June 6, 2018

From the desk of Jared Neusch: Father’s Day Gift Ideas!

First a note from Kezia: Getting Jared to write a blog post is like.. well, he’s written one in 5 years of blogging so consider this list a gift from the bottom of his heart. (Also he’s probably trying to make sure that the 88% of my following that are women don’t excitedly buy the dads in their lives Stasher Bags and Organic Cotton Shopping Totes…)

But I asked him for 10 things he’d tell you to win with and here they are from him!

Back to Jared:


Great short sleeve summer shirts have been my quest for too many years, I’ve bought cheap ones, I’ve tossed shirts out, I’ve bought ones I don’t really like. I just invested in two of these and they’re great. And Everlane works great, because I know it has the conscious sourcing that matters to Kez, but also clothing options that don’t cost our whole budget.



If you watch Instagram stories you’ve seen me use this all the time. Kez doesn’t like it and prefers her Keepcup but if I’m taking coffee to go, when I get to a meeting I want it to still be hot when I arrive. Those situations are when I use my Swell. It honestly feels like it doesn’t cool a single degree in hours. And if you want coffee to go with it you, we swear by Northbound Roasters light roasts (or Spoonbender if Dad is typically more of a Starbucks guy but you want organic beans with compostable packaging …


I have to admit I followed my wife on these. She likes to remind me she was the first in our town to get them and everyone else copied her… including me. But they really are the comfiest shoes for the days you want to pretend you never got out of bed. They are machine washable, and ethically made. They’re a bit more pricy but they’re a solid choice for pretty much every dad. And they also have ‘Smallbirds’ if you want matching daddy/toddler shoes. Not sure how manly that is … but Kez is making me mention that.


This chocolate is seriously good. I get this in my stocking every Christmas, and hate when it finally runs out. It’s organic, fair-trade and wrapped in paper so it checks all those boxes but it’s also the best flavor and texture. If you want a little add in, or a small gift with a card for you dad, grab one or two of these disks or this sampler pack.


This is the item I can say I adopted way before Kez. I just wanted a great pen to write with that looked nicer on paper than grabbing the nearest pen that was lying around. It happens to be zero waste, and I like the feeling of keeping quality pens a long time that develop a history of the papers they sign, and the letters they write. And now, even though she has her own, she still steals mine. So, I’d recommend buying a case with a padlock too.



Ahem, Kez, this one please. With a couple of great whiskey glasses. This one’s on the list for me not you. (But buy somewhere local if you can. Shipping is pricy on this, so this is just an example)


We’re about to travel so we’ve started to think about our luggage and carryons, and I really like the look of this one. For a Dad who travels or does weekend trips this one is pretty great! And again, I told you we dig Everlane. 


Again, a pricier gift and I’m proud to say again I got onto this ethical, organic cotton, repairing and recycling company before Kez even knew the hashtag #ethicalfashion existed. I bought them because they’re just incredible – raw denim, super high quality and so nice but they also offer free repairs and are made with organic cotton which we didn’t know or appreciated when I first bought them. (It also really helps my wife champion purchases of $200 pants. I have my tricks.)



Kez bought this for me a while back for my office (I kind of hinted…) and it’s carried many a cup of coffee. We’re not really camping people, but if we were this is the mug I’d take. It’s also perfect for the office, and for pretending we camp.

So there you go, those are Jared’s top picks for Dad’s and if you like reading his contributions to the blog his only other one ever is HERE on his own personal journey making small changes and how it’s the only way for him!



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