I wrote this post to provide easy links to a video from Instagram showing my current morning skincare and makeup routine. You can view the video here and the key links are below.

The anti aging line I’ve been using (and loving!) is the new Countertime Routine from Beautycounter. It’s the company I use for all my makeup because of the ingredients they use and their screening, testing, B Corp and leaping bunny certification and care for the environment! They are making the change to Mexico and US sourced glass to package their lines and this Countertime line is the first one which made me super happy.

RETINATURAL is the key ingredient in the line for mature dryer skin. It’s a cleaner safer retinol alternative. Retinol isn’t safe for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding, rates as a 9 on EWG.org (Aka my safe skin bible!) for a number of different possible dangers. Retinatural has Bakuchiol in it which comes from a seed and has been shown to get similar results to retinol without the potential dangers. Yes please! At 32 I’m ready to make sure I’m taking care of my skin in a way that’s tailored to maturing skin. So I’ve been trying the full line out.


This is a Cleanse, Prep, Treat and Protect routine with a morning and night version. You can see the full routine in the video and the products are steps are linked below.


Oil cleanser to cleanse skin and remove makeup without drying and while protecting the lipid layer on our skin. SEE IT HERE. *I’ve found using this 2x a day is too much for my skin oil wise so I’m using it once a day or every other and recommending that too for people who are below 40 or have oilier skin.


Usually this is a toner which can dry skin so this is an essence, not oily but hydrating it will reduce pore size and prep the skin for maximum absorption of the next products. SEE IT HERE.


This is a serum step that is used morning or night, or just one if you prefer. Every product has the Retinatural Complex in so this is the step I’m recommending if people want one product for day and night use. SEE IT HERE.


This is different for morning and night. For the night there is (my #1 choice from the line personally) Tetrapeptide Supreme Cream again really hydrating and thick with the Retinatural Complex that feels SO great on my skin and leaves it so smooth and plumped. In the morning there’s a thinner Soft Cream that goes better under makeup. There’s also an instantly hydrating eye cream which I LOVE and it probably where I’ve seen the most noticeable change in puffiness and color under my eyes.


If I was just getting 2 products what should I get?

This has been the most common question! The whole line is designed to work together – and you actually get a 10% discount if you buy everything. BUT I know that’s not for everyone. So my top two for most people would be the SUPREME CREAM + EYE CREAM, or SUPREME CREAM + ESSENCE. If you want one product to use morning and night then I’d choose the SERUM! Hope that helps – of course you can email/DM me for more ideas or advice!

And I don’t want you to pay for shipping so if you add any 2+ Countertime products to your cart add Band of Beauty in too (it’s like Amazon prime for Beautycounter) and then FORWARD ME YOUR CONFIRMATION and Paypal info and I’ll send back the $29 so you get free credit and free shipping and a free gift from Beautycounter with your order.


After a few weeks of using Countertime I’ve found I’m reaching for foundation and concealer less, like not at all which is a shock to me. I don’t want to admit how attached I was to those things but there were a routine security blanket for me whenever I wore makeup that I haven’t changed since bad acne days. For the first time in 10+ years I just wasn’t wanting to reach for foundation -so this is my go to summer makeup now. Find them all HERE or individually linked below.

  1. BRONZER in dune color. GET IT HERE or alternatively the Cream Blush in Caramel is a great cream bronzer I love.

2. MASCARA – I always say it but mascara was the hardest thing for me to find in the cleaner beauty land and I love this one! GET IT HERE