September 30, 2017


Loads of you asked, so a quick update post 3 day potty training!

The method we used:


In short: a very intense 3 days of letting accidents happen and then helping him learn through the accidents, the sensation of needing to go, and how to get to the potty in time.
There are a number of different books out there. THIS was the one I read. She’s had pretty much full success with everyone who’s followed it completely so I did a few things differently that were inconsequential but otherwise followed it to a tee.


  • UNDERWEAR: After searching for hours, I found inexpensive ethically made undies that were 100% organic cotton. They’re made by PACT and if you click HERE you can get 20% off your order. I went with 2 sets of the training pants, but I’ve since bought a pair of size 4-5 yo boxers so that they’ll be lose and easy for him to pull down by himself – that’s what you need, and what we didn’t have.  And given they’re more expensive I only had 6 pairs but it worked well for us. I hand washed with Dr Bronners at nap time, and then threw on laundry at night. It let me buy good, ethical underwear and still stay on budget!
  • TREATS: The system works on rewards so we bought Trader Joes Honey Mints and split them in 1/3s for treats.  I also asked on a local forum if anyone had small plastic animals they didn’t want, or leftover stickers, so I could buy them second hand without the waste.  I got both in the end for free. Win win. Ask around before you buy!
  • TREATS: I searched everywhere for an eco friendly potty – if you find one tell me! I bought a recyclable plastic on in the end, and we put it out 2 weeks before the 3 days so he got accustomed to talking about it and seeing it.

Reality of 3 days:

By three days in we didn’t have a perfect record and know we’d be going forward with no accidents but we DID know that he 100% had the process down.  He knew where to go, when he needed to, how to tell us, and how to make it there. Lora swears they’ll get it and at moments I was totally a skeptic – but she’s right.  On day 4 I had a prenatal appointment and we were out of the house for 3-4 hours. I packed the potty and so many spare clothes! But he managed two 40 minute drives and the whole time there with no problem and when we did get him he jumped right out of the car and used the potty. That was when I felt like I knew we had it down.

One week on…

We’re very much in the same place but he’s learning to communicate more clearly without me asking. We have an accident here and there (every other day I’d say but all at home thanksfully.)  He’s gone on errands, had time with a babysitter, and gone out for dinner twice all with zero problems.  I’m still pretty intensively watching him through my days and asking him a lot to remember to tell me when he needs to go, but I’m happy we went for it and we’re not going back.

The one place we backtracked

I read a lot about the nights. This method has you quit diapers/nappies fully even at night and assured me it would work from 22 months – which is why we started then. I’m going to be honest here and say I don’t doubt her methods BUT, knowing that in 10 weeks I’ll have no options about getting up in the night, I’m happy not to do it right now.  I’m going to keep doing cloth diapers through the night until he’s naturally dry, then we’ll switch back to no diapers 24/7.

What we learned?

It is intense, but great, but intense!
You plan to have treats for the child, but please, have treats for you too!
Don’t try to think you’ll work hard at nap time or in the evening, you’ll need some down time so plan to be able to relax.
Actually fully keep an eye on the child the WHOLE time, don’t think you can get away with relaxing for a few seconds.  I know, I said it was intense.
Ideally don’t do it alone for your own sake, I was the primary person but I had Jared to help, to pick up takeout food, to give me small breaks – it was a lifesaving addition to the three days!
Get the house ready first, ready for 3 days of no attention and no time for cleaning. I didn’t know how much this would matter but she’s right, it does matter. Do it!
I made a big batch of DIY vinegar spray and had rags ready stacked to go so we didn’t waste a ton of paper towel. Then I threw them in with the laundry each night.
If you can, get out of the house before the child wakes to gear up and get some alone time!
Let your close friends and family know you won’t be responding to texts so quickly and maybe calls at all – use voice texts to reply if you need to!

Things we did differently from the book

She says to make rewards silent but we did tell him about treats and felt it worked well to help him understand..
All the methods say to feed them a lot of juice but we didn’t feed juice ? Instead we did happy green smoothies, homemade hot chocolate, kombucha, child safe tea, and water. Tip: different cups and colors – they are as exciting as different drinks!
For meals: We didn’t feed him meals in his high chair like usual so we could watch more closely and he was able to run to the potty if need be.


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