Day 4 of Live Below the Line

By Johanna Lees in New York City
Today’s meal plan from Kezia:
Breakfast: Pancakes (1 banana and 1 egg) 1 tbsp peanut butter
Lunch: Egg fried rice with one carrot
Dinner: 2 egg lentil omelette and tomato rice

Live Below the Line

Breakfast today blew my mind. I came back from the gym totally ravenous and quickly made myself banana pancakes! I was suspicious about how eggs and bananas alone could make a pancake but they were absolutely delicious! The kind of delicious where I would make them every morning after LBTL! Such an easy cheap and yummy recipe. Over all though, Day 4 was pretty difficult. The lack of fruit and veg is leaving me feeling pretty rough, so I have spent the whole day fantasising about watermelon.

Live Below the Line

 Each recipe on the meal plan tastes great and there is a surprising amount of variety for what the budget allows, but, it is still a little repetitive so when dinner rolled around I decided to mix it up a bit. There are one or two ‘snacks’ allotted on the plan, so I combined these with my dinner ingredients to make a slightly different meal. I turned the 2 egg omelette into a 1 egg omelette and had it with some left over lentils and tomato rice. I then had a banana and an egg left as ‘snacks’… given the success of this mornings breakfast, I remade those pancakes as a little pudding. A good end to a slightly harder day on LBTL!

Live Below the Line

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