March 21, 2022

What is a B Corp? Here are some we love + use every day!

What is a B corp brand?

There are many certifications a brand can get that mean an array of different things, but B corp is one of my favourites. The B stands for “benefit” corporation meaning a company is committed to (and assessed on) using business as a force for good, for positive impact on people and planet, not just profits.  

Each brand is annually graded with great transparency so any consumer can go in and read how the brand was graded on a number of different things from hiring practices to supply chain care. The terms “people” and “planet” are not vague and ambiguous, you can really see what each brand is excelling at and how they got their score. Within the B corp community there is the understanding that the brand’s score should improve year on year, and that they give back to the B corp community too. They’re signing up not just to print something on packaging but to commit to forward movement and collaborative change. 

B Corp brands aren’t perfect, but they are committing to a journey, and subject to strict ongoing assessment and participation in the movement. And that is why I love and appreciate them.

Here are some B Corps around the world we love and use daily!

Nisolo (US)

Ethically made shoes and leather accessories. 

Probably my favourite shoe brand, available in the US. One of the brands just doing everything right and really caring.

Find them HERE

Patagonia (worldwide)

Clothing and outdoor apparel

One of the original sustainable brands, really pushing the industry forward in low impact, regeneratively grown materials and recycled materials. Patagonia’s hats are a go to gift, Jared has the backpack, and their coats for kids are great ones to pass down through multiple children. 

Find them HERE

Beautycounter (US/Canada)

Well formulated and rigorously screened skincare, makeup and personal care products. 

A direct to consumer brand started to change the personal care product market and get safer products into the hands of everyone. Not just  its own products, but alongside creating a range of high end products for sustainability and safety, they  work on advocacy and law changing to ensure better standards and laws so that everyone benefits not just their own customers. Since 2013  they have been a part of 10 pieces of legislation insuring tighter standards for the beauty industry.

Find them HERE 

Pukka tea  (UK/US and beyond) 

 The only tea we drink! Aside from loose leaf tea it’s one of the only truly plastic free tea bags with organic and sustainably sourced, fairly traded in ingredients. It’s a bit more pricey so we stock up on sales, and make a big cup with every bag not just small cups. Peppermint and Liquorice, and Matcha are our faves!

We buy them from Abel and Cole HERE in the UK, but you can find them at most major stores or HERE in the US

Dr Bronners Soap  (UK/US and beyond)

Our go to for years for soap, shower gel, dish soap, sometimes laundry detergent, sometimes toothpaste, and more recently hand sanitizer. It does so much! The bottle price is high but it’s very concentrated and a little goes a long way. It’s all my kids have ever washed and hair washed with! 

We buy them from Ethical Superstore in the UK HERE for the best price but many “healthier” stores carry it.

Form nutrition (UK)

Vegan protein powder with better ingredients, and heavy metal tested. Sold in home compostable pouches. If you like sweet you’ll like them all, I prefer the unsweetened ones. They often have good sales via Planet Organic HERE – I buy them there or direct, whichever is cheapest at the time! 

Find the Form site HERE

Jojo maman bebe (UK/Europe)

Classical and vintage feel kids clothing

We buy 99% of kids clothes used, but when we need something new, or for when family members want to shop new, Jojo Maman is a great option! 

Find them HERE

Spruce Cleaning Products (UK)

I didn’t think I’d ever quit water and vinegar cleaning in favour of a brand, until I found Spruce – a brilliant, female founded all purpose cleaner brand. You get a simple aluminum ‘forever’ bottle that’s very light to ship. Then small (compostable) sachets come with it that can be dissolved in water in the bottle. This reduces the fuel use and packaging of transporting water. 

Find them HERE

Organic basics (US/UK/Europe)

Simple organic cotton basics, with the lowest footprint possible. 

Their leggings are a favorite, and we both have T shirts, underwear and socks which are well made and comfy!

Any brand invested in regeneratively grown cotton catches my attention. They’re doing really well on size inclusivity expanding their ranges and asking great questions. Read their Body Friendly Manifesto here. 

Find them HERE

Allbirds (US,UK, international)

Machine washable merino wool runners

A great example of the importance of knowing a brand, there were some articles about how Allbirds were “unethical”. I was disappointed and dug deeper to find the articles were citing the use of wool as the unethical practice. We all have different values we live by and for a vegan these might not fly but while harvesting merino wool can be a nasty practice, Allbirds are very careful to use humanely havested merino wool only, and the lowest impact materials.  I’ve worn their runners for 6 years and LOVE them. They’re not for running but walking, every day use, and gym use they’re incredibly comfy, don’t need socks and can be machine washed. 

Find them HERE and also search second hand sites for used pairs.

Finesterre (UK, US, EU)

A great UK brand for clothing, Jared has a hat and I have socks! Great products, and an option for trade in too for a voucher. In their own words: “​​Born over a decade ago from the needs of hardy British surfers, Finisterre designs functional and sustainable product for those that share a love of the sea.”

Find them HERE

Cotopaxi (US+UK)

An outdoor activewear brand with great ethics and vision, and a lifetime guarantee.

We found Cotopaxi through a PR gift and on reading the story and trying the items, we are lifelong fans. Their Del Dia Backpack is what I take any time we travel and 5 years later it’s like new. I’m eying up their bum bags and might invest in one for summer! 

Find them HERE in the UK and HERE in the US

Vivobarefoot (worldwide)

Barefoot Shoes

These are Clayton’s school shoes for his second year of school. We try to buy one more pricey but new pair each year for school as he wears them every day. I love the wide space for feet to grow and the science behind them. Made from naturally scarred leather from free-roaming cattle sourced from small scale farmers and recycled post-consumer plastic waste. 

Find them HERE

Parker clay (international)

My go to daily leather backpack is from Parker Clay – my diaper bag alternative, not too big, not too mumsy. I LOVE it and what the company does from leather to giving back. 

Find them HERE

Stasher (international)

Silicon sandwich bags for food storage, freezing, cooking and travel. Silicon lasts a lot longer than single use plastic, and doesn’t break down to micro plastic in the same way at the end of life. 

Find them HERE

Veja (worldwide)


The first “ethical” shoe I purchased just after Clayton was born, followed by the Allbirds above. They are renowned for being a bit less comfy and it’s true they’re a little more stiff and less padded, not soft and comfy like the allbirds, but I’ve walked miles in them just fine and would buy them again.  

Abel + Cole (UK)

Organic Veg boxes + Grocery Delivery

We get a selection from Abel and Cole every week, sometimes a veg box, always some a la carte fruit and veg and always some zero waste staples from their brilliant “Club Zero” store.

Find them HERE

Boody (US/UK/Australia)

Simple comfy, bamboo adult and baby basics

Most days I’m wearing a Boody product, usually their bamboo scoop neck. I’ve worn it pregnant, not pregnant, breastfeeding, summer, winter.. It’s my single most worn wardrobe staple! 

Find them HERE (UK) and beyond

Pela (US/UK+ beyond)

Biodegradable phone cases, and sunglasses

They make my favroutie biodegradable phone cases, and also our sunglasses and blue light glassed we wear every day. They’re a social good, 1% for the planet, carbon neutral company taking items we all use, and making them more eco friendly. I also love their phone grips, and sunglasses! 

Find them HERE

Ethique (UK, US, Australia, NZ)

I rotate between different shampoos but I used Ethique for years and really do love them.Their green bar is my favourite! 

Find them in health stores, supermarkets or online HERE

Divine (US/UK/Europe)

Delicious Organic Chocolate!

One of my top chocolate choices, a women empowering cooperative, where the company is in part owned by the people that work there giving them more power. It’s also organic which has an impact on this working in production as well as the land. They have one of the only plastic free and fairtrade Easter Eggs. 

Find them HERE

Alter eco (US/Australia/UK)


Another environment and people focused brand I love with plastic free and compostable wrapping around truffles – a great plastic free easter egg option for the US! Their Blackout bar is my favourite! 

Doisy and dam (UK)

We buy Doisy and Dam “M+Ms” through Good Club for parties or special occasions! 

Find their site HERE and the zero waste Good Club option HERE

Apolis (international)

I just got an Apolis bag after loving them from a distance for a long time. Simple totes, classic, timeless and customizable for gifts. 

Find them HERE

Oxfam (UK, international)

Charity shop (stores and online) and charity 

Oxfam is where a lot of our kids clothes and household items come from and they also stock eco cleaning items, fair trade chocolate, and their own line of items funding social good. I love their sponsorship gifts where you can gift a cow, chicken, hive of bees or something similar to a place it’s needed. 

Find them HERE

Stumptown (US)

This is my go to coffee when we’re in the US for being widely available, organic and in compostable packaging… and also delicious. They’re not all organic but they have a great organic range and that’s what we choose. You can buy direct or from wholefoods. 

Find them HERE

Miir (US, UK)

To go coffee cups

Forever our favorite to go cup! Double walled stainless steel keeps coffee hot, it’s a good size and a great drinking experience. 

Find them HERE

Keep cup (US, EU, UK, Australia, NZ)

To go coffee cups

Another much loved to go coffee cup, I find glass a less workable option with kids but we still love them.

Find them HERE


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