May 24, 2018

Why I made this cake instead of sending you a GDPR email.

Recognise those letters?! Been clogging up your inbox?!

In short, it’s a great thing and it’s going to make all our data more secure, which I highly value.

And it’s another story but, I never imagined instagram would turn into a business (blog coming up on that one, all the info is coming out for ya) but as I do love sending you what I hope are encouraging and helpful emails, and as you do buy my ebooks… turns out I take your data. Eek.

But not eek, I value your privacy (read our whole privacy policy HERE) and all we take is what you give us, we’re nice like that. 😉 So things like, when you say you want updates and give me your email address so I can write to you.. I then have your email address. Or when you buy a book, I keep the info on record so if you drop your phone in water (or is that just me?) and lose a book I can reissue it for free cos I know you bought it! But if you ever want your info back, just email me and I can get rid of it all! (And by the way, I don’t ever do anything shady with it, obv, I only use it to serve you!)

But why I didn’t send one.

Because I’m very careful to make sure I only have people in my email address book (aka MailChimp) who actually want to be there. I don’t add email addresses to my list when you buy a book, I don’t trick anyone onto my list, and I don’t add random people. The only way I get to send you an email is if you asked me to put you on the list. So I didn’t need to email you all this week asking if you meant it. If you don’t you’re free to leave at any time just hit ‘unsubscribe’ at the bottom of the email! And if you want to hit it, please do. We all have too much coming at us digitally and if my voice isn’t helping you – I don’t want to clog up your inbox – promise!

And, if you only just realized you could actually be getting emails from me with little pep talks, encouragements, recipes and helpful tidbits, then you can (very securely!) join in on those HERE.   You’ll also get a discount code in the next few weeks when the ebook with this better-than-a-GDPR-email cake drops!

As always if you have any questions:

Feel free to email me or leave me a comment or a DM!



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