The short story: If you already know what the MightyFix is and want the code for $3 Bees Wrap (which is a steal!) enter the code WHOLEFOODBEESWRAP when you sign up for a trial, or click HERE to get it automatically applied to your cart! If you want more info on why we love it… keep reading! 

Slow, sustainable changes are what we live by. If I lived in my perfect world, we would have no waste in our house, everything that would come in our door would be used for something great or recycled into something greater. Everything would be sustainably sourced and local and I wouldn’t worry about what things are affecting us or the environment around us…

I also know that it is not going to happen overnight. Hence our mantra of slow, and sustainable changes. Whether that’s swapping plastic containers out for glass jars or making house cleaners instead of using synthetic cleaning products – these changes can be so significant and make a massive difference!

Sometimes we need a little extra help knowing where to begin, or what small changes to make…. or what products are good to switch to which.  That’s why I LOVE and their MightFix subscription.
Mighty Nest is an incredible site that I LOVE – they have an incredible number of great products that are all eco-friendly, and non-toxic… hello! Their store is full of simple products that can make such a profound change in your home. Find my top picks from the site HERE.

Then the MightyFix is a monthly subscription provided by MightyNest where they send you one of their tried and tested (and genuinely great), products every month right to your doorstep.

We first tried the Mighty Fix about a year ago and it’s so fun! It’s an affordable price per month and unlike some of these things, you get really helpful products (wool drier balls, bees wrap, stainless steal containers etc) – really great things to help you make the switch to a non toxic home.

I especially loved their Bee’s wrap – a plastic wrap alternative. Made in America from organic and natural ingredients (organic cotton muslin, beeswax, jojoba oil and tree resin – beeswax and jojoba oil have antibacterial qualities that help keep your food fresh), it’s really simple to use (you just shape it with your hands and as it dries it hardens into that shape), and so so easy to clean and store (just rinse with cold water and a mild dish soap and then just leave it to air dry – we store ours in one of our cupboards, so simple.)

I would highly recommend The MightyFix to anyone who’s looking to take manageable steps to detoxing your home and moving towards a more eco friendly lifestyle.  I think their products are fantastic, it is totally worth the investment.  It is one less thing you have to worry about – your package will arrive once a month, you get to try out a great product that is sustainable and well made and see if you want to make that change permanently, it’s so easy.

If you think you might want to try The MightFix (you can just do a free trial too to test it for $3 and get some BeesWrap), here are all the things you’d need to know:

  • A subscription to MightyFix is $10/month and each month subscribers receive an item valuing at least $10, and often more. With the code WHOLEFOODBEESWRAP you can get your first fix – a medium and large sheet of Bee’s Wrap – for just $3. (The code will be automatically applied to your cart with link)
  • Shipping on your MightyFix is always free, but more than that, if you want to add other things to your order—detergent or dish soap or sunscreen—you can add those to your order and have all of those things ship for free, too.
  • 15% of your $10/monthly MightyFix is eligible to be donated to your child’s school. For more deatils see here (enter link)
  • MightyFix products are always products that would be useful in any household; not for families with children only.
  • You can be a subscriber for as long or short as you would like; there’s no mandatory subscription period.

So, even though a usual Mightyfix subscription is $10, MightyNest has offered our readers their first month’s subscription for $3, which means once you sign up you will only pay $3 and receive a medium and large sheet of Bee’s wrap. The promo is for new users and only costs $3 for the first month after signing up for the MightyFix. The Fix includes a medium and a large sheet of Bee’s Wrap. (Just click here to grab yours!!)

The MightyFix is available to American residents and it’s also available to Canadians and Australians for a small shipping fee!