*This is an excerpt from my longer post: A Cosmetic Detox: 3 Years On* explaining my journey and why these are the things I’m currently choosing! But if you want the quick answer… here’s what I’m currently carrying around! 


Facial Serum:
Not makeup but something I love using at night and in the morning pre makeup: I’m using and loving one from WholeMaker – She used clean and real, mostly organic ingredients and packages in glass and paper. Serum $20 (Amanda is giving you 15% off with the code KEZIA15 too!)

Lips: I’ve used Dr Bronners forever but I love the one from the same WholeMaker company on Easy – a great grass fed lip tallow in paper, I also LOVE her Matcha stick packaged in a paper roll.  Matcha stick $12

Foundation: Beautycounter Tint Skin Hydrating Foundation – It’s thinner than the Maybelline one I was using before, which I like cos it still had great coverage but it doesn’t give the same literal 24 hour layer that Maybelline does – which has pros and cons but the ingredients are much better! $42

Mascara: Currently the biggest change cos I haven’t had good one in honestly years. I’m using the Lengthening Mascara again from Beautycounter, it rates brilliantly on EWG and I’m not going back ay time soon. It doesn’t smudge, it comes off easily at the end of the day and it’s what I’ve wanted forever. This part of my makeup mag won’t be changing soon. $29 (or a 15/25% discount as a member or consultant as on all these prices which is what I did.)

Powder and Blush: I wrongly thought the ones I had were good Target (Maybelline and e.l.f.) finds that rated well, I went in to look as I wrote this and I was SO wrong and I think the formulas may have changed since I started buying them so I’m still mid process on this one. I’m looking into the Beautycounter options for blush just to keep everything in the same place (the beauty counter powders are packaged in card which I love but I’m digging a bit deeper into the ingredients) but I think I’m going to go with Elate for blush and powder cos I love their refill model where they just replace the powder and I researched every ingredient (you’re welcome) and they’re great. So Elate is the way I’m leaning but I’ll keep you posted! $16 for the powder without container – and they do small samples for $4 which I’m going to order to try out – love that!

Lipstick: I got one of the Beautycounter ones along with my mascara and blush, and then they sent me another free one too so I’ve tried their bright “Colour Intense” bold girls’ night out red which I love, and a more subtle everyday Sheer color in Luminous Neutral Pink which I’m liking for just every day wear. I secretly love lipstick. I’m more of a neutral clothes person so bolder lips make an outfit for me! … when I’m not in sweats like right now.

It’s an ever evolving journey, and trust me, I wasn’t aware or ready for it 5 years ago, and was only ready for much smaller steps three years ago. The small steps do count. Start by wearing it less, switching out one product, or just switching a moisturizer to simple coconut or avocado oil, keep it really simple and simplify it. It’s not about fancy products, they just sometimes help but mostly I’m a minimalist with a very simple bathroom and makeup bag! But what I have, I like clean and made with good, real ingredients like my food!

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