November 15, 2019

The Better Christmas List 2019 (US)

Alright, get your coffee and your list of people to shop for – let’s dive in to my top picks for 2019! These are mostly not just single items that I’d recommend but companies with a range of incredible more mindful products and values so I’ve listed a few things I’d pick from each one – shop around on the site knowing you’re making a more mindful choice whatever you choose. I hope this makes it easier for you.


Everlane is an old favorite that made the switch to more ethical, transparent shopping practical and easy for us, it’s now one of our favorite places to gift from. Last year they came out with “Renew” lines using recycled materials: YES. We both live in our Renew coats all winter and they come highly recommended by us. Shop my renew jacket and everything else HERE. 


This is one of those truly best of the best companies that feels like a unicorn, where you make no compromises and get the most incredible product. Chelsea is a personal friend and creates the most DELISH adaptogenic cacao blend with fairly sourced wild cocoa and the best real ingredients sold in a glass jar. Shop her small batch releases HERE. 


**note: when I added them I didn’t know they are sadly closing their doors, all sales are now final but still stunning*** The best of the best in ethically made clothes: dead stock fabrics, really inclusive sizing, stunning pieces. I wore my Fauxgerty jumpsuit to just about every event I needed to be dressy for this summer, but also with Everlane Treads to go out for coffee – it’s so versatile I love everything they sell. Check out their scrunchies for stocking stuffers and the Jess Set for my next up fave! Get 15% off for signing up to their newsletter, and Shop their site HERE and for a smaller stocking stuffer look HERE at their gorgeous scrunchy made from deadstock fabrics!


We LOVE ours! I have stone, Jared has the dark grey and you need to SIZE UP a full size. They’re what I wore round tens of miles of New York and os many places. They’re the dream. As a brand the goal is zero waste shoe production and they’re doing amazingly, ethically made, stylish, and really soft and comfortable. The Neuschs live in them and highly recommend. Get them HERE.(and they ship from Everlane so order with anything else from there to minimize shipping – it’s always free on 2+ items)


I’ve researched dolls more than I’d care to admit and this is the one item I couldn’t bring myself to get second hand. These dolls and animals are the winner for me with organic materials, ethical production, a reasonable price (for this kind of item, trust me), they actually look semi human, and they have multiple skin tones. And even better, you can buy matching sets of clothes for children and the doll which is amazing. Find them HERE and you get 10% off for signing up to their email so do that!


This has been the product I’ve seen the most of you buy this season to gift (and for yourselves too, I know cos you tell me, and great idea!) If there’s one all round brilliant box of safer skincare to gift (or get) this season from Beautycounter it’s this.  All my favourite skincare things in a box at a great bundled price. THE magical peel in full size, the charcoal mask, the No 1 Brightening Oil, and a great cleansing stick too. It’s the one I’ve seen the most people buy I think because it’s a great price and full of faves! Get it HERE via the Beautycounter site and also check the set of three mini oils like the one here, in sustainable glass bottles that could be separated for mini gifts alongside a bottle of wine or bar of chocolate. (and I’m always happy to help with ideas, allergen info and gift suggestions just shoot me an email or DM on


You DM me about these ALL the time, because I wear them… all the time. A small woman run business is one I always love to buy from and even better I’ve requested and she kindly sends them to me package free just in an envelope. Love. THIS design is my fave. 


Talking of things you DM me about in Instagram this is hilariously hands down the number 1 DM I get. My friend Jenna started a headbands company a few years ago and now has a large Etsy store selling thousands of baby and adult sized headbands and accessories. But they’re still all US made in our owl home town but friends of mine! Find them all HERE. 


Endless sparkling water at home? Hello. It’s the thing I miss most that we left in California! This baby saves dollars and waste, even when you buy sparkling water in glass it’s using fuel to tsranport something that comes out of a tap right in my house so this is a saving on every level! We love the sparkle version with glass bottle so your water doesn’t sit in plastic at all. Win win. Find it HERE on Amazon or shop


Confession:  I stubbornly didn’t want to include anything we discovered at the Amazon event but this book has been INCREDIBLE. We went to an amazon Christmas event and this was something they thrust in our hands. Clayt has learned words like “colossal” along with so many others, it’s brilliantly illustrated and great for a range of ages, and there are even QR codes in the back leading to short videos explaining words that are so fun. Find it here on Amazon or through a bookshop site. 


 I’m a few years into the shampoo bar journey and I’m not going back. Ethique is the best (also priciest but still not bad) of all the ones I’ve tried. I’ve always needed conditioner but somehow I don’t even need it with ethique. These sampler boxes would make a great gift to give or receive if you’re wanting to try. Find them HERE on Amazon or Shop


I never thought I’d go in for a backpack but honestly, they’re so practical with kids I’m now in love. This (but in brown) was a recent addition to my collection) and I love that this one feels durable with kids – just took it to pottery painting – but I’d still take it out without kids too. And it’s vegetable tanned, ethically made and everything I wanted from a B Corporation too. LOVE. Find it on their site HERE. 


This has been the other best seller so far, and I’m SO excited about these for a younger audience, for stocking stuffers and an alternative to the things teens want to grab at Target. They’re stevia sweetened, free from artificial fragrance, parabens, pthalates and all those things and they’re just fun. When you break them up each one is just $8 each which is also really affordable. LOVE. They come in a pack of 5 for $39 but this is how I broke them down for mini gifts. Find them HERE. 


The sizing on these toddler Allbirds is very limited, but great ethically made kids shoes are hard to come by and I LOVE the look and ease of these. They had me at no socks needed. Shop them HERE at or check out Veja for another kids option that we use and love, and Plae for the shoes we’re actually getting Clayt this year as these don’t fit him anymore.


“where did you get your starter?” = an instagram FAQ. When I was looking for mine everyone told me to use Cultures for Health for recipes and information…So I’m here making the same recommendation if you can’t nab one from a friend! Or if you have your own – consider gifting a loaf, a recipe, and some starter! Get a starter HERE (there are also GF ones) or a yogurt one HERE. Combine it with the traditional sourdough proofing bowl for a bigger gift. 


Another B corp coming in strong with one of our favorite discoveries of 2019.  If you’ve been here two mintues you know we live by our miir coffee mugs. They keep coffee hot, they’re great to drink form (no really, I’m picky) we adore them and they make a great gift! Get them HERE on Amazon or via the Miir site HERE for free shipping over $40.


Ok they’re pricy. I know. But not compared with buying multiple pairs instead. Jared hought his 6 yeras ago, he’s turned them in for free repears and LOVES them. They’re #allthethings with organic cotton, free repairs for LIFE, ethical production and high quality. Love. If you don’t have a repair store near you, they have a free repair pack they send you. That’s what you’re paying for with the higher price and we’re all about it. Find them HERE.


A great kids (especially but everyone)pick and great stocking stuffer. I’ve SEARCHED for good wool socks, made ethically, low impact dyes that look nice. There are more ugly ones out there but this is the only company I can find that make great ones that last, are thick enough to be meded and darned and actually look great and they’re all I buy the kids. LOVE. Find them HERE.


These are on my real life Kezia Christmas list this year (ahem, remember that Jared?! Chelsea boot: I surprised Jared with the men’s version of these when he flew back to the states last month and we both LOVE them. Find the Men’s Chealsea boot HERE.  And if you’re on the site then look at the Hasami Porcelain Mug, and these recycled sunglasses with a repair program on the Nisolo ethical marketplace which will SUPER help you double on on gifting in one shipment!


Coffee beans are such a great gift if you’re travelling this season to take for a host, or with that Miir mug or part of a bundle. Our only go to in the States is Northbound coffee, organic, with a SWP decaf, in home compostable packaging. And it tastes GREAT – we like any light roast from them. Find them HERE.


We’re long time pact lovers since my search for organic underwear at an affordable price. They’re my number one for affordable organic fairtrade basics. Check out the organic cotton robe, we had them in out airbnb and loved them and the footed kids PJs were a go to.

Patagonia – its the OG of ethical earth loving companiesm this year JAred got the ___for school, and we both love it – lots of space but a great look. I have a cap I love from them, and check out the Wornwear for revamped used clothing to double up on loving the earth. 


This is more of an ‘if you’re buying/gifting/receiving a phone this season. And then I have two phone cases for the two sides of me that don’t often clash but… Safesleeve are radiation reducing cases. Pela are compostable no waste ones. I’m not going to say i’ve deeply researched the science on radiation so I’ll make no claims, but sometimes I run with something anyway (like NOT using a microwave) because I think it’s better just to do it which will cause no harm, that to spend a lot of time researching. So we both have our phones in safe sleeve cases. But then Pela are a B corp making compostable cases that are slimline, and a liquid screen protector that doesn’t’ send plastic to landfill. Currently I actually have the Pela one on my (second hand) phone. Get the Pela case HERE. Get the safe sleeve HERE.


Ok just trust me here really, they have so many things I LOVE this season and everything leopard print you’ll need. You need to look at the leopard backpack – another backpack options for when you don’t have kids with sticky fingers Look at the shoes to the right, they’re shoes are just ON POINT this season. And the rings. And the backpack I’m too scared to use. And it’s such such such a good company in terms of empowering women and making things ethically at good wages. 




If I had to shop from only one store both sides of the Atlantic, it wouldn’t be Amazon. Lauren Singer’s Package Free Shop is seriously the place I could literally get all my gifts in one order. I make no commission which doesn’t change my raving but seriously there is no comparison on fantastic low waste, well priced, quality and thoughtful gifts than that place. New York based but international shipping. Look at the Soy Candles, cute silicon baby bibs (we have one!), plantable kids pencils, Pela cases, gorgeous vegan lip balms and facial oils, totes, there really is something for everyone. And it’s perfect for stocking stuffers like stainless steel straws, bamboo bandaids, recycled crayons and little lower prices things like that! Find all the goods HERE. 

Ok, I hope that provides some help and inspiration, I’m also happy to take a moment to be your own personal shopper in the ethical goods department – shoot me a DM with who you’re shopping for and any requirements and I’ll give you a quick suggestion!


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