April 15, 2022

Spring and Mother’s Day Gift Ideas (USA)

Shopping ethically and more mindfully for gifts can be a real challenge – especially when we have a lot going on! I hope I can take some of the time out of searching for the perfect gift with some ideas for you. Maybe these are what you need, maybe they inspire you, or maybe you find something else you love from one of these great companies – I hope they help simplify shopping for you!

Apolis Bag

I’m going to say this is my top option this year (and what we’ve bought as a gift! Shh!) after I was gifted my first one on a trip. I’ve always loved the brand but never owned one and I adore my market bag. We put the names of cities different family members live in on the bag and I love it.

Find it HERE and customize yours!


Amazon Alexa and Echo Dot

I don’t want to admit to loving anything Amazon but when I was gifted this (and slightly reluctantly accepted thinking I don’t need more technology) it genuinely changed my life. My brain feels so scattered as a mum and using Alexa has honestly bee an external brain that’s helped my family trust me again when I say I’ll do something!  I use it for reminding me to do things when they pop into my head and it saves me. I’m reluctant to admit it, but being honest, it’s helped so much.

Find it HERE

Ember Temperature Control Mug

I actually always drink my coffee hot – but I know I’m in the minority of moms with so many sipping cold coffee. This is the solution, you can set the temperature you want your coffee and the mug will keep it as hot as you want it till it’s gone – however long you take to drink it. I’ve gifted these, and been given one too, and for the right person it is the PERFECT gift.

Find Ember mugs HERE


ABLE Letter Necklace

One of my go to companies for gifting! This is the perfect necklace for celebrating kids and having their initials with you always!  ABLE is a great place to browse too, there are so many fab ideas. For another sweet initialed gift look at the dainty signet ring. 

Find it HERE


Raaka Chocolate Bundles

A classic gift that can be low priced or extravagant, Raaka is one of my chocolate gifting go to companies. I love them for being fairly traded and having unique flavours making them a bit more interesting gift than something from the store. The bourbon barrel aged ones are a fave!

Find the Raaka chooclate range HERE


Initialed Leather Coffee Sleeve

Another one from the new ABLE home line I’m loving for gifts, a great lower priced gift you could combine with a coffee gift card! You can leave it plain or initial it – and while you’re looking at the home range, look at the Terazzo cheese boards and knives, i LOVE them!

Find it HERE on sale.


House Plants

I’m much more a fan of sending plants than sending cut flowers for the impact difference.  Urban Stems is my go to, they use Rainforest Alliance certified farms and have great options for extra gifts, and overnight shipping options – which isn’t the best in terms of the environment but for practicality it’s a win while i’m learning to be more organised.

Find the selection HERE and get $15 off any $50 order


Zach and Zoe Honey Jars

I love Zach and Zoe for being a black, family owned business doing something so important in working with bees – and then creating a high end and fun, unique gift option from it. I love gifting them – pink beet honeys, green matcha honey, take a look for a great gift option!

Find it HERE


Cotopaxi Hip Pack

I’m mildly obsessed with these Hip Packs from Cotopaxi and have loved the brand for years. I haven’t bought one yet but I keep coming back to how wonderful they are and almost jumping on it. I recently saw it on someone at a work event and only fell more in love.  A great fun but very practical gift that is built to last a lifetime.

Find it HERE


Farmgirl Flowers

I’m not a huge fan of cut flowers in terms of the impact, but if you’re going to do it – do it the best way you can and Farm Girl flowers is a better option to me.

Find the bouquets HERE


Solemates Duo

A magic set for sad tired feet. I used this in the autumn and it changes my cracked heels in one use. It’s a strong volcanic rock to scrub away dead skin and smooth your heels, and an AHA chemical exfoliating balm to sooth feet while exfoliating. If you want to gift a practical self care moment this is a highly recommend from me – it changed my feet!

Find it HERE and get 30% off your first order (with a new to Beautycounter email) with code: CLEANFORALL30


AHA Smoothing spa-in-a-jar mask

A facial in a jar… for a lot less than a facial not in a jar! This is about 30 uses and it gives me really noticeable results every time I use it in smoothing and evening my skin and helping makeup go on so much smoother. It’s got botanical exfoliating acids and bamboo pieces, and is 10% glycolic acid which is what might be used in a real facial – it really is a pro facial in a jar. It comes to $3 a use or $2 if you’re using the first time buyer code for 30% off.

Find it HERE and get 30% off your first order (with a new to Beautycounter email) with code: CLEANFORALL30


Daily Harvest

This fun and healthy smoothie and meal delivery service is a go to gift of mine for mums! Working mums I work with mostly, as a “I know this is a tough week” gift. They do well on the sustainability as far as meal deliveries go, and balance healthy, fun, and happy really well for me! 

Find them HERE with $25 off your first order


Secco Dry Farmed wine

This is the wine we loved when we lived in America, for transparency on what goes into to, no added sugars, for being vegan (not that we are but I want my wine vegan!), dry farmed which is important for so many reasons, and delicious. It’s all I drank there. There are more and more better whine brands springing up like Dry Farm Wines but our go to was Secco.

Find it HERE


Coyuchi Organic Cotton  Waffle Robe

Mostly I think I want to jump into this picture! We used Coyuchi when we kitted out our airbnb and LOVE the brand. If you want a cheaper but still organic cotton robe I’d suggest looking at PACT too.

Find it HERE




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