Day 1 of Live Below the Line

By Johanna Lees in New York City
Today’s meal plan from Kezia:
Breakfast – 2/3 cup oatmeal cooked in water with 1 tbsp peanut butter
Lunch – 1 poached egg on 1 cup lentils with onion and tomato puree
Dinner – Egg fried rice made with 1 cup brown rice, 1 shredded carrot, 1 egg and 2 tbsp soy sauce
Live Below the Line
Being an almond milk oatmeal girl, I struggled to use only water in my Peanut Butter Oatmeal this morning. It was actually surprisingly creamy and filling, but combined with a morning at the gym that I normally conclude with a snack, this was a hard breakfast.
When lunch rolled around I was over the moon. It was magical. Absolutely delicious. The recipe was easy and yummy and again, really filling; I ate it in about 30 seconds. I will probably be making this when I’ve finished LBTL!
Live Below the Line
My diet doesn’t normally include much rice so dinner was actually very exciting. Another good size portion, egg fried rice and shredded carrot this time. Simple (and very much in need of the little soy sauce I was allowed), but yum.
After just one day, I’m feeling the lack of fruit and veg. Whilst all the ingredients are clean and wholesome, and despite my 2 portions a day (I get 1 carrot and 1 banana per day), it is making me realise just how crucial fruit and veg are to feeling energised and well. Even when you can turn to clean alternatives, because of crazy grocery store prices, fruit and veg are the first things to go, and that must have really negative impacts on those that have to live like this day in day out.

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