March 7, 2022

Spring + Mothers Day Gift Ideas

It might be for mothers day, it might be a birthday gift need – whatever you’re shopping for I know that well sourced and low impact gifts can be a challenge! To help you find the best things I’ve rounded up some Spring 2022 ideas for you!

Firstly and easily, I love a store where you can shop and know everything cares for people and planet. A few of my favourites for gift browsing are below if you want to browse a curated range of great options.

So you can browse those wonderful places, or have a look at the full list of items and shops we love below! And no there aren’t any flowers on this list because there aren’t many English grown flowers available at Mothers’ Day time of you so I’d always go for a plant over cut flowers! Ok, let’s dive in:

Evolve Beauty: Facial in a Box

I LOVE this UK low waste and well formulated skincare brand! Their Holiday sets are done so well, packaged beautifully and prices so well. This Radiance Heroes gift set is £34 and has two of my favourites in it – a bio-retinol face oil, and a gold bio-retinol mask. SUCH a good gift for anyone with “maturing” skin, which starts in our 20’s when it comes to skin!

Find all their sets HERE


Evolve ‘Radiance Heroes’ Bio Retinol Bundle

I’ve spend the year diving into UK skincare and makeup brands and Evolve has come out as my top choice for skincare. This COSMOS Organic certified mask with bio-retinol (one of my favourite skincare ingredients for helping maturing skin!) and a booster oil to match is such a giftable favourite!

Find it HERE!


Cabby’s Rum + Gin

Everyone needs a go to Gin right? This is ours and a favourite find since moving to England.  Made by a London cabby, with kind and personal customer service, gorgeous branding… and just great London gin. We pair it with Fever Tree tonic every Friday at 5pm to start the weekend!

Black owned. UK made. Find it HERE.


Green People Hand Cream Gift Set

Green People is one of the original UK brands making cleaner, better ingredient body products. Hand creams were not my thing until this last winter when my hands got DRY and now I can’t live without a good hand cream!

Find it here through Know the Origin with other great gifts! 


Beaumont Organic Cotton Eye Mask

Beaumont Organic is a favourite of mine for ethically made, contemporary classic wardrobe pieces. They’re timeless and beautiful and this is one of their organic cotton accessories that would make a gorgeous gift.

Find their whole collection HERE


Skylark Coffee

This is the coffee we drink every day. It’s a non profit and company that exists for social good. They are really careful with the human and environmentalimpact of sourcing and all elements of what they’re doing. We love their Ethiopian for our daily brew.

Find it HERE

Ceramic Espresso Cup – By Nicky Edmunds

I love a good handmade ceramic coffee cup!

Beautiful ceramics handmade in the UK with a Moorland or Coastland inspiration.

Find them HERE

Consumed: by Aja Barber

A gift for the daily activist. Aja Barber is a challenging but brilliant and educational follow on Instagram looking at consumerism and it’s connections with climate change, the clothing industry, and colonialism… and her book is a continuation of that story.

Find it HERE through Know the Origin with 10% off your first order and other great gifts!


PHB Ethical Beauty – Lipstick

“What shade lipstick is that?” This is the makeup item that gets asked about the most on instagram! It’s my go to British made fave – I have the “Passion” and it’s a perfect terracotta edged red I LOVE. And it’s all the things I want, fair trade and ethical sourcing, thoughtful formulation, no animal testing or synthetics dyes and a lot more. One of these would make a great well priced gift or if you’ve been wanting to switch your makeup – this is a great brand to ask for for a gift!

Find them and the whole range HERE


DIY Embroidery Bee Craft Kit

I gift to relax and slow down with, embroidery can be a great way to switch off or help someone else switch off and this is all you need for a sweet little bee!

Find it HERE


Rose and Bergamot Natural Soy Candle

Honestly, I don’t tend to spend my money on candles as the good ones can get expensive and I don’t want the ‘not good’ ones filling my home, but when I’m gifted one with no artificial fragrance I really enjoy the gift of them.

Find it HERE


Sancho Shop: Egos Slippers

We got these fairtrade made wool slippers for so many people last year. They’re handmade using eco friendly dyes and contain lanolin, making them resistant to moisture, grime and giving odour reduction – they’re perfect. Sancho shop has a fantastic range of ethically made and well sourced items with so many great gift ideas too!

Black owned. Female founded. Fair-trade. Find them HERE.


Ocelot Chocolate from Sancho Shop

They use exclusively organic and ethical produce and mirror this in their business practice. Their packaging is drawn and designed themselves on UK FSC certified paper stock and the inner film is 100% home compostable! They are a living wage employer and work with fair trade cocoa famers. And it’s pretty!

Find it all here via my fave black owned, female founded Sancho shop with a lot of other great well sourced gifts.


Upcircle Skincare Coffee Eye Cream

I tried this brand in my search for UK skincare brands I love this year and it’s a fantastic brand taking waste products from use food industry and using them in simple, zero waste, vegan skincare.  I put a lot of this in stockings and gifts last year! And it’s priced so well!

Find it all HERE


Agnes London DIY Scrunchy Kit

Jared bought me this and it was the perfect relaxing activity for a night with a great end product! You get everything you need to make a scrunchy, or headband and you can easily put it together yourself. Female founded. Small business. Plastic Free. Recycled materials. Ethically made. 

Find the range fabulous Agnes range HERE.


Goldrick Bamboo Laundry Peg Airer

I have lots of the kids art pieces hanging this in our living room and I love it! Use it for laundry, art, drying herbs. The whole of the Goldrick shop is giftable and I love it all! 

Find it HERE


Ultimate Organic Face Routine Set

Know The Origin put all my faves in a set with bamboo rounds! Upcircle serum, Evolve mask… it’s SUCH a good £85 gift! I’d say it’s a good bundle for more combo to dry or mature skin from having tried these products!

Find the set HERE.


Lucocoa Chocolate Range

Lucocoa has the most beautiful range of chocolate products and gifts. They’re is a small female founded independent chocolate company in London making gorgeous bars of delicious chocolate, hot chocolate and gift bundles.

Small company. Black owned. Fairly traded. Find it HERE.


Bebambu Collagen

I searched for so long for a collagen I was happy with. Not in plastic, sourced well, tested for heavy metals… And I found it in Bebambu. It’s marine collagen and my favourite is the strong one which has a slightly sweet taste – I pop it in my black coffee at 5am to give me some protein while I’m working before breakfast or in baked oatmeal!

Female founded. Black owned. Small business. Low waste. Great ingredients.Find it HERE.


Cast Heirloom Necklace

I was recently sent this as a PR gift to test drive and I absolutely love it. I made a print of Jared’s finger print as I never wear my wedding rings, and now it’s round my neck all the time. I added on gold plating for an extra £20 and I want to add the kids finger prints in the future. The whole packhage that arrives is so beautifully put together.

Shop the kit here


Ceramic Compost Caddy

A pretty counter addition! So many people want to compost and don’t know how – and having a good kitchen setup is important! Plantbased dyes and plastic free packaging, these caddy’s are so pretty! They come in a few colours and are hand made with British clay. And you’re helping someone compost, win win!

Find it HERE on Wearth London


Happy Houseplants Plants + Pots

This is my go to for house plants, with amazing personal customer service. I’ve bought them for us and gifted them and they’re always amazing. This range of Pots and Plants gives you the plant and gorgeous pot and they deliver across the UK for really reasonable prices! The pots are made by artisans using ethically sourced materials.

Find this Scindapsus Pictus Argyraeus & Brass Hanging Planter HERE and browse the rest of their range!

Holos ‘Sparkling Oolong’ Kombucha (Alcohol Free)

This is made very locally to us and is my go to for a sparkling wine or champagne alternative when I”m pregnant or don’t want alcohol. The cork makes it feel special and celebratory!

Tasting notes: Sweet and floral aromas with notes of elderflower and lychee. Clean acidity, serve chilled in champagne flutes.

Shop it here


Wura Vase: Yard + Parish

Yard and Parish is a collection of the “The Best Eco-Luxury Black-Owned Brands” and I LOVE them for gifts. I’ve gifted this vase and it’s beautiful, but scroll the whole site for some other fab ideas!

Find the vase HERE


Rosanna Morris Prints

A few of these hang in my home and I adore them, as well as everything Rosanna is. Her value for the earth, and people and social justice shine through her prints in the kind of way I want hanging ALL over my walls!

The prints are on handmade Nepalese Lokta paper with non toxic inks they arrive in plastic free packaging.

Shop her whole line HERE


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