September 29, 2020

Starting out with bees: Checking the Hive

At the time of recording it’s September, our bees have been here a month! And as they prepare for winter and store away honey, I went in to check the hive and took you with me. It took me a while to get my head around the parts of the hive and what I was looking at so hopefully this helps give you a little window on my beginner journey with the hive. I found the queen and showed you as well as honey cells, brood cells and showing you the smoker, the feeder and, and something amazing they built in just 10 days!

You can find all the equipment I’m using linked in THIS post here with an explanation too.

As always, drop any questions on the video or here on the blog post or send me a DM. I’m happy to share what I can!



11 Things You Might Need to Start a Bee Journey 


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