When Jared and I began to think about shopping for Clayton’s arrival I got completely overwhelmed and nearly had a melt down in a baby store! I’m a researcher and always want to know exactly what’s out there but I’m also a minimalist, so I spent hours researching the best options, reading blogs, ingredients, checking ratings and certifications…  I wanted to go as clean, healthy, and minimal as I could, and stay on the budget that we were working with.  A year later, after trying and testing and seeing what we love and what we’ve actually used and needed so far, here are my recommendations for a Clean Living Baby Registry.  I’ve included different options on some points, and tried to note why we chose the different things but shoot me any questions in the comment if you have any!  If you want to build for a useful Amazon Baby Registry (great just to keep track yourself!) you can do that HERE.  And if you’re currently expecting, or snuggling a new little baby… CONGRATULATIONS! 


I’m going to address this in a post of its own as soon as I can, as Clayton has grown I’m seeing it’s a huge topic!  In general, the same way we stock our own wardrobes, our goal is simple, minimal, and well made.  I want a wardrobe for my children that looks after them and their bodies, but also the environment, and the people who make it.  So my goal is organic cotton, wool, and natural fibers, in pieces that are ethically made.

DorDor & GorGor 100% Dye Free Organic Cotton Unisex Baby Pajamas Sleeper***

DorDor & GorGor Unisex Baby Long Sleeve Organic Onesies

Dye Free Organic Cotton Drool Bibs

LovedBaby Waterbed Dye Kimono Onesies and Long Sleeve Body Suits and Sleeveless hooded overall (all the Basics in their range are water based dye only)

Block Colour Sleep Suits***

  • Organic Cotton
  • Flame Retardent Free
  • Non Toxic Dye

Organic Pajamas from Garden Kids Clothing: 

  • Made with unbleached cotton
  • Use low impact, fiber reactive dyes.
  • Responsibly made in the US
  • No Flame retardent
  • Sift your way through, some of the looks are ‘crunchy’ but there are some great basics – I love the Cocoa Stripe and Blue Stripe Pajamas.

Soft Star Shoes: For Clayton’s first season I’ve gone minimal and he has just one pair of shoes, these moccasins.  I wanted something made responsibly in the US with no toxic glues, and with well sourced leather and dyes.  Shoes are next to impossible to source well, and as he grows still giving him some style with clean options will get harder but for now these are great! 

Mabo Kids: Great for wardrobe ‘pieces’, outfits for occasions, and the most gorgeous unbleached cotton, clean dyed, sleepwear!

Colored Organics: Great for Fair-trade, organic basics.

Leggings from PACT Clothing: Fair-trade, organic cotton leggings in a huge range of colors and patterns. Great for house wear.

***At least in the US, pajamas for beyond age 1 usually contain chemical flame retardants, which are something I want to avoid.  So if you’re going to opt for a clean option on just one thing with clothing I’d say go for that!

Tip: You can call companies and ask but in general an easier way to avoid the chemicals it to look for 100% cotton pajamas that say ‘not resistant to fire’ and advise a ‘tight fit’ – those are usually free from FR chemicals. 


Intuitoys Montessori Inspired All Natural Wooden Baby Development and Discovery Set (Handmade in Usa)

Under the Nile Organic Cotton (Outer and Stuffed) Animals

  • I love the gentle colors and it’s a great size!
  • Made and filled with 100% Egyptian organic cotton
  • Made in a fair-trade environment


Stuffed Animals from Kallisto: (Note: this link is hard to navigate but look for this brand – all organic cotton and wool filled soft toys with no chemicals – one of the only ones! Very worth it!)



Cribs and Mattresses by Babyletto I love their Organic Pure Core Mattress which beats most other clean mattresses in price, and with fully vegan, organic materials, non toxic, and flame retardant free design (full details here), it’s amazing!  (If you live in the right place these pop up on Craigslist all the time, so try second hand! I don’t live in the ‘right’ place but picked mine up in San Francisco, barely used for $100!!) 

Organic Dye Free Crib Sheets

Organic Cotton Change Table Cover and Change Table Pad (also organic cotton covered with no flame retardants)


Organic Cotton Swaddles  from Modern Burlap

  • GOTS certified organic cotton muslin
  • Certified according to OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 to ensure the exclusion of harmful ingredients
  • We love the really great, minimal and creative prints
  • Black and white to provide contrast for developing baby eyes (babies love them!)


  • I love the ones from Natursutten
  • made from 100% natural and sustainably grown rubber
  • Eco friendly and Biodegradable
  • (NOTE: Clayton doesn’t like to use a pacifier but I bought these ones in case we did… and they’re now a chew toy that’s easy for little hands to grip!)

Teether We all love this one from Natursutten, (same plus points as the pacifiers!)


Reusable Nursing Pads 

  • Organic Cotton
  • Machine Washable
  • Eco Friendly

Glass Bottles with Natural Rubber Nipples

  • These really are the dream bottle!
  • They can be boiled and frozen
  • I prefer glass for my own drinking flask, even to BPA free plastic, so I want that for baby too.
  • Extra nipples, 100% natural rubber in fast and slow flow

Nipple Cream – I never actually had to use this but this is one I chose for it’s healthiness, it’s sitting in my bathroom but I can’t vouch from personal experience!

Cloth Diapering:

Gold Clover Tallow Balm

  • Organic Tallow from Grass Fed Cows
  • Small Company
  • Cloth Diaper Safe
  • Really Great for cradle cap too, we learned from extreme CC experience!
  • Extra gentle essential oil fragrance for baby

Unbleached Indian Cotton Prefolds (I got these ones in size 1 and 2 and they’re my favourite)

  • For an organic option the infant and premium sizes here correspond to 1 and 2 – I would probably do these ones if I was to buy again, for the organic cotton.

Thirsties DuoSnaps in Size 1 and Size 2 

  • I’ve tried a ton of different kinds and these are my absolute favorite. The snap is more durable than hook and look/velcro fastening, and the two size option makes them extra economical.
  • I wondered how bulky they would be accommodating a flexible sizing option but it’s not even a factor, they are not bulky at all. I have 7 of the Size 2 and I would recommend more of the size 1 when they are smaller and you’re changing more often.
  • They come in other colors from what the link shows – I chose neutral grey Fin’.  Sometimes they are also better priced on the Thirsties site but Amazon has rotating stock with great deals so check both!

Snappies for securing diaper prefolds (1 pack is enough!)

Wet Bag

  • You’ll need this for changing diapers on the go, I’ve used ours for up to 24 hours worth of diapers on an overnight trip but I recommend having two for that long! If you are out and about lots, I’d have 3-4.
  • This isn’t the one I have (I inherited mine) and there are lots of cute designs out there so search for a great one! This is just an example.
  • NOTE: This is one place I would choose the plastic lined version of a product (!) but for a plastic free, organic wool version try this one

Diaper Pail Liner – I have it in the ‘Fin’ Grey to match my diapers.

(We use Honest diapers and wipes for any trip longer than 24 hours – the wipes score at a great level 1 on the EWG Skin Deep Database

Organic Corn Starch

Wool Drier Balls

Cloth Diaper Safe Detergent from Allen’s Naturally

  • NOTE: There are SO many options out there and this is the one I chose for value/review etc.  We use it for everything and it works well.  It’s expensive but my container is likely going to last an entire year, with 9 months of cloth diapering in that year.


You can read more about our approach to starting Clayton on solids in a blog post HERE – We’ve landed on a baby led weaning style with real, healthy whole foods and we’re loving the journey. Aside from good simple organic food, these few products have been our essentials!

The highchair shown above is the Antilop from Ikea, it’s very affordable, and brilliant! It comes with a cushion that you have to buy separately but it comes all in with delivery (if you’re not close) for about $35 – which is a win! It’s only potential flaw is a tricky ‘removable’ tray so I recommend looking at Yeah Baby Goods  for specially fitted silicon place mats. (and bonus, they make cute covers for the standard Ikea cushion!)

Stainless Steel Bowls

Wooden Bowl and Spoon

Wooden Plate

  • Non Toxic
  • US Made
  • Natural and eco friendly
  • Finished with Organic Jojoba Oil

Suction Attaching Wooden Bowl

  • Biodegradable bamboo and BPA free food grade silicone spoon, soft for gentle mouths and long enough making it easy for mom to reach. 5.5″ Long & 0.6oz Light
  • High quality biodegradable, BFA free, melamine free, lead free and no biologically harmful chemical materials.