Along with all the resources for grocery shopping, I want to give a full list of how to shop online for the products where TJ’s or a healthy food store is not available – it’s all available on the internet, and on Amazon. 

Each year we buy an Amazon PRIME membership which I did on trial for 30 days at Christmas (Christmas delivery hack, do it for free 2 day gift deliveries then cancel, you’re welcome) but we discovered we loved it and it saves us so we do it each year now.  It gives you free shipping on pretty much all these items, with 2 day shipping every time for free.  Do a trial, or buy the year HERE. 

Dry goods

Organic Oats Oats are one of those staples that are great to have in the kitchen that you can do many different recipes with. Some of our favorites are oat pancakes, oatmeal, and of course- clean oatmeal cookies.

Raw Almonds & Raw Cashews Because I make my own nut butter and put it on anything and everything (toast, sweet potatoes, waffles, etc…) having loads of raw nuts on hand is a must. Also adding a them into a salad or on top of pancakes is a fun and delicious way to add some crunch to the meal.

Organic Coffee (NB. We’re super picky about our coffee, so I won’t recommend any organic coffee but we’re drunk this one for a few months now and we LOVE it. It’s a lighter not burnt roast and it’s perfect for us!)

Organic Sprouted Brown Rice

Buckwheat Groats Another grain that is clean and wonderful to be stocked up on. Buckwheat breakfast bowls are full of fruit, yogurt,   and are an easy way to get your day started with tons of nutrition.

White Quinoa Quinoa is packed with protein and so easy to add to most meals. On top of a salad, mixed in a buddha bowl, or even mixed in a healthy soup are easy ways to get this superfood into your diet.

Red Lentils

Organic Chickpeas:Chickpeas (garbanzo beans) are really budget friendly and incredibly versatile. I use them often to make bean hummus, sprouted and thrown into a salad or buddha bowl, or seasoned and roasted for a quick and easy snack.

Condiments and Oils

Organic Tahini Tahini is simply ground sesame seeds, making it a great nut-free option for various dressings.

Olive Oil

Avocado Oil (and the spray version)

Ketchup  (and a paleo version


Nutritional Yeast This is a great vegan protein option that adds that “cheesy” flavor to vegan and raw dishes. Also its a fantastic source of B12 for vegetarians.

Coconut Aminos A gluten free and soy free replacement for soy sauce that has a bit of a more mild and sweet flavor.

Organic Coconut Oil Coconut Oil is an important staple in our household because outside of its many uses in the kitchen, (nut butters, salad dressings, baked goods, chocolate drizzle, and many more), its also a clean makeup remover and facial moisturizer.

Organic Coconut Milk (pack of 12)

Coconut Cream (pack of 12)

Raw Honey

Apple Cider Vinegar

Balsamic Vinegar 


Spelt Flour Spelt is a grain that is much easier to digest than modern wheat because it has not gone through as much of a process. We use spelt to make everything from loaves of bread, tortillas, and pizza dough.

Almond Flour Almond flour is another ingredient that you see everywhere in my recipes. Because its just ground, blanched almonds, its gluten free, low carb, high in protein and a great source of fiber. It makes an appearance in most of my desserts to keep them paleo/GF

Chickpea Flour

Organic Coconut Flour

Organic Coconut Sugar

Cocoa Powder

Bread Yeast


I’ve tried my hand at keeping tons of spices in my kitchen but I’ve found that I tend to gravitate towards these most. I’d encourage you to find what spices you like and don’t feel the pressure to keep an overwhelming amount in your cabinets.


Curry Powder 




Pumpkin Pie Spice

Cooking staples


Tomato Puree

Chopped Tomatoes