Some of the books/items we’ve found helpful on the journey!


I’ll keep updating this as we go, and you can find our full Clean Living Baby Registry Checklist HERE, but some of our faves for the baby feeding side of life are….


    • Baby Led Weaning: The Bible of baby led weaning – a great intro book and one to go back to if you want to look into feeding whole finger foods like we did, and skip the puree stage. (also look at the Cookbook version if you want meal ideas!)
    • Avenchy Suction Bowl and Feeding SpoonThe selling point of this is really that it can’t been thrown across the room (they fully had me just at that point), or even picked up off the table, but it’s also a non toxic, sustainable etc etc (!) bamboo plate, and we love those kinds of things around here!!
    • French Kids Eat Everything: Karen Le Billon describes this as a memoir but it’s actually packed with stories and anecdotal wisdom that in the first 9 months of life with baby have so helped me! It gave me keys to finding my own parenting style, chilling out about things, setting schedules (read our first 9 months of schedules HERE) and also gave me a good laugh! I highly recommend! (And mummy tip: Do what I did and get a free Amazon Audible trial, download the book and the ones above for free, and listen while you change diapers/do laundry/crash on the couch with a glass of win! You’ll thank me – promise.)
    • Coverall style bib: BPA, PVC, vinyl, phthalate and lead free coverall style bib… mamas these are invaluable when you don’t fancy a full on bath right after breakfast!!
    • Nourishing Traditions: This book looks at the other side, less of the ‘how’ to feed in terms of finger foods vs purees but more at the ‘what’ of actual foods and takes a brilliant and deep look into baby and childhood nutrition.  If you’re looking to feed whole foods, fruits and vegetables, meats and eggs etc rather than cereals this is a great place to learn and resource yourself.