I’m a big believer in breakfast and so is my stomach!  I’ve never been a breakfast skipper because my stomach just doesn’t let me, but stomach aside, I really do believe in breakfast.  Eating gets your metabolism going and gives you that first energy boost for the day.  A lot of people are nervous of breakfast thinking that skipped calories are saved calories but it just isn’t true.   In a recent health class I was part of we encouraged people to eat breakfast and more small meals throughout the day and people were shocked as they began to lose weight even with a higher calorie count but good clean food calories.

Conclusion…?  Wake up and eat!!

Growing up I would eat the same breakfast every single day – a pseudo healthy cereal with 2% milk.  It was healthier than it could have been but still packed full of sugar and accompanied by a sugary glass of orange juice.  While cereal is an ultra convenient, 10 seconds from cupboard to table meal, I think there are other things that can still be pretty quick and a good bit healthier.

Here in the Neusch house our staple is oatmeal.  The ease of soaking it over night and heating whilst putting on mascara makes it my favourite breakfast option.  It’s also very easy on the wallet which we don’t mind at all.  Even made with organic gluten free oats and topped with banana and honey it comes out at under 50c a bowl, pretty good I think.


Our other staple is homemade nut butter on spelt toast or a banana.   I like to make our own nut butters because then I can put exactly what I want in them, and they work out cheaper.  This afternoon I made a batch of cashew sunflower butter and it came out at about $2/lb.   We also make our own spelt bread which I slice and store in the freezer so in a few minutes we can pull out a few slices, toast and smother in nut butter, cinnamon and maybe a little raw honey as we step into our day.

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Jared is usually already studying by breakfast time and I make food and take it to his study cave, so when he’s left to fend for himself I like to leave something really quick, usually homemade granola or a green smoothie (those will be future posts!).  Then on days when I’m working out early I’ll usually just grab a banana and go.   If we’re both hitting the road early then I’ll turn to green smoothies to take with us, or soaked oats to eat on route.  Whatever the day looks like though, I make sure we eat 🙂

On those savored days off we love a slower lazy breakfast with our feet up 🙂 Our plates usually have some combination of eggs, spelt toast, avocados, sweet potato hashbrowns, salmon or (organic nitrate free) bacon… and probably, ok definitely, a french press filled with delicious coffee… mmmm.