September 29, 2017

Pumpkin Spice Latte

These are notes from our instagram live session on September 29th.

We’ve all seen the diagrams and lists floating around social media about what actually goes into a pumpkin spice latte.  I’ve never actually read one cos we just don’t drink them, we just make our own from whole, real food ingredients. And once you’ve done it you won’t go back! Cos it really is EASY.

The full recipe for the creamy, spicy snuggly mug of yum is in our ebook DRINK along with about 15 recipes for our favorite nut milks, smoothies and drinks BUT don’t pay for it – I’m giving a coupon in our newsletter so just watch your inbox (or follow the link HERE to subscribe if you’re not and you’ll get the coupon for the free book!)


For 1 10oz mug

0.5 oz organic coffee beans (always organic, and Swiss water process too if it’s decaf)
10oz of boiled filtered water


Weigh out the coffee on a good kitchen scale. We use a small flat scale that has a timer function too so we can do everything with one gadget. THIS is the one we have and highly recommend!

Grind the coffee, and pour it into your french press.  I really do think buying whole bean and grinding it fresh makes a difference to taste so that’s what we do.  We use THIS coffee grinder and a stainless
steel french press that’s clumsy person and wild child friendly! But the traditional glass ones are much prettier to me!  TIP: We also have a small 12oz french press which we use when only one of us is drinking it, cos it makes a better cup that making a single cup in the large press. 

Then just pour the 10 fluid oz of boiling water into the coffee (tare the scale and use it to measure again). Give is a swirl with a spoon, turn the function time timer or set a timer somewhere and let it brew for 4 minutes.  Put the lid on and plunge the filter down into the coffee.  Pour and enjoy! ….or blend into a pumpkin spice latte!




And remember to sign up at the link HERE if you want the coupon for the ebook DRINK! It will also give you a weekly roundup of anything new in our world, the recipes that are new on the blog so you don’t have to check, anything extra special from the week on Instagram in case you missed it, coupons, downloadable extras, and a little life update! BUT if you just want the coupon you can unsubscribe afterwards… its ok 🙂


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