also get 10% back in credit on every order (or 20% during promos!) for the year, and free shipping on any order over $75. There’s no auto renewal but you get to opt to renew after a year, and get another gift.

How do I pay back the cost to you the customer?

As a consultant or affiliate with any company I make a commission. I’m an affiliate for so many companies and they pay a commission to any affiliate between 3% and 20% usually. Beautycounter is a lot more work (that I love) than just adding links, and the commission rate is a bit higher which means I get to give that back to you in ways I can’t with say, Stasher Bag or Boody clothing affiliate links!

When I first signed up as a consultant, I saw their Band of Beauty membership and realised that because I get commission I could pay for it for people – or rather refund it, you have to add it to the order then I pay it back. So that means yes sometimes I don’t make any money on an order but that’s ok!! We’re all in this together.  I love getting to gift this to people to keep their purchases cheaper and easier year round. That’s a massive way I can help. And that’s a gift of this job!




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