Think Costco meets Wholefoods. With the clean eating ethos and fun of Wholefoods, but the convenience and happy prices of Costco – except you don’t have to buy 25 gallons of everything, and you can do it without leaving your living room. I know, it’s heaven.

I’m not going to lie and tell you everything is cheapest at Thrive, (gosh if everything was cheapest in one place we’d all be there!) but groceries on a budget take some juggling, and it super depends on what you buy and where you shop but I have a list of things that are WAY cheaper for me at Thrive.  And if I lived where there wasn’t a great local health food store it would be a total lifeline along with Amazon.

It’s just under $5 a month for membership and then you can shop all the goodies and staples.  (Ooor you can just do a one month trial, save $25 on you whole shopping cart and get free shipping. Aka Christmas. Just click HERE for that one.) There are tons of products I love on there, Bob’s Red Mill, Annie’s, Primal Kitchen and tons of great simple products like sprouted grain flours, nuts, seeds, beans, cleaning supplies… great chocolate.  I shopped for hours before I realized you could build your own shopping list on the page and save it (amazing) so once I did that its extra easy to shop week/month to month. You just scroll your personal shopping list page (see my list here) and add to your cart whatever you need. Boom.

You’ll need to know the prices you usually spend on items to see where it’s super worth buying from Thrive (unless you’re just about convenience in which case, just shop), so dig out your receipts or jot down some prices from here and take them with you when you next shop to compare.

But either way, do the trial month to get $25 off and free shipping – I don’t benefit from telling you to do it, I just want to help you save and find what works for you! Just click here to get that. 

And you can see my personal Thrive Market picks on my Thrive Shopping List HERE.