June 21, 2018

The Whole Treat Kitchen Essentials!

If you’re getting ready to buy The Whole Treat this weekend here are a few of the kitchen essentials we use all the time to make treats! You don’t have to buy much if anything new, I’ve included notes on how to just use what’s in your kitchen – and lots of these items can be bought second hand, but I knew I’d get questions so I thought I’d just put a post together! Something you think is missing from the list? Drop a comment below!

Mixing Bowls

Lodge Cast Iron Loaf Tin

Stainless Steel Cake Tin

If You Care Parchment and Cups

We love these ones because they’re biodegradable and I can put them in the compost! They also make the parchment paper we use!

Chocolate Bars

So probably don’t buy a whole case, but I do stockpile good chocolate that is organic, fair-trade and not plastic wrapped so this one is a go to!

Aluminum Free Baking Powder

If you can get get it in bulk even better, but lots of baking powder has aluminum/aluminium in it so just make sure you have one without like this!

Arrowroot Starch

Most people can get this locally but it’s an essential in lots of my baking and probably the least common one so I thought I’d add it in here!

Food Processor

Not an essential for all the treats, and relatively easy to pick up second hand. But I love this one (it’s the one I have) because it’s relatively inexpensive and works like a dream!


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