June 12, 2019

“What do you use for __________?” Our go to products outside the kitchen!

I wanted to create a master list of all the things we use in our home so I can direct people to them in DMs!  This isn’t a ‘perfect’ list and I’m always changing everything, looking for better ways, using up what we have and checking again that rebuying the same thing is still the best option out there.

This is also something that I know is going to change and we move to the UK. Some things will stay the same and are available there: e.g. Dr Bronners for everything, toilet paper and Holly’s deodorant, and some I’m in love with and will be bringing over: my makeup!

House Cleaning

Laundry Detergent: Biokleen
Delicates like wool and cashmere: Laundress $10 off link HERE
All purpose cleaner/windows/bathrooms: $10 off link: Branch Basics (a great concentrate that you can dilute to be all kinds of different cleaners)
DIY All purpose cleaner: Vinegar + Water + Few Drops Dr Bronners + Essential Oils
Floors and mopping: 1/2 cup Dr Bronners in the mop bucket + a few drops essential oils
Drying: Wool Dryer Balls + Essential Oils
Stain Stick: Package Free Shop, or Dr Bronners concentrated
Trash Bags: We don’t use trash bags in our home. When you compost all your organic waste our trash is pretty dry and you don’t need a bag depending on your curbside removal. But if you do need a bag THESE ones are compostable, and you can also line bins with paper like THIS. There is no great way to trash things (or ultimately recycle) which is why we are trying to cut out trash and recycling as close to zero was possible!


Hand Soap:Dr Bronners
Used Healthade Bottles with THESE pumps.
Toilet Paper: Who Gives a Crap (available US/UK/Australia)
Toilet Cleaner: Vinegar, Dr Bronners

Kids + Family Use

Bath soap and Shampoo: Dr Bronners
Tooth Paste:
Moisturizer: Coconut oil to moisturize when needed
Diaper Rash Cream: California Baby
Wipes: Thirsties Butt Spray and rags or Babyganics wipes
  • Mostly cloth which is another blog post all together but
  • we also use Honest when we need disposable.
  • Also I recommend diaper training as early as possible for ease and waste! We did 22 months with the 3 day method and it was fab!
Sunscreen: Countersun by Beautycounter (I recommend the lotion or the stick, the spray you really need to still rub in well – the formulation is the same but people don’t rub in the spray as well and have issues!)
Mosquito Repellent: Stay away
Car Seat: We’re currently using one I would recommend due to flame retardants, I’m looking at switching to the Britax Endeavor one without any chemical flame retardants. Uppa Baby and Nuna also have ones.


Jared + Kids: Dr Bronners
Every day go to shampoo: Sappo Hill Shampoo Bar
Slightly better but not local so I choose the Sappo Hill: Ethique Shampoo Bar + Conditioner Bar
For guests who don’t want a bar: Plaine Shampoo and Conditioner


Jared: Toms (Aluminium Free, and can be recycled through Terracycle)

Jared’s Things

Shaving Cream: Counterman Shave Cream
He doesn’t use anything else!

Kezia Things: non makeup

Face Cleansing/Makeup Removing: Organic Coconut oil on a cotton rag for makeup removal or Diluted Dr Bronners 
Face oils:
Exfoliating Scrub and facemask: Cocokind or Just a bulk activated charcoal and aloe feta DIY mix is great!

Daily Makeup

Matcha Stick and Lip Balm: WholeMaker Co
Foundation: Tint Skin foundation or Dew Skin SPF moisturizer by Beautycounter
Blush, Bronzer, mascara and lipstick: Beautycounter


Kids: Babyletto Cococore Mattresses and Babyletto Cribs

Basinette: Ninna Nanna Bassinette, a great sustainable non toxic one – I got mine second hand to save money!

Adults: We chose to just go very second hand as an interim option. This avoids the original off gassing from mattresses which is the cheapest easiest first move. I was going save for the deal deal but now we’re moving so that’s something I’m doing with English brands instead. In the US Ikea is a great new bed more budget move as they don’t use flame retardants on their beds anymore – or sofas so I recommend those too. They also have recycled plastic bottle duvets which we have and love as a down alternative.

Sheets: Sol Organics on our home beds and airbnb too – the best organic and fair-trade ones that are so soft!


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