August 10, 2019

My Top Items 8 to Shop During the 15% Sale Weekend!

Y’all know I run on sales. They’re worth waiting for when you can and especially stocking up on new cleaner living life items… which just cost more.

This weekend is the last few days of the 15% off SALE at Beautycounter – which is what I use as my pretty much one stop shop for makeup and skincare because they’re higher standard, testing, screening and eco B corporation practices just made it realistic for me to make quick healthier skin choices without researching every item.

It can be hard to start making switches and if you want any advice shoot me a DM on @thewholefooddiary or this weekend and I’ll give you honest advice (probably a voice memo) on what I’d choose for you based on budget, needs, current routine etc.

If you want some inspiration – these are my top items based on what I’ve needed and bought and loved. They’re individually linked or you can shop them all HERE. 

Lengthening Mascara

This makes the list mostly because it was THE hardest thing for me to find in the cleaner realm, and I love this one. It lasts me 4-5 months, goes on easily, doesn’t panda my eyes, and comes off at night without scrubbing. Highly recommend. See it HERE.




Dew Skin Tinted Face SPF

90% of the signs of aging come from the sun but so much has come out recently in the mainstream media about concerns with SPF and health (read on CNN here) So I’m doing better at getting good everyday coverage when I’m out and about but feeling great about my choice health wise – and eco wise, this is reef safe SPF and recyclable containers too. 

Lip Intense Lipstick

I’m trying to reduce my heavy metal exposure across all of life and switching lipsticks was a big one of those. There’s no set limit for heavy metal content in lipstick but Beautycounter sets its own limits (much lower than the ‘suggested’ ones for cosmetics) and tests every single batch of color cosmetics to be sure. 

Countersun Sunscreen

I’d buy this just for the fact it rubs in lol. But the same as the dew skin tinted SPF it’s a non nano zinc mineral SPF which I think is the safest kind. Physical sunscreens are definitely the way to go, and mineral SPF in general but this is my top choice. There’s also an easy really moisturizing sun stick to go in your bag and it’s great for faces and applying to wriggly kids. 

Countertime eye cream

I’ve been using the whole countertime anti aging line for the last 6 weeks and honestly, it’s a pricy one so I was reluctant to fall in love but I really have.  Compared with other high end anti aging lines it’s not pricy – but I wasn’t using one, so it’s been a jump for me but seeing how it’s helped my skin I’m budgeting it in. And it’s all formulated with a safer retinol alternative that gets very similar results in increasing cell turnover but it safe for pregnancy, breastfeeding, and sun exposure. LOVE.

The eye cream will cost you $3.50 a week used twice a day and it’s probably my fave product, and the whole line (if you’re a band of beauty member – like Amazon Prime for BC) will cost you about $27 a week. So it’s for sure a cost to add in but I don’t want botox so I’m trying to invest in my skin on the care end and I know I’ll be grateful now and later! It’s a new product so it’s not on sale but to make it feel like a sale I’m gifting a cash back on the $29 of a band of beauty membership for anyone who buys any two counter time products. Then you get free shipping, and $10+ credit for your next order! Message me if you want any details or just add it to your cart and send me a screenshot! 

Retractable Foundation Brush 

Really a brush makes a difference? My friend Megan told me I had to have it and I’m not one to buy make-up and then spend money on an item that isn’t even the makeup I wanted. But I ran with it cos she so raved and now I’m the one raving. But the brush hasn’t shed a hair in a year, and it gives really even coverage of the dew skin and tint skin with a lot less product than it takes if I’m using my fingers. So I end up using less product, and then feeling it less on my face which I love. 

Resurfacing peel

I’ve heard this called unicorn peel which made me laugh, but it really is one of the most loved products on the site by all skin types. It uses 15 botanical acids to work on your skin overnight (it doesn’t actually ‘peel’ off, it’s clean and nice!) and you just cleanse as normal in the morning but it resurfaces you skin in a truly magical ‘unicorn’ like way ha. I got it when my skin was so dull in a way I couldn’t turn around and I now use it 1-2 times a week for an extra boost of brightening. The bottle lasts about a year and is great for all skin types. (Also great for dark spots or sun spots – when I recommend pairing it with the #1 Brightening oil.)



And lastly: The Classic Eye Shadow Palette

For me this was a little treat but the Classic Eyeshadow palette really is PERFECT in my mind. I bought it really as a treat for myself before our move and I wear it all the time. The palette has a removable mirror so you can take it out and it’s all recyclable. 


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