May 8, 2017

Mothers Day Gifts That Do Good!

It was a journey that started with food, but we’ve been moving our family towards making more mindful purchases across the board. It’s actually been a fun and exciting journey as we’ve discovered some incredible new brands that love people and the planet!  We’re trying to make those same decisions when it comes to gift giving, and make sure that as we love our friends and family with gifts, we’re truly loving them with products that are non toxic and healthy for them but also for the planet, and other people in the manufacturing process. Instead of being limiting it’s actually so fun to me, so I wanted to give you some of the finds we’ve made that are perfect for mothers day gifting. All of them are either non toxic, or ethically made, vegan, or fair-trade depending on the product!  And really, this is just a list of things I’d love to be treated with this weekend, because now I’m a mum I have a different view of what’s ‘mummy-ish!’

Organic US Made Charcoal Soap Bar

I use charcoal for whitening my teeth naturally, and as a great facemask with aloe vera gel.  It’s a touted with so many health benefits and it’s become an increasingly trendy product over the last few years because it’s so great at removing toxins and chemicals.  You can do your own research about it but a high quality organic soap is a fun way to treat your mum to a little non toxic skin pampering this mothers day!

Organic Cotton Ethically Made T Shirts and other clothing pieces 

Being a mum at home, my daily uniform for making puzzles, changing diapers, and doing grocery trips is t shirts and jeans so I try to make them good ones. This one is organic cotton and just a great well made basic item to gift the mum in your life! Alternative Apparel is a great brand for simple basics!

Thick Hammered Brass Band

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 9.08.09 PM

Made from up cycled brass by independent artisans in Kenya.  We LOVE Nisolo for producing all ethically made shoes, and accessories.  Check out more of their products HERE.

Double Walled Glass Coffee Mugs

Coffee is a key part of mum life for me.  Mostly because it’s a little relaxing moment and treat in my day rather than for the caffeine, but that little caffeine kick doesn’t hurt.  The cup I drink it out of changes EVERYTHING for me and these ones are my fave. I love being able to see the layers of milk and coffee, or coffee and frothy crema and yes they’re impractical for mum life, but they’re for the moments I sit down just me and they make it perfect! Glass is inert so the most non toxic drinking vessel you can find, some ceramic cups have iffy glazes, but glass it nice and clean and toxin free. Some glass mugs are just ugly, so these ones I love for being pretty too!

Our Favourite Organic Light Roast Coffee 

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 8.52.36 PM

And if you’re going to have a great coffee cup you need THE best coffee to fill it.  These guys are local to us but available online in a great subscription package and by the bag. Conventionally grown coffee is one of the most sprayed crops around so we’ve fully made the transition to organically grown coffee.  We’re also coffee snobs so the light roasts by Northbound are basically all we drink, and they’re divine, and somehow not expensive and ship free.  Win win WIN and the perfect gift for any mum! 

Natural Beeswax Candles with a cotton wick

I’ve mostly given up on candles because most of them put things into the air that I just don’t want in my house, but when we do do candles they’re 100% beeswax with cotton wicks and then they’re perfect.  Perfect for a candlelit dinner cooked by someone else (this is mothers day right?!) or a bath while someone else is on baby duty. And these ones will let nothing yucky into the air. Also I love them for being white and not yellow, just a personal preference. Love them!

Wildflower Seeds 


Instead of giving flowers that die in a few days, why not give seeds that can be thrown down and give a gorgeous bed of wildflowers that will keep on giving?! I heard a rumor about Cheerios sending out free wildflower seeds, I don’t know if that’s true but they do attract bees which are in serious need of a helping hand so these are a great eco friendly, mum loving move!

Cocokind Organic Rosewater Toner and gift packs

Cocokind is a brand I’ve fallen in love with over the last year. They make truly affordable but super clean and non toxic products that reeeeally work wonders on my skin. They should be three times the price they are, but they’re the highest quality and not over priced. All organic, truly natural, and mostly packaged in glass so that there’s less plastic to throw away! They also do gift baskets too for under way $100 which would be the perfect gifts!

Reclaimed Wood and Salvaged Leather iPad/Cookbook holder

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 8.34.48 PM

Reclaimed wood and salvaged leather are great eco moves, and propping up your iPad away from sticky mini (and mum) fingers is just a great life move. And this company Bambeco is one we LOVE for making great eco friendly and non toxic choices for products throughout your home.

Organic Chlorophyl Face Mask 

I had to include two products from Cocokind because they’re the best for mum pampering.  The time to steal away and put on a nourishing facemask is a manageable pampering moment in a mum day so I love this one for that! 

 Ayurveda Inspired Organic Chocolate 

This is my new favorite chocolate.  It’s everything. Organic, raw, non GMO, filled with nourishing ingredients, cleanly sweetened and SO TASTY! They’re all amazing but if you want to try just one try the orange turmeric one – if you’ve had a chocolate orange (It’s not Terry’s, it’s mine… ya know?) then this is the whole, real food equivalent in bar form!


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