I actually woke up happier on Tuesday knowing that I got to collect my produce box.  Childish.  Weird perhaps. But true. This week’s box was similar to last week’s but with lots of plums, dandelion greens, tomatoes and sage.  There were no cherries so the in-car-on-route-home eating was strawberries, amazing ones.

We started with a fruity breakfast smoothie with plums, strawberries and bananas.  A yummy way to start the day.  I keep the bananas frozen for an extra creamy smoothie then it’s a two minute breakfast which is always happy.  Any fruit we have left over from the box always goes in the freezer and then it’s ready for smoothies whenever we want.


I’d already decided I wanted to make ice cream again so the first of the plums went there, in ‘Plum Fool’ Ice Cream.  Slightly sweet, creamy but tart… it’s well worth a try.

Dairy Free Ice Cream


Next up, those dandelion greens.  They are so nutritious but I think they need something done to them to make them really tasty so I sautéed them with garlic, kale and tamari and used them in a frittata, which conveniently also used up the egg whites from ice cream making.  I topped the frittata with the tomatoes from the box too.  Just 4 egg whites poured over the sautéed greens then cooked on the stove for a few minutes and in a 350F oven for 15.  Easy.  These are also really great to make ahead for breakfasts or lunches.



It would be easy for me to ignore the herbs that I don’t know how to use but I’m determined to work with everything in the box!! I had the marjoram left from last week and it partners really well with sage so I used them together.  I mixed a tablespoon of each with garlic, salt, pepper and olive oil and rubbed it onto chopped parsnips and carrots then baked them at 375F for 30 minutes.  I had some chicken already grilled so I added that in for the last 5 minutes.  When they were done I added them into some rice and black beans.  the flavors were so good!  It was like traditional English Sunday lunch style rice!

marjoram sage

carrot parsnip


I still have lots of radishes left but so far I’ve eaten them chopped in a salad – I love the peppery spiciness of them next to something sweet in a salad like raisins.  Also, they are great with avocado so I ate them with avocado toast this morning.  Super happy!

avocado radish toast



parsnip Fritters


The rest of the parsnip went in parsnip fritters: a cup of shredded parsnip with garlic, salt, pepper, one egg and a tablespoon of coconut flour fried in a little coconut oil.  And the tomatoes were fried in a pan with no oil but a little balsamic vinegar, they go soft and sweet and yummy then a put a soft boiled egg on top and avocado on the fritters….. yum!!