March 30, 2019


Cos who doesn’t need to dig a spoon in to a jar of real food chocolate spread? Yeah, exactly. Here you go. The nuts are interchangeable, you can use any nut or seed really but this gives a great Nutella taste, but keeps the cost down. Using all hazelnuts is also great!


1.5 cups roasted hazelnuts
2/3 cups roasted sunflower seeds
2/3 cups roasted pumpkin seeds
5T cacao
3T coconut oil
2T avocado oil
Pinch salt
4T maple syrup


Blend all the roasted nuts and seeds together in a high powdered blender scraping down as needed. Add in the oil bit by bit to help blending or at the end. Stir in the cocoa and salt and lastly the maple syrup. You can add an extra T or both oil and maple to make it sweeter if you want! Store out of the fridge!


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