February 5, 2019


The final WEEK!

After SO many requests to show a full month of shopping and eating… here it is. I’m showing you what I buy each week, what we spend, and what we do with the food to get us through the week.

If you want to see the other weeks of what made up the month you can see them here: WEEK 1, WEEK 2, WEEK 3.

What we bought:

My first trip was $85.50 from our health food store, and $7 from the store I go to just for carrots (it’s between the


other two so it kind of works to add it in!) and then $35 from Trader Joes… then I went back for a bar of chocolate. So, $37.. So  total of $129.50 for the week.

Added to the last three weeks we’re at $444.67 for the 4 weeks I’m documenting. For this week I’m showing the meal plan rather than what we actually ended up eating so if it’s like usual we’ll probably alter the meals about 25% juggling them around to fit with what life actually ends up doing this week! 

What we ate:


Want more?

If you want to dig deep into acing your grocery budget with confidence we just launched Grocery Budget Boss, and online course to take you on the journey to finding confidence in planning, shopping and acing your grocery budget every week. In the way that’s right for YOU. Head over to GroceryBudgetBoss.com  to learn more and see if it’s right for you! You can enroll up to Feb 15th and then we’ll be right there as you walk through the course over about 10 weeks (but it’s flexible to work for YOU!) – shoot me an email or DM if you have any questions! Kezia xx



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