November 21, 2018


Breathe. Think. Shop slowly.

Alright, breathe (talking to myself here…) everyone is telling us what we should buy. It’s the most wonderful (ahem, marketable) time of the year.

If you’ve followed me for a few years you know I try to give some fun ideas for gifting each Christmas – basically a list of things I would love, cos I’m assuming you might be something like me if you choose to follow my life! But my values have changed so much over the last few years in terms of buying. We’ve moved step by step closer to buying less, to shopping in a way that cares for the planet and people in the manufacturing process, to buying things that feel safe and healthy to bring into our homes and put in other people’s homes, but are also safe and healthy when it comes to throwing them or their packaging away. It can feel like a lot so I’m here to help. (Like for real, DM me if you need a specific idea!)

I’m keeping it SIMPLE. A 5 stop shop.

For a list this year, I’ve done it differently and instead of picking 10 or 20 things from random stores, I’ve picked out 5 stores that we love and believe in across the board. Companies that have a mission, and values we love and trust. (Ok I lie, I included a few things from Amazon because… I want to be practical for ya too!)
We use all these stores all the time and they all have a slightly different ethic but they’re all concentrating on taking care of people in the manufacturing and creating of their products and doing good with what they sell. Which I LOVE. They’re focusing on fair pay, on creating clean healthy products, on creating high quality, on shifting perspectives on shopping and buying, on lowering waste… so many things. I’ve highlighted a few favourites from within each store that are things I love but you can know they’re all websites I get lost in with a clear conscience so i hope you do too. And I really really hope that helps you!

1. Package Free Store

I’ll start here and say this store is probably for the people in your life who are more the ‘Kezia’ end of the gifting spectrum! As in, not everyone wants compostable bandaids and DIY cleaning wipes. Except for the people that do want those things and then this store is a rabbit hole of a shopping/gifting GEM. Everything is purposeful, but minimal and fits a zero waste life. And it’s all packaged zero waste and plastic free to be sent to you!
MY FAVES (Shop them all HERE): 
  • Vegan, clean and paper packaged lip balm set of 3. $14
  • DIY reusable wipes in a glass jar. $12.99
  • KIDS PICK: Grow Your Own Organic Cherry Tomato Kit $34
  • For the person who doesn’t care about waste: A range of stylish soy candles in glass, really great gift but  also “recycled glass, 100% soy wax, a lead-free cotton wick & pure essential oils.” Boom. $various


2. Amazon

Ok so, about turn. I far from believe in everything on Amazon. But I know it’s useful so… here are some ideas.


  • Roma Boots, such a fantastic company. Boots made of 100% natural rubber, they’re vegan, and the carefully and responsibly gift for every pair bought. It’s a truly great company and I love the boots I’ve bought from them. (I have the short black ones.) $19-$70
  • A sourdough starter! We’ve LOVED ours and it’s actually a massive money saver in the end! $14
  • Bonus: The proofing basket for pretty + perfect sourdough! $22
  • Refurbished Blendtec! Everyone always asks what my top blender is, I have them ALL but for balancing budget with functionality, THIS is my top pic. $164
  • Stocking Stuffer Fairtrade Chocolate: There are lots of fair-trade bands out there but I love that this is also organic, there’s no plastic and their truffles come in biodegradable packaging! Chocolate is an easy way to keep stocking stuffers plastic free, and fair-trade!!
  • KIDS PICK: Roma boots in fun colors for kids! $19-$25


3. BeautyCounter


This is a new one for me, and I don’t use all of their products but I LOVE the ones I have (especially mascara and lipstick) and they have some great gift options!  I didn’t order anything before I fell in love with the mission and values of the company so in brief I loved that: all of their products are clean + safer beauty products (which makes them perfect for gifting to people who you want to help make those switches, cos the branding is also on point and the products are fab) but you know your purchases are part of something bigger in seeing change for people who aren’t aware of the need for non toxic skin care. They are advocating at the highest level and making changes to actually see the regulation in the beauty industry change. Love it. And because I’m me, I care about the eco practices obv.. they send out packages just in paper and card, and they are very mindful about packaging in general, with eco friendly and sustainable sourcing of everything.




  • Fave thing on the site is mascara but I probably wouldn’t gift that, but if you are giving other people ideas for you, I LOVE it! Best clean mascara I’ve tried. 
  • Mini facial oils. I turned 30 (a few years ago!) and became addicted to facial oils of basically any kind. Lol. These ones are packaged in glass and are mini versions which I think is perfect for gifting or even splitting up if you want stocking stuffers or mini gifts. $22.50
  • Lip stick duo pack: There’s also a set of 8 mini ones which I think would be incredible as a gift but it’s more pricey ($59), so this (or again it could be split?) is a fab option! $36.75
  • FOR ANYONE: Clean Hand Cream! If you don’t want to gift makeup and keep it simpler and for someone maybe who you wouldn’t buy oils or a face peel for (!) hand cream is a great place to introduce people to cleaner products. $13.50
  • FOR HIM: Sometimes men can be (a) harder to shop for and (b) less ready to get on the non-toxic product train. This filled Dopp Kit (see the little pic above) is a limited edition great gift of Daily Exfoliating Cleanser, Shave Cream, Aftershave Tonic, and Oil-Free Face Lotion. Also check out the package free store above for their zero waste razor!! I have it and love it!
  • You can also see all the gifts under $50 HERE for ease and shop the Holiday line with some special minioptions HERE including my Christmas gift to myself (proof I’m getting old?) a Travel Size Overnight Resurfacing Peel $45 that I’ve heard everyone rave about so I’m trying it out – my skin feel like it needs some love after the last year of (sleepless) motherhood!

4. Everlane


We wear Everlane most days, and like BeautyCounter for skin it’s a starting point for buying more mindful products that feels widely applicable and not at all ‘crunchy’ or ‘hippy’ or different in any way to mainstream, although it is! It’s a great one stop shop for basics to coats (hello recycled plastic bottles!) to evening wear and shoes. But you can literally see inside the factories and they are deeply transparent about manufacturing. The company has also made the commitment to having no new plastic in their whole operation by 2021 which obviously, I love. Honestly, I love everything on the site but if I had to choose a few pieces:


  • The whole ReNew Collection – is that cheating?! Outerwear made from recycled plastic bottles so they don’t end up in landfill and oceans. Incredible, but also really warm, and stylish. I have the half zip ($98) and Jared has the long parka ($165) and we love them. Collection starts at $55
  • Cashmere Waffle Square TurtleNeck (pics above!) It’s on my list and it’s perfect in my opinion! Loose but not oversized, keeps your neck warm, but not too bulky. $155
  • FOR HIM + HER: The Waffle Bobble Hat – Maybe I just like grey waffle but this hat is just fun, and functional, and really versatile for him or her. Love. $35
  • FOR HIM + HER: Denim: Both Everlane and Livefashionable below are great better denim options I love. Everlane has incredible eco and sustainability practices which is usually a massive problem in denim production. And they’re actually very affordable at $78
  • Shop it all HERE.



I originally found ABLE through their jewelry – all made in Nashville by women ‘who have overcome.’ It’s an incredible mission, wonderful company and the first to publish their wages down to the lowest – they’re making them selves accountable and transparent. I love them for jewelry still but also love gifting their leather goods – especially the ones that can be personalized. I get something from the range for someone every Christmas!

  • Leopard Mule. Honestly, these aren’t on my list. But if I was a 10 pairs of shoes person they would be! Look at them styled on the site, they’re kind of perfect – I’m just a minimal minimal shoe person in real life, and a massive shoes closet person in my heart 😉 $138
  • Nile Earrings. These are actually on my list! I’ve been eying them for a while, I don’t wear much jewelry but I love earrings to take a classic outfit to something more in a really small simple way. $64
  • Delicate Word Ring – I have a piece of ABLE jewelry (the mini tag necklace) with my kids initials on them. I wear it every day but I love this ring as another option for having something personalized to give, with your own initials or something with meaning to you. So personal and sweet but actually very affordable too. $48
  • Rachel Wristlet – One of the leather customizable products on the site that I love them for. From totes to passport cases you can have 3+ letters stamped onto so many stunning, ethically made products. Love. $78
  • Shop them all HERE.


Ok so there’s my round up of a few great places to start your shopping, of course there are so many more but I wanted to give you fewer places but that span a wide range of gift options, and where any product that you buy from them (ok, exclude Amazon!) you know you’re making a great shopping choice of where to put your money and the values you use it to support! And really, if you need specific ideas or advice, drop me a common on Instagram or shoot me a DM there too! xx


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